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Why Do We Talk about Responsible Gaming?

Everygame Casino is fully on board regarding the importance of responsible gambling.  As much fun as online casino gaming can be and should be, we always urge our gamers to be ever mindful of the traps that can lead to gambling irresponsibly.  To this end we would like to present a long discussion of this very important issue.

Gaming Can Get Out of Hand

Just like so many other aspects of life that are super enjoyable and relatively harmless when done in proportion, gaming at a casino can devolve into gambling if the gamer loses his or her proper perspective.  Let’s look at a few other important areas of life that can also get out of hand.

Eating is necessary for continued health and it is also very enjoyable.  Over-eating leads to many health problems.  Keeping eating in perspective is a very important aspect of this life-giving activity.

Drinking alcohol is not necessary for continued health.  However, it is very pleasurable.  A lot of our social life revolves around drinking alcoholic drinks.  Alcohol for most people is fine if kept in proportion.

Shopping, driving, exercising, watching television: these are all activities we do regularly in the modern world, yet each can be done to excess.  Some people are addicted to shopping and get into financial trouble as a result.  Some people drive too fast or drive when they are too tired to drive.  Some people actually exercise too much.  Jane Fonda had eating disorders which she dealt with by becoming addicted to exercise!  Finally, watching too much television will turn anyone into a couch potato!

Gaming, too, can get out of hand.  So, what can we do to keep gaming in perspective and keep it as a fun pastime rather than as an obsession?


Keep Money in Proper Perspective

One of the things we do at Everygame Casino is we reward new players with a large Welcome Package.  We keep the Welcome Package in perspective in two ways.

First, we divide the bonuses into four separate deposit bonuses and follow that up with a big no deposit bonus.  The bonuses are for a large sum of money: up to $5555!  It is the size of the bonuses taken together that earned us the tittle of sign up bonus casino!

We are prouder of the fact that we don’t push new gamers to deposit enormous sums of money.  The sign up bonus is divided into four deposit bonuses.  Even though you can get up to $1000, $1500, or $2000 on specific bonuses, you don’t have to.  You can deposit as little as $50 and get the same percentage bonus.  This is an important way we try to give gamers who can reasonably afford large deposits to get large bonuses and gamers with smaller gaming budgets to also enjoy the Welcome Package of bonuses.

Set a Strict Gaming Budget

We set budgets all the time.  Rent or mortgage, restaurants, cable television, the type of car we drive, and the types of vacations we take are all part of an overall budget.  We always should keep our expenditures within a reasonable budget.

The same is true for gaming.  Set a budget.  It might best be a weekly budget.  Monthly budgets are good for rents and mortgages but may be too long a time frame for gaming.

The key here is that you should also divide your weekly gaming budget into daily budgets.  If you think that you’ll want to play at Everygame Casino three times a week, you can set the weekly budget accordingly.  Some gamers play for just a few minutes every day when they get home as a way to unwind.  This type of gaming also requires a reasonable budget.

The most importance aspect of responsible gaming is setting a strict gaming budget and sticking with it!

Two Great Benefits of a Strict Gaming Budget

The two great benefits of a strict gaming budget are that you won’t continue betting to win back losses and you won’t continue betting in order to ride a lucky streak.  Both of these benefits also point to another type of budget you need to set for yourself in order to avoid the trap of excessive gambling.

Set a Strict Time Budget

This is so important!  If you are riding a hot streak and your time runs out on that gaming session, you need to atop.  The Random Number Generator doesn’t know that you have won and it doesn’t know what happened two seconds ago not to mention two minutes or two hours ago!

So set a time limit and you will be well on your way to becoming a naturally responsible gamer!

Setting a time limit for gaming will keep your online casino activity well within the bounds of responsible gaming even when you’ve hit a cold streak.  One of the biggest drawbacks of land based casino gaming is that you have just about nothing else to do besides gamble.  So many if not most land based casino players gamble long after they should quit.  This often causes losses when the player had gains and it can cause increased losses when the gamer continued “just until I get even”.

This kind of gaming activity is so pervasive at land based casinos that the entire idea of not allowing oneself to fall out of the range of responsible gaming can be traced to land based casinos.  We at Everygame Casino Red saw clearly the pitfalls of gambling to excess when we first came online some twenty years ago.  We have always done everything we can to help you keep gaming in perspective.

Play for Free

One of the areas where we can offer a responsible gaming alternative that land based casinos cannot offer is unlimited free play.  Free play means that you can get all of the pleasure of gaming but at absolutely no cost.

If you have already used up your bankroll but want to continue playing, we suggest playing in free play mode.  This leads to seeing online casino as a fun pastime first and foremost.  Seeing gaming as a fun pastime is a very important aspect of responsible gaming.


Responsible gaming keeps your emotions in check.  Responsible gaming, like responsible drinking, puts all of your family and work responsibilities on a much higher pedestal than any pleasure you might get from gaming.

Ironically, by putting all of your other responsibilities on a high pedestal, you effectively put gaming foursquare within the context of gaming instead of gambling!  It enhances the fun you’ll have gaming!

Please continue to do so!