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How Does Everygame Casino Instill Confidence that Your Money is Safe at All Times?

The great majority of gamers at Everygame Casino and all casinos like to play casino games with a little wager riding on the outcome of the game.  When you go to a land based casino, you buy casino chips and you play with these chips.  You might also actually put coins in a slot machine to play. 

At an online casino, you deposit money into your casino account.  Every bet you make comes out of your casino account.  So, you need to be 100% confident that your money will be safely deposited into your account; that it will be safe even if you leave it in your account for days or much longer; that the casino will not touch your money except when you make a bet or ask for a withdrawal; and that you are confident in the deposit method at the casino.

To summarize, online casino gaming, in addition to providing a fun and varied gaming environment, involves confidence in the honesty of the casino in every area that has an impact on your money.  In this article, we will talk about exactly that: how Everygame Casino does everything we can to maximize your confidence in us from the standpoint of your money.

Deposit Methods

We offer several different types of deposit methods.  We do so because we have a very large group of gamers and every gamer has his or her own set of concerns and needs regarding banking at the casino.

For example, we offer deposits through credit cards.  This was at one time the foremost banking method for online casinos.  However, some gamers prefer more anonymity when they deposit money to an online casino.


An ewallet is a type of account that holds your money so you can make any manner of purchase quickly through the internet.  An ewallet does provide more privacy than a simple credit card transaction since with a credit card your bank knows and records where the money is going but with an ewallet, the bank only knows that the money went to an online account but from there the bank cannot track your money.  Some gamers feel that the privacy of an ewallet is worth the small extra degree of hassle registering and maintaining the ewallet account.

Bitcoin and Virtual Currency

We don’t know if virtual currencies will take over international banking and commerce.  That is actually a political and economic issue far beyond our ability to explain or even to understand fully.

In short, virtual currencies, which were called cryptocurrencies by those who wanted them banned at the outset, are simply digital forms of money that compete with government money for the public’s support.

At this time, there are enough gamers who prefer depositing with virtual currencies that we accept deposits in bitcoin and litecoin.  There are actually serval dozen different virtual currencies.  At this time, we don’t see these currencies taking over the world but we do want to serve those who prefer using them over government money.


Bank Transfers

Some gamers prefer making deposits through a direct bank transfer.  There are two main reasons for this preference.  One is that they don’t want to put too much expenditure on their credit cards.  At the end of the month, any payment on the card costs money in interest.  The second reason to prefer a direct bank transfer as a deposit method is that it helps many gamers manage their account well.

It is too easy to simply add more money to a credit card.  The money may actually not exist in your real bank account.  With a direct bank transfer, you deposit only money that you have now.

Safe Depositing at Everygame Casino

We employ two very important methods to inspire confidence in your allowing us the privilege of accepting your money for deposit.  You see, we really do think that this is a privilege that you extend to us and we want you to be 100% confident that your money is always safe at Everygame Casino.

The first method we use is called encryption.  It is similar to the codes countries used during major wars of the past and will certainly use in the future.  At Everygame Casino, encryption means keeping your identity and the amount of money you are depositing secret to prying eyes.

The encryption we use is the same as the encryption every business that takes money online uses.  If you have ever made a purchase online, you gave your financial information to the seller.  They used encryption to protect you!

Periodic Audits

The second way we make every effort to instill confidence in our banking is by having our entire banking apparatus inspected and audited on a regular basis.  This audit is carried out by an independent body that works with many companies in addition to online casinos.

Withdrawal Practices

You might have heard that it is harder to withdraw money from an online casino than it is to deposit.  That is true for one very good reason: it protects your money even more!  We ask for more verification of your identity when you ask to withdraw money so that we can be 100% certain that the money is going to the correct person.

Your Money is Your Money

We at Everygame Casino Red have a simple yet strict privacy code.  We never touch your money when it is on deposit here unless you either place a bet or withdraw funds.  In this way, we are a lot different than a regular bank.  Banks lend out your money.  If the bank makes bad loans with your money, it might suffer grave losses and might not be able to give you your money when you ask for it.

This has happened in the past in many countries.  They even have the gall to call not giving you your money a bank “holiday”.  This never happens at Everygame Casino or at any truly honest and reputable online casinos!

We don’t lend out your money.  We don’t use your money to pay out a progressive jackpot.  We keep your money safe until you use it to bet or to withdraw.

Keeping Your Account Accurate

We use computer software to monitor every bet you make.  This software is so powerful that it can handle thousands of changes in gamers’ accounts in real time.  It is because of this amazing software that we can say that you never have to wait at Everygame Casino.

It is not an easy task to record thousands of bets at the same time and then to record the wins and losses for each of these bets in real time.  To be sure that our software is running properly, we check ourselves constantly and we have our software double-checked by an outside troubleshooting company as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that online casino gaming at Everygame Casino is not just a world of fun; it is completely safe as well.  In fact, to us the safety of your money and private information equals if it doesn’t exceed our commitment to maintaining gaming at the highest and most fun level!