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You Can Always Trust Everygame to Give Good Gaming Advice

One of the reasons why Everygame Casino is a top casino online is that we run a blog and article section in which we tell you in many different ways and from many different angles how to maximize the fun side of online casino gaming and how to minimize losses.

Unfortunately, there are many internet sites devoted to gaming that give bad advice.  Once again, we are talking about bad information you might get if you read the strategy and tactics articles from other sources.  We, at Everygame Casino, never advise you to do something that will cause you to lose more.  In fact, we always try to give you the best advice so that you can win more.

Here are some bad pieces of advice you might pick up if you read blogs and articles from other online sites.

Bad Advice on How to Win at Slots

Slots are a pure game of chance.  There is no strategy at all that can help you win on the next spin or in the long run.  Therefore, when we extol the virtues of slots we talk about the wide range of slots themes in the slots we carry.

We also talk about maximizing your pleasure in slots by properly managing your casino account.  There are several aspects to proper account management.


This is a comparison of the actual number of winning spins and the size of each win, roughly speaking.  A high volatility slot will have fewer wins but each win will likely be relatively high.  Low volatility slots have many relatively small wins.

It could be that given your bankroll, you are better off playing a low volatility slot rather than a high volatility one.

Bad Advice on Progressive Slots

It is very true that the highest payouts are in progressive jackpot slots.  Some of these payouts exceed one million dollars!  However, in order to be eligible to win the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This might be too high a price to pay given your bankroll.  In that case, you would almost certainly be better off playing a non-progressive slot.

Bad Advice on Superstitions of Slots Players and Games

Some of the advice we hear about and read about as we survey the online literature about gaming and games and especially slots is so bad that we can only categorize it as superstition.  Here are a few of the most egregious ones relating to slots:

    • Some sites tell gamers to look for loose slots.  They may even purport to know how to identify a loose slot.  The Random Number Generator chooses stops on the reels at random on every spin.  There is no statistical connection between and among spins.  Therefore, there are no loose slots or tight slots.  There are no slots that are “due” to pay off.
    • Some sites tell slots players that they win more if they don’t play in auto-spin.  This is gravely false information.  When you play in auto-spin, the reels spin on without your pressing the Spin button.  Every win is duly recorded in your account.  And when you hit a free spins bonus round, the game “calls” you to take your free spins.  So, it is true that you can’t go shopping when you are playing in auto-spin from your desktop computer but you can clean the house or cook dinner!
    • Any article title that talks about “improving your skill at slots” and any variation on that theme is giving dramatically false advice.  Slots are a game of chance.  They are fun to play so long as you play within your means and emphasize fun over all other considerations.


Bad Advice for Players of other Games of Chance

The two most popular games of chance apart from slots are craps and roulette.  In roulette, especially, much of the writing will be about anticipating winning big on risky bets.  The problem is that many sites don’t tell you what a risky roulette bet is.

In our blog on roulette, we emphasized that it is possible to make low risk bets that contradict each other.  For instance, you might bet on a given third or half of the numbers and then make another bet on a different set of numbers.  In other words, when you play roulette, you need to see the roulette table clearly and understand it well.

Roulette is one of the games that draw out the most so-called advice on betting systems.  We have spoken about this in previous blog articles as well.  Betting systems don’t work.

One reason they don’t work is that they force you to start with a large bankroll in order to cover the very big bets that come about when you lose a few spins in a row.  The second reason betting systems don’t work is that they compel gamers to play longer than they should.

It is a major aspect of our advice to emphasize fun above all is that when you play at home, you can play for as long or as short a time as you like and then go on to any of a large number of activities with friends or family or getting back to the work project you’ve been working on.

When you bet with a betting system, many players think that the system will help them win again and again.  In fact any betting system is actually designed to make it possible to break even.  There are many other ways to break even or come close to breaking even.  In roulette, there are three even money bets: red or black, top half or bottom half, and odd or even.  If you stick with these bets, you will likely come very close to breaking even and with luck you will win a little.

This is really the essence of our gaming philosophy: make gaming a fun pastime and play hoping to win a little, break even, or lose a little.

Bad Advice on Gamble Feature

Some sites will try to sell you on a slot or other game by telling you about the gamble feature.  Briefly, this feature allows you to double or quadruple your win by guessing the color of a card chosen at random or by guessing the suit.

The big problem with the gamble feature is that it is a bet you make on winnings.  It is an even money bet if you are betting only on the color of the card being picked.  But you have already won!  It is usually better to sock away the win and go on rather than play the gamble feature.

Bad Advice on Surrender and Insurance

The bad advice here is that many sites make it sound like surrender and insurance in blackjack are similar or equal type bets.  This is false advice.  Surrender is a very important option you can use in blackjack when the chances are extremely strong that you will lose a hand.

Insurance, on the other hand, has been shown by statisticians to be a very poor choice.  Even when the dealer shows an ace, it is better not to take insurance.  You might surrender instead but insurance is a losing bet far more often than not.

Good Advice: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is always the same: gaming at Everygame Casino Red should always be fun!

We offer unlimited free play so you can play at no cost or you can play for free while you are trying out a game.  We prefer that you play a game for the first few times in free play mode before playing it for real money.

We offer many slots tournaments where the buy-in is very low to actually zero and the possible winning amounts are also very low.  The key is that for the thousands of gamers who love our many slots tournaments, these tournaments are a great way to play slots for fun!

Join Everygame Casino and discover a world of good advice and fun gaming!