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Everygame Offers Many Slots Tournaments Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Of all the many games we offer at Everygame Casino, slots are still the most popular.  Our gamers love the many interesting twists we provide on our slots such as multipliers, expanding wilds, cascading reels, frozen wilds, and many more.  You need to play every slots game to discover every nuance and crazy extra our great game provider, SpinLogic Gaming, has come up with in their slots.

As a top casino online , we feel that we should give you every opportunity to play all of our slots.  Here are two ways we make it fun and easy to play slots at Everygame Casino.


Unlimited Free Play

With no cost at all, you can spin the reels on every slots game and see for yourself how much fun they can be.  Free play allows you to try out slots themes that you might not try otherwise.  Of course, we feel that you should try every slot, even the ones with themes that you think might not interest you.  Still, with free play, you can try them all out at your leisure.  You might be surprised that you actually do like a slot about ancient societies!

Slots Tournaments

These are super fun ways to play slots!  Now, some of our slots tournaments are free.  That means that you pay nothing to enter!  How much can you win in a free slots tournament?  The answer is not a lot since the prize pool is usually $100 that is divided among several winners.  So you pay nothing and you might also win something!

What better way is there to play slots?

We also offer slots tournaments which run for a few days. These tournaments have a wildly extravagant buy in fee of $2.50.  That is not a typo: the buy in for these slots tournaments is around three dollars. But there are also small stack tournaments available.

Weekly Tournaments

We also offer weekly and monthly tournaments.  Our tournaments cover selected slots.

The buy in fee for some of the weekly tournaments is $2.50 — yes, once again, around three dollars! Or join our small stack tourneys for a buy in of only $0.60!

Monthly Tournaments

These competitions last a whole month.  Next month we can expect tournaments that celebrate snow, winter, the Holiday season and being naughty or nice!

The monthly tournaments do have a higher buy in fee.  It is usually around five dollars.  However, there's a also a guaranteed prize pool there!

Slots Tournaments Bring out the Best in Gamers

We have found that many of our gamers play in tournaments almost exclusively.  Since the buy in fees are either zero or very low, gamers feel no pressure to play for long stretches.  These players may find the slots tournaments to be exceptionally fun entertainments.

You can also play for short bursts.  It’s all up to you.

What better way to become acquainted with a game than with no entry fee or a small entry fee and then playing for fun!

Fun as the Overriding Theme at Everygame Casino

There is nothing we enjoy more than to hear from gamers who have a lot of fun playing at our casino!  Tournaments and free play are just two ways you can have fun gaming at Everygame.

Slots are the best game we have for letting your imagination wander.  Gamers who really let go can find themselves vicariously enjoying a sojourn in ancient civilizations like the Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Geeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Japanese.

Not only can you get your mind focused on older societies, you can look to the future as well.  You can explore the ocean floor or the vastness of outer space.  Even if you are rooted on modern day Earth, and prefer slots about holidays and vacations, romance and sports, the easy availability of our large collection of slots can set you free to imagine the formerly unimaginable!

Compete with People from All Over the World

Our tournaments give you the chance to “meet” people from every country and every walk of life!  The competition is always friendly because the buy in fees are so small.

So, slots tournament players always play essentially for fun.  It is the fun side of slots that makes them worthwhile! Please note our slot tournaments are currently only available in the download version of our Casino.

Join Everygame Casino Red now, download the casino, and you’ll be good to go right away with a daily, weekly, or monthly slots tournament!