Everygame Frozen Fortune promotion

What Does Everygame Casino Have in Store for the Cold Onset of Winter in the North?

Brrrrr!  It’s getting cold out there - if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!  When you have to bundle up just to go out for a few minutes, you know that winter has arrived!  It seems like everyone is asking: What will Everygame Casino do to help us manage the cold winter months?  Everygame Casino is a top online casino and a great sign up bonus casino as well. 

We’ll talk about the huge sign up set of bonuses a bit later but now we want to talk about how established gamers can enhance their bankrolls and have a great time doing so!  The newest promotion here at Everygame Casino is called Frozen Fortune.  It started just in time - December 9 - for the start of the frozen season and will continue until February 3, 2020. 

Wow!  We just noticed that it will soon be 2020!  Just as an aside, we are wondering how many of our gamers remember the Y2K computer scare of the year 2000.  For those of you who don’t remember, it was supposed to end the computer age, and with it all of the online casinos!  Well, we survived the Y2K scare and now we at Everygame Casino try to give you a great promotion every month.

So, onward and upward to the Frozen Fortune promotion!

Frozen Fortune

You might need a shovel to scoop up your bonuses if it snows bonus money on you!  Every Monday, starting Dec 9, Everygame Casino will give away $30,000 in bonus money.  It’s so easy to play!  Just deposit $75 to qualify for the following Monday’s big cash giveaway.  The more you play, the more points you’ll accumulate and the larger your bonus - between $30 to $500 - should you finish in the top 300 gamers that week, with the top bonus of $500 being given to the top 20 Monday winners.

But that's not all - every Thursday, another set of bonuses will find their way to lucky and persistent gamers.  Play between Monday and Wednesday to qualify to be one of the 50 players who will get bonuses of $20 - $150.  Just be sure to deposit a minimum of $25 to qualify for the Thursday draws.  The more you play, the more you can potentially win!

At the end of the promotion, the top twenty qualifiers from each week will have their names dropped into a pail or basket and one winner will get a free $1000 cash prize!


Interesting Rules

Every game has to have its own set of rules.  We have a gamer who loves to share with us her grandchildren’s game rules.  For instance, two of her grandsons have their own rules for playing chess!  Even at the young age of three, they always win!

Frozen Fortune also has some interesting rules.  For one, you accumulate points for playing any game at the casino equally.  Each game gives equal points so you blackjack players can compete evenly with slots players, and you baccarat players can compete evenly with the rouletters - and so on, and so forth.  This is a perfect time to check put some of those games you haven’t played yet but are determined to play!  Try them out and accumulate points in Frozen Fortune.

Bonuses will be announced by email, so check your emails frequently.  

Sign Up Bonus

Everygame Casino Red offers four deposit bonuses followed by a no deposit bonus to all of our new gamers.  With the cold weather coming for the northern half of the planet, where the vast majority of the people live, this is a wonderful opportunity to join one of the all-time great online casinos!

The new player promotion is for four separate but related deposit bonuses totaling a potential $5500.  Then we give new gamers a $55 no deposit bonus so the total sign up package totals potentially $5555!  Now is the time to join us at Everygame Casino!

Let it Snow

So, as the snow piles up, the cold wind howls outside, and the temperatures fall to the single digits and into minus territory, cuddle up and curl up and play all of the 300+ games we offer at Everygame Casino.

The sign up package is incentive enough to join and the monthly promotions will always be incentive enough to stay with Everygame Casino! 

Make December your own personal online gaming month and win bonuses and jackpots and have a great time doing so!