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What Have We Learned in the Last 25 Years of Online Casino Gaming?

The history of online gaming and online casinos is quite fascinating and we think you might enjoy learning a bit about it.  We can’t live without our digital devices so even people who were around at the time have long forgotten that an online casino was a huge innovation about 25 years ago.

At that time, there were some people who travelled to land based casinos a couple to a few times every year but there were also many people who liked slots, blackjack, or poker but had never played any of them at any land based casino.  For them, an online casino had the potential to give them the gaming fun they sought.

The Need to Be Able to Trust the Casino

Land based casinos are regulated and certified in the states and countries they are located in.  Online casinos needed a way to show potential players that they were and are legitimate.  That came for the first time in 1994 when the island nation of Barbuda and Antigua set up a certification and regulatory board to enable potential online gamers to feel confident that the casino they wanted to play at was fair and legitimate.

Online Casinos Quickly Proliferated

Once there were digital gaming platforms and regulatory bodies in place, the number of online casinos grew rapidly.  Within a few years there were close to 500 online casinos.  The quick growth of online casinos meant that they needed some way attract new players.

One of the first methods online casinos used to attract new players was to become a sign up bonus casino.  These bonuses started out rather small but competition soon drove them much higher.  Today, the sign up bonus at Everygame Casino is actually four deposit bonuses plus a no deposit bonus as the cherry on the top of the sundae, as it were, all totaling up to $5555!

Wagering Requirement

The first deposit bonuses had no wagering requirement and many players simply cashed out after taking a bonus.  Thus the wagering requirement was born!  It states simply that before you can withdraw winnings you have to wager a factor of the bonus.  At Everygame Casino, the factor is generally about 30 times the bonus.  At other online casinos, the factor may be as high as sixty times the bonus!

Convenience of Online Gaming

Quickly, gamers discovered the massive convenience of online gaming.  Ironically, it was at about the same time that Native American tribes received the authority to set up their own casinos on tribal lands.  So, the great growth for a period of years was in land based Indian run casinos and online casinos.

For a period of time, there was a steady drop in land based casino gaming in Nevada and Atlantic City.  As people have become more and more familiar with online gaming, land based casinos are now making something of a comeback but online gaming remains far more convenient than land based casino gaming can be.

The Random Number Generator

One of the unfortunate aspects of land based casinos was that many saw them as conduits for organized crime.  Online casinos needed at the outset to set themselves apart from land based casinos with regard to the fairness and honesty of their games.

Many myths that still linger in the mind of gamers originated with the early land based casinos.  Online casinos had to remove all doubt from players’ minds about the fairness of the games.  Two things guaranteed the fairness of online gaming.  The first is periodic auditing of the games run by the online casino.  The second is the Random Number Generator or RTG.

The RTG is the only element in our online casino that has the ability to determine an outcome in any game!  In other words, the casino cannot determine who wins at all!  We will soon see that this also means that online casinos have to have a lot of prize money on hand.  For now, let’s see how the RNG affects online gaming.

At a land based casino, many games such as roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat and many others are played live.  The myths that surround these games cannot exist at an online casino since they are all played digitally.  The software that decides what card will come next or which symbol will appear on the fifth reel is the RNG!

The absolute fairness of every game plus the extraordinary convenience of online gaming has meant that online casinos have grown from a few hundred twenty years ago to several thousand today!  Everygame Casino understands that we have to serve you in every way we can in order to keep you happy gaming here and to attract new players.

In other words, the convenience and honesty of the online gaming platform and system has raised the awareness among online casino operators that we all have to work extra hard to stay in business.


This is one area where some online casinos are not competitive with Everygame Casino Red and other top online casinos.  The RNG does not know what the outcome of the last spin or card was so very large sums of money can be won in rapid succession. 

Sadly, some online casinos are unable to pay out winnings if the sums are too high and the winners win too quickly.  Everygame is very well monetized.  So, you can play here with the full confidence that if you win, you will be able to withdraw your winnings!


Mobile Gaming

This has been the latest development in online gaming that land based casinos cannot compete with.  In short, mobile gaming takes the convenience of online gaming and increases the convenience exponentially!  Where, when there were only land based casinos and everyone who wanted to play casino games had to travel to play, now anyone who wants to play casino games can literally carry the casino with them wherever they go!

To be sure, mobile gaming had a rough beginning.  Looking at the history of mobile phones, we see that first, the early mobile devices were massively clunky machines.  Secondly, the graphics left a lot to be desired.  It was in their efforts to make mobile better that online casinos such as Everygame put a great deal of effort and investment. 

We have been quite fortunate that paralleling our efforts in mobile gaming, the devices have become much more compact and still much more powerful.  The types of games that were once hard to place at an online platform are easy peasy today and far more sophisticated casino gaming is now available at Everygame Casino!

The most ironic aspect of mobile gaming is that some land based casinos are now offering their own mobile platform so players can play even when they leave the casino floor!  So, some gamers actually travel to a land based casino and end up playing at least as much on the casino’s mobile platform as on the casino floor!

We think that it would be better still to stay home, play on your mobile device or at our desktop platform and go about your daily activities in conjunction with gaming, not as the single-minded activity it so often becomes at land based casinos!

The Future

We can look into the future and see a few likely developments.  First, games will continue to become more and more sophisticated and attractive.  Graphics for desktop and especially for mobile will continue to improve.  As our societies become more and more complex, people will look even more to online casinos to offer short entertaining gaming sessions with exciting promotions and excellent bonuses!

As much as the online casino market has grown in the last twenty five years, at Everygame Casino and others, we expect the market to expand in the future as people become more affluent and as the daily needs of people for fun and exciting play increases even further!