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How Can I Maximize Fun at Everygame Casino?

Gaming at Everygame Casino is fun!  We have a very large collection of great online games.  We feel that online gaming here at Everygame is a lot more than simply playing great games.  In this article, we’ll give you a few tips for how you can expand the fun you can have gaming at Everygame.

Set a Schedule

Most people do better when they set a schedule than when they just wing it on every decision or activity.  Online gaming is so much more flexible than gambling at a land based casino and one of the biggest reasons that is so is that you can set a schedule for your gaming!

This doesn’t mean being super strict about the schedule. If you set aside thirty minutes for gaming and you run a few minutes over, it’s fine.  Similarly, if you schedule gaming for, say, 7:00 pm and you start a few minutes early, it’s also fine.   It means that you should never feel any pressure to access Everygame Casino at all.  The casino is always there!  We have been there for our gamers for about twenty years so you can be sure that we’ll still be there for you when you have the time to play!

Setting a schedule for gaming goes hand in hand with setting a schedule for shopping, cooking, cleaning, helping your kids do their homework, hobnobbing with friends, putting in some extra time on the important work project and so on ad infinitum.

Setting a schedule is similar to setting priorities.  Many people play for a half hour or so just to unwind when they get home.  If you need only thirty minutes to relax before getting on with your evening, then that is your schedule: thirty minutes of gaming and then on to other important activities.

It ought to be clear that this is the exact opposite of what usually happens at land based casinos.  Players play far into the night.  There are no clocks or windows so, when it is 3:00 am, many gamers think that it is still before midnight!

Set a Gaming Budget

It might seem strange that setting a gaming budget might be connected to having fun at the casino but there is a very strong connection there.  At land based casinos, there are always a few gamblers who just wander about the casino floor.  That’s because their budget is running down and they still have two or three days to spend at the casino.

Such a situation puts many a gambler in the blues.

This situation should never happen at an online casino.  You should set a budget that is in full accord with your overall financial situation.  For example, in video poker, the rule of thumb is to bet the maximum in order to win the big extra payout if you get a Royal Flush.  

There are three excellent insights that follow from this rule of thumb.  First, it is a rule of thumb not a hard and fast rule!  This is important because if the circumstances warrant breaking it, you should break it.

Many video poker players like to play multi-hand video poker.  However, your bankroll might not allow you to play multi-hand video poker and bet the maximum.  You have to choose which way to bet: either play one hand at a time for the maximum or play multi-hand  for less than the maximum.

The third insight is actually a corollary of the second: if your bankroll allows you to play only for less than the maximum then that is how you should play video poker!  If you can't afford it, then don't go for the Royal Flush - or play a different game altogether.

Playing within your means will take all of the pressure off your mind and you’ll be left with pure fun!


Play Every Game We Offer

We talk about this one point often but it is very important, especially to gamers who are just now discovering online gaming at Everygame Casino Red.  If you have spent all of your gambling time at land based casinos, you have probably missed out on the wide range of games that you could be playing simply because you didn’t want to give up your seat.

There are no “seats” at Everygame so you can always play any game and come back to any other game whenever you want to and it all works seamlessly because it is all done in cyberspace!

So play every game!  You might find that even though you prefer games of skill, you find that the wide range of slots themes is perfect for some quiet and mentally soothing slots play.  You might find that even though you prefer the games of chance, you find that the challenges of blackjack or video poker are excellent in short sessions.

And by checking out every one of our games, you’ll get to know the intrepid Banana Jones!  He will appreciate all the help you can give him in his quest to retrieve the Crystal Banana and bring it to its proper place in a museum.  And we guarantee that if you do spend some time with Banana Jones, you will have a giant smile on your face!

We said earlier that gaming online at Everygame Casino is a lot more flexible than gambling at a land based casino.  This is another reason why that is so!

Play for Free

We said that you really ought to play all of our games.  But every game has either slightly different rules or different nuances.  The best way to get to know a game is by playing it for free.  This is one of the secrets to having the most fun at Everygame: we allow unlimited free play!  So play, learn the game, and only then place your bets. 

Accept Bonus Offers

We offer many bonuses!  You can increase your bankroll just by making a deposit and accepting a cash bonus.  There is one caveat here.  Some gamers increase their bets after they get a bonus.  We feel that your gaming budget should always stay the same even if you do double your bankroll by taking a bonus.

The real value in getting bonuses is that you can have a lot of extra fun gaming with Everygame Casino’s money!

Five Great Tips

We have given you five excellent tips for maximizing fun at Everygame Casino.  We have shown that “fun” can be an aspect of gaming in itself and can also be an aspect of relieving stress and pressure.

In either case, we urge you to make Everygame Casino one of your go to places for online fun!