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What Should I Do if I Encounter a Rude Player at a Land based casino?

We know that you come to a casino for the games.  The games are the straw that stirs the casino drink!  Unfortunately, at land based casinos, there are several types of people or behaviors that detract from the simple pleasure you can have gaming. 

There may be quite a few people on the casino floor so proper etiquette is vitally important for everyone to have a good time.  In this article, we’ll explain how these people and their improper etiquette can never happen when you play at Everygame Casino making online casino gaming potentially a lot more fun than gaming at a land based casino.

The Drunk

Land based casinos offer free alcoholic drinks to players.  This is supposed to loosen inhibitions and cause the players to make poor decisions.  This tactic works fantastically well as long as the player continues playing.  Sometimes, a player realizes that he or she has had too much to drink and stops playing but they also very often stay on the casino floor.

It’s as if they have the illusion that they can act soberly even though they can’t tell an ace from a deuce, in blackjack!

Well, if you can control your alcohol intake while you’re playing online at Everygame Casino, you can easily avoid this breech of etiquette!  We always suggest that you refrain from any alcoholic drinks until after your gaming session is over.  Then you can go out with friends and have a few cold ones!

The casino floor drunk is just one of several nuisances you might face at a land based casino that you should never encounter when you play online.

The Hoverer

This type of casino character usually hovers around the bank of slots.  He or she usually has a favorite game and sometimes their favorite game is already occupied with gamers.

One way these people bother players is by constantly asking them to give up their seat so “others” can play.  Of course, you might have just sat down to spin the reels.  This is of no consequence to this type of rude player. 

Another type of hoverer observes while people play progressive slots.  When they feel that a given terminal is ready to pay out the big jackpot, they will start talking about how cold the terminal is.  This is a ploy to get you to stop playing.  It also is totally false with regard to when a slot machine will pay out the jackpot.  The Random Number Generator or RNG decides when the jackpot will come but that never stops the hoverer from trying to get you off your seat so they can “collect” the jackpot!


No one likes a person who gloats about winning something.  This is true in an office environment; it is true in school when the class egghead might gloat about getting the highest grade on the test….again; it can happen when someone gets a date with the most beautiful woman even though everyone knows that beauty is only skin deep; some people are just so insecure that they have to make everything about themselves.

In a casino, especially if you have come with a group of people, no one wants to hear about the jackpot you won or how well you did at the roulette table.  There are some casino players who will strike up a conversation with total strangers just so they can gloat about how lucky they always are.  They will tell you all about their surefire strategy for never losing at the casino.

Well, it is quite obvious that this can never happen to you when you play online at Everygame Casino!


Telling Other Players How to Play

This might happen at the craps or roulette tables but it almost always happens at the blackjack table.  It doesn’t matter that you know the best strategy for winning at blackjack and in this particular situation it was best to hit with 14 points!  The “mentor” will tell you that you make a classic rookie mistake.  How they know that you’re a rookie when you have been playing blackjack longer than they have been alive is beyond our ability to fathom.

The blackjack mentor will accuse you of sabotaging the game if you don’t stand with 12 points!  He or she might get increasingly vociferous as you continue to play with best strategy.  The end result is that you will leave the table!

Once again, you would never be so rude to yourself while you’re playing blackjack at Everygame!

Video Poker

The mentor and the hoverer sometimes come together at the bank of video poker games.  There are many cases where you give up a minimally winning hand to go for a much higher paying hand.  This sends the video poker mentor into emotional arrest!  He or she will tell you when they reach their wits end that you don’t know anything about video poker!

Would you be so obnoxious to yours truly?

Use Standard Signals in Blackjack

Here we are talking about a player who constantly argues with the dealer about the signal he or she gave.  The standard signal for “hit me” is a tap to the table and the standard signal for no more cards is a soft wave of the hand.

These rude blackjack players will tap the table to signal stand and will wave in their own direction when they want a card.  Then, when it suits them, they will reverse the signals.  All the while, everyone else at the table will be having a terrible time!

The Last Two Ultra-rude Players

These players are so rude that we knew that we had to “save” them for last and we are lumping them together even though they are actually quite different.

The first is the ogler.  In the past, the oglers were all men ogling women.  It is true that inhibitions are lower at a land based casino than they are at the local supermarket but that is still no reason to ogle attractive female players.  It is simply rude.  It makes the women feel cheap and makes people all around feel as if they should say something but what do you say to a stranger who is looking a woman up and down?

In the modern world, an ogler might be a man ogling another man or a woman looking another woman up and down.  This is very rude behavior no matter who is perpetrating the breech of etiquette and who is receiving the unwanted attention.

To be sure, if you are playing at home and your partner, spouse, or significant other “dresses” in such a way as to make you ogle them, the attention you give them is probably desired!

Finally, we end with the ultra-rude player who represents the occasional consequence of the casino giving free buffet meals to large, sweaty players.  Need we say more?

Bottom Line

It should be obvious that there are many types of people you might encounter at a land based casino that you will NEVER encounter as you play happily at home!  These rude players are just another in a long list of reasons why gaming online at Everygame Casino Red is better than travelling to a land based casino!