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What Promotions Does Everygame Casino Run to Make Gaming More Fun?

It’s time to have some fun!  A lot of gamers at Everygame Casino have fun just playing.  They don’t think about taking advantage of all of the great Everygame Casino promotions.  They also don’t fully understand how to have the most fun at the lowest cost at the casino.

So, in this article, we’ll explain some of the promotions that you might have overlooked and also how you can cut costs in order to have the most fun!

No Deposit Bonus

When it comes to bonuses, Everygame Casino is an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win place!  The no deposit bonuses are not so big but, with some well-placed good luck, you can take the no deposit bonus and turn it into a sizable win.

No Deposit Means No Worries

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of turning a no deposit bonus into a sizable bankroll, let’s talk about the nature of a no deposit bonus and how most gamers see it.

A lot of gamers take their no deposit bonus and make one or two very large bets on possibly a single number in roulette or on a large bet in any other game.  Their thinking is that since the no deposit bonus is essentially found money, they can make a big bet with it and shrug off a loss.  The vast majority of these gamers are quite a bit more careful when they are playing for real money with their own money!

There is an Alternative Way to See a No Deposit Bonus

You can use the no deposit bonus to travel all around the casino, sampling every game we offer.  Many of our gamers met our little pal Banana Jones in exactly this way: using their no deposit bonus to check out our casual games and there was Banana, waiting for some buddies to go searching for the elusive Crystal Banana in order to take it to its proper resting place: a museum!

Since we are emphasizing fun, we think that a perfect use of the no deposit bonus is to discover all of the many ways you can have a lot of fun at Everygame Casino!

Turning a No Deposit Bonus into a Sizable Bankroll

Video poker has the highest return to player rate of any game we offer.  The return to player rate is close to 100%.  The key to winning in video poker is to play with the best strategy for the variation you’re playing and to get just a little luckier than the house!

Here are a few tips for getting an edge over the house when you play video poker:

  • Always know the rules of any variation you are playing.  The best way to get to know the variation you want to play is by playing the game in free play mode for a while.  Fortunately, we offer unlimited free play in all of our games!
  • Decide if you’ll bet the maximum.  In order to win the big extra bonus for getting a Royal Flush, you have to bet the maximum.  Some players find that they win more by betting less and changing their strategy accordingly.
  • Play multi-hand video poker if you can afford to make many bets at the same time.  In multi-hand video poker, when you get a good hand to start with, you will win many if not all of the hands after you take the draw!
  • An ace is not necessarily the best card to keep in video poker.  For instance, if you have an ace and a jack, you should keep the jack!  You can still get a Royal Flush and you have many more chances to get a straight with a jack than with an ace.
  • Always make sure that you are using the best strategy for both the variation you are playing and the size of your bet.  If you bet the maximum, you’ll go for a Royal Flush in some situations.  However, if you are betting less than the maximum, a Royal Flush is worth less than another good win.

Getting the Most out of Our Promotions

Most players know about two main promotions.  The welcome package is actually a series of bonuses that can reach as much as $5555!  The comp points promotion basically gives you points for every bet you make and then, at the appropriate time, converts those points back into cash. 

We regularly run additional promotions. Check out our Everygame Casino promotions page.


Play Through Requirement

Some gamers ask us why we don’t offer larger bonuses.  Actually, we do offer large bonuses.  The real question is why we cap the bonuses at $100 or $200.

The reason is the play through requirement and the fact that we can’t allow players to take a bonus before they have finished the play through requirement for the previous bonus.

The play through requirement means that you have to bet a factor of the bonus, usually 30x the bonus, before you can either withdraw winnings or take another bonus.   By capping the bonus at a relatively low maximum, we give you the chance to play and take another bonus soon.  It also allows you to budget the time you’ll play since you might want to wait until tomorrow to take another bonus and play.

We Run Promotions for You

Everygame Casino Red is happy to have so many great promotions for our gamers.  As we say over and over, the key is to have fun and the promotions do a lot toward making gaming here FUN!