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What Should New Gamers Know about Gaming at Everygame Casino?

A wise person once said that when someone goes into a building, restaurant, airport, hotel and so many other places; “think about how much they don’t know.”

With that wise thought in mind, from time to time we like to write an article giving prospective new gamers the best information about online gaming especially as it relates to gaming at Everygame Casino.  We start by going over the Everygame Casino promotions, then we get into our great library of games, and finally some pertinent advice about how to have the most fun gaming here at Everygame.

Welcome Package and other Promotions

The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino is a series of deposit bonuses topped at the end by an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win.  The total of all these bonuses can reach as high as $5555!

There is a very good reason why we divide the overall Welcome Package into four deposit bonuses followed by a no deposit bonus.  We want our newest gamers to feel comfortable in the casino.  Many new gamers take a relatively small bonus with their first deposit but take a higher bonus with their second, third, and fourth deposits.

In other words, we want to give gamers the chance to feel us out without committing a lot of their own money towards getting the high deposit bonuses we offer.

Bonuses Galore

Many established gamers wait for deposit bonus offers before making any new deposits.  This is such good practice on the gamers’ part that we make it easy by offering many deposit bonus options.

Wagering Requirement

At this point, since we are talking about deposit bonuses, we have to explain what the wagering requirement is and how it works.

In the early days of internet gaming, some casinos offered deposit bonuses with no wagering requirement.  Some gamers took the bonuses offered and cashed out immediately.  This taught online casinos to require gamers to bet a factor of any bonus the gamer might take.

Some online casinos have wagering requirements that approach 60x the bonus.  We consider this to be too high.  Our wagering requirements are generally around 30x which is a much more reasonable requirement.  After you have bet 30x the bonus, you can withdraw winnings.


No Deposit Bonus

We give a modest no deposit bonus to new gamers as kind of cherry on top of the sundae.  It’s a small gesture that says thank you and is a reminder of our commitment to make gaming as fun as it can be here at Everygame Casino.

Loyalty Points Promotion

This is one way we give back to our loyal gamers.  Every bet you make is turned into comp points.  When you have accumulated enough comp points, you can convert them into casino credits.  In other words, comp points when converted into casino credits are a type of bonus but here is the best news: this type of bonus has no wagering requirement and is worth real cash.

Everygame Casino Games

Slots are at the head of all our games.  We offer a new slots game every month from Real Time Gaming, our games provider.  In all we have about 200 great slots.  Slots tell a story.  You can enjoy many types of experiences from historical to futuristic, from dark and serious to bright, colorful, and happy, to stories based in many places around the world and in outer space.

Slots have many ways to win including free spins bonus rounds, extreme wild symbols, and high jackpots in some games.

Games of Chance

Craps and roulette are the two other famous games of chance we offer in addition to slots.  Both roulette and craps have large number of bets you can make.  We encourage every gamer to learn the many bets you can make in these games before plunging right in.  We have already published several articles on roulette

Despite the wide range of bets in roulette and craps, they are still games of chance in which there is no actual strategy for winning.

Games of Skill

Poker, video poker, and blackjack are the most popular games of skill at Everygame Casino.  Of course, there is also a lot of luck involved in these games but the decisions you have to make on every hand put these games in the games of skill category.

In these games, we urge you to learn basic strategy and when you feel ready to do so, plunge into advanced strategy.  Despite the fact that there is a lot of luck involved, you’ll be amazed at how complex the strategy can become.  It is the complexity of these games that attracts so many gamers!

In video poker and blackjack, good strategic moves can bring your return to player rate to nearly 100%.  That means that when you sit down to play blackjack and video poker at Everygame Casino, you can expect to either win a little or lose a little.  In short, playing these games should be pure fun.

Specialty Games

We offer great casual games for the sheer fun of playing.  Fish Catch is a fishing game that you can play with players from all around the world.  Banana Jones is a take-off on Indiana Jones.  Banana is in quest of the Crystal Banana which naturally belongs in a museum.  Help Banana Jones find the Crystal Banana and smile all the time you do so!

Helpful Pointers for New and Experienced Gamers

Here are a few of the most important elements of online gaming that will make your gaming more fun and possibly more profitable.

  • Money management is so important!  We encourage all gamers to set a strict budget for every gaming session.  We also urge everyone to stick to this budget whether you are ahead or behind.
  • Set a time budget.  A time budget is as important as a financial budget.  Unlike in land based casino gaming, the casino is at the ready all the time.  With our mobile app, you literally carry the casino with you.  So, we say again and again that you should never play beyond a reasonable time limit.  After all, you have a full and rewarding life with a lot of other great activities to participate in!
  • Save drinking alcohol until you are finished playing that session.
  • Play when you are feeling fully rested.
  • Always look at online gaming at Everygame Casino Red as a happy pastime.
  • Learn the rules and nuances of every game before placing a bet on the outcome.  We offer unlimited free play and we urge you to use it freely.

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