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What Will Happen When Rudolph Awakens and Eats the Magic Mushroom?

The Christmas season is officially here!  In this article, Everygame Casino announces and tells you all about our two new online games.  The first one is called Rudolph Awakens.  We expect that you have some idea what that slot is all about!  Get ready for the best Christmas sleigh ride ever!

The second new game upcoming has a somewhat different theme.  It is called Magic Mushroom and while it does have an elfish motif it is more about enchantment and fantasy than strictly about Christmas.

What Will Happen when Rudolph Awakens?

First we have to find out why Rudolph is snoozing!  In fact, he isn’t snoozing at all!  He is encased in a block of ice and needs your help to get out in our new Rudolph Awakens slot game. 

Mrs. Claus is here once again.  Santa is looking harried already and it’s not even December yet! (But it soon will be!)  There is an elf with a flame thrower.  It’s Christmastime to be sure!

Rudolph is the wild.  His antlers show up on the three inside reels.  Reel three is especially fortunate since an appearance by Rudolph on this reel will start the Rudolph Awakens feature in motion.

The bonus round creates a kind of tongue in cheek chaos.  In this bonus round, the ice that has Rudolph in its grasp slowly melts away.  If Rudolph is able to completely escape the ice, he will cause some chaos in Santa’s workshop.

The “extra games” symbol is the scatter.  The free spins bonus features ten free spins.  In keeping with the frozen motif, Rudolph as the wild symbol will stay frozen on the third reel and any Rudolph symbol that appears on either reel two or reel three will also stay frozen to that reel. 

If a scatter symbol shows up during the free spins round, then you get an extra free spin!  Santa is being generous as with all the kids who have been nice this past year!

The free spins bonus round is sure to come up often in keeping with the Christmas spirit at Everygame Casino and every free spin can win the top prize of a 50,000x multiplier!  Imagine the wins that can come your way in the free spins bonus round way up at the frozen North Pole!


Slots with Christmas Themes

Tis the season to be jolly and every year Real Time Gaming, our intrepid games provider, comes up with another great slot with a Christmas theme.  Rudolph Awakens features the kind of excellent graphics that every slot from RTG has.  The bright colors liven up the Christmas spirit.  We cannot imagine a better variety of perfectly matched colors.  We have sky blue for the cloudless North Pole sky.  Rudolph Awakens also features a slightly darker light blue as the color of the snow on the evergreen trees.  Peeking out from the snow is a touch of green as well.

Another shade of blue tells us where the icy waters are and white on the ground is another color that says snow.  Global warming or no, this Christmas there is plenty of snow and ice in Santa’s part of the world!  In addition to the colors of sky, snow, and ice Rudolph Awakens with reds, light browns, purples, and oranges!  The North Pole, at least in the fertile imaginations of the geniuses at RTG who come up with all of our new games, is a veritable cornucopia of colors!

This Christmas season, come aboard the Christmas spirit at Everygame Casino and you may be one of the lucky gamers who win the top prize of 50,000 times your bet on any of the 30 paylines.

Magic Mushroom

Another new slot to be released in December is a slot with an elfish element, Magic Mushroom.  Actually, the starlets of this slot are five beautiful young nymphs.  Their colorful hats give them an elfish look as well.

Magic Mushroom will have a slightly retro feel to it because it has three reels.  The Magic Mushroom wild symbol pays off when it is stacked on the middle reel.  The wild stays stacked on the middle reel during the respin feature.

No doubt the combination of beautiful nymphs with colorful hats and big, round eyes will expand the Christmas spirit for everyone!

Halloween Treasures and T-Rex

It seems just yesterday that we introduced these two great slots.  Just a short time ago, they were our New Slots of their particular month.

With the massive help and creative genius of Real Time Gaming, we continue to introduce at least one new slot every month.

243 Ways to Win

Halloween Treasure was the new game for October.  It had one of the newest wrinkles in video slots: 243 ways to win!  The slot had all of the famous Halloween symbols: pirates, zombies, vampires, and witches plus burning candles, the crystal ball, a gravestone, and the ever-present pumpkin.

Halloween Treasure has four different jackpots.  Just as Halloween is the holiday of surprises, so Halloween Treasure is a slot full of twists and turns and exciting jackpots!  Let’s keep the ball rolling and make Halloween Treasure a perennial classic with many surprising features.

T-Rex II

“Who doesn’t like…” is a common question.  Who doesn’t like Halloween surprises?  Ergo: Halloween Treasure.  Who doesn’t like Christmas?  Ergo: Rudolph Awakens!  Who doesn’t like impish nymphs?  Ergo: Magic Mushroom.

Finally, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?  Well, we would not like to actually meet a carnivorous dinosaur anytime soon.  The plant-eating Brontosaurus may have been too big to see little ol’ us way down below so although they might not have eaten us they might hake squished us squashedly!  So, we are always happy to meet up with a dinosaur in slots!

T-Rex is already a classic dinosaur slot because a lot of slots gamers feel the same way we do about dinosaurs.

T-Rex II has 25 paylines, random jackpots, and a top multiplier of 5000x your bet on the winning payline.

New Games and Old Games Combine to Create a Stellar Gaming Culture

We always try to talk about the new games here at Everygame Casino Red.  We also talk a lot about the games that we have carried for a decade or longer.  The bottom line is that Everygame Casino has a gaming culture that easily blends the old with the new and provides many, many thousands of gamers a truly FUN gaming environment.

Our new games are not one-time thrills but stay on and become integral parts of our overall world of great gaming.