Quick Tips

What are the Best Tips Everygame Can Offer to Gamers?

Here are our top five tips for new players at Everygame Casino.  Actually, these tips might come in handy for long time gamers as well.  As a veteran casino online, we have seen it all in the twenty or so years we have been around!  So, we might know something about gaming whether online or land based.  We examined everything we know and we have come up with our all-time top five tips for online gamers!

Tip #1 - Fall in Love with the House Edge!

Now that seems weird, doesn’t it?  The key to understanding online gaming, and land based casino gaming as well, is that the house edge is the percentage of bets that the house “tries” to keep in order to stay in business.

The house edge in online casino also includes their online casino promotions.  We will see in tip #2 that online casinos can and do offer more and better promotions than land based casinos do.  For now, let’s get back to the “house edge”.

Every Business Operates with a “House Edge”!

A restaurant also has a “house edge”.  The difference between a restaurant and a casino is that you won’t get back any of the money you spend at the restaurant.  If the food’s not very good, you might complain to the manager or owner.  He or she might offer to bring you a different dish.  But most people will eat the food, pay the price, and tell all of their friends and family to avoid that particular restaurant.

The restaurant might go out of business but you will never have a chance to get your money back!

The same applies in every business.  If you book a flight and the seats are a bit cramped, you might decide to not fly that airline again but you will never get your money back!

If you buy a pair of shoes, and you don’t like them after a few wearings, you put them aside, give them away, or give them to a clothing charity but you will never get your money back!

If you buy tickets to a show or concert and you feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth, you will still never have the chance to get your money back!

The House Edge at a Casino

The house edge is the amount per bet that the casino needs to stay in business!  Whether you play at a land based casino or at Everygame online casino, the house needs some players to lose in order to stay in business.  The real key in the entire matter of the house edge is how high the edge is for any particular casino and for any specific game.

Land based casinos have a lot more overhead.  They need more players to lose and to lose large sums of money in order to stay in business than online casinos do!  The return to player rate at Everygame Casino is substantially higher than the return to player rate at any fancy land based casino.

In addition to needing at least some players to lose in order to fund staying in business, land based casinos have tricks that entice players to play on after they should have stopped and to lose more in the process.  Here are a few tricks that land based casinos use:


  • They offer free drinks so players lose their own edge and play longer while making poorer and poorer decisions.
  • They have no clocks or windows so players think it’s a lot earlier than it really is.
  • Thy encourage wild and noisy action at the craps and roulette tables so they can market their “atmosphere”.
  • Since casinos are connected to hotels, the hotels’ front desks are always at the far end of the casino.  You have to walk through the casino to get to the hotel or from the hotel to the street.
  • Possibly the most important trick of land based casinos is that they offer packages for several days at the hotel with flights included.  This keeps you at the casino for a very long time and is also directly connected to one of our top five tips.

So, when we say that you should fall in love with the house edge we mean that our house edge is very small.  That means that you have better chances to win!  Even if you lose in one gaming session, you always have the chance to come back and win another time!

Tip #2 - Take Advantage of Our Great Promotions

In this section we’ll talk about deposit bonuses and why they are so much better at Everygame Casino than at any land based casino.

The key is in what we call the wagering requirement.  Every casino that offers deposit bonuses has a wagering requirement.  That means that gamers have to bet a set factor of the bonus.  Some casinos go as high as sixty times the bonus!  At Everygame, our wagering requirements are usually about thirty times the bonus.

The reason we have wagering requirements is that without them some players would take a bonus and immediately cash out!

Now, it might take you a couple of weeks of gaming in short sessions (Tip #3) at Everygame to complete the wagering requirement.  How many people actually stay at a land based casino for a couple of weeks or longer?  You guessed it!  Next to none!  In short, if a land based casino offers you a cash bonus with a wagering requirement, they are expecting you to bet far more extravagantly than you would if you were gaming at an online casino!

We offer many promotions that run for a week or a month.  Land based casino promotions generally run for a day!  In short, our promotions are a lot more flexible than the promotions land based casinos can run!

Tip #3 - Play in Short Sessions

What’s you hurry?  After all, you’re home or at least in your normal everyday environment.  We encourage everyone to see online gaming as a fun activity, as an entertaining activity but not as the be all and end all of your existence.  The situation is entirely reversed at land based casinos where players usually have a three day vacation plan that includes their flight home. 

Land based casino players are often stuck at the casino with little to do since their bankroll has either completely run out or is too far down for lengthy gambling sessions.

When you play at home, you are a lot more likely to play as a pastime not as an all the time activity.  When you end a session, you have plenty to do such as work, clean, shop, cook, get together with friends, visit grandma and grandpa, and so on!

Tip #4 - Stay Healthy

If you work at a computer terminal, no doubt you know that you should stand and stretch and walk around at least once an hour or more.  Land based gamers can sit at a single terminal for hours because they know that if they stand up to stretch, they will be giving up their seat.

You should never be afraid to stretch when you play at Everygame because you can never “lose your seat”!

Staying healthy also means sleeping when you’re tired, eating when you’re hungry, and waiting until after your gaming session to imbibe alcoholic drinks.

Tip #5 - See Yourself as a Player not as a Gambler

Everygame Casino Red offers unlimited free play so you can play without gambling at all.  You can always bet the lowest bet.  You should never feel compelled to bet higher than your budget allows.

All of this means that gaming at Everygame Casino should always be FUN!