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Why Does Everygame Casino Go On So Much about not Drinking Alcohol?

In quite a few articles, we mention free alcohol as one of the ways land based casinos get players to get slightly tipsy and make poor gambling decisions.  We always urge our gamers to wait until the session is over before drinking any alcoholic beverage even one with a low alcoholic content such as beer.

This is one of the major advantages of playing at an online casino: you can always come back to play later, the next day, or in a few days.  Gaming sessions can be shorter unlike at land based casinos where you feel as though you have to play on and on in order to get your money’s worth.

For this reason, we at Everygame Casino always encourage our gamers to wait until the session is over before drinking.

Games of Skill and Games of Chance

It is especially unwise to drink alcohol while playing games of skill such as poker or blackjack.  That’s because in the games of skill you have to make decisions on every hand.  Surprisingly, it is also unwise to use alcohol when playing games of chance like slots and roulette.

The biggest problems that alcohol consumption while you’re playing games of chance causes are that you’ll likely start to make higher and wider bets and that you’ll continue playing long after you should have stopped.

Alcohol is a Drug

If it weren’t for the fact that alcohol use is thousands of years old and has been established in every society throughout recorded history, alcohol would probably be categorized alongside heroin and cocaine as a dangerous drug.  Just like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, alcohol changes the way people think.  It inhibits proper cognitive function and lowers inhibitions.

In the rest of this article, we will show exactly how alcohol produces problem gambling which is the complete opposite of our goal as an online casino which is to provide a safe and fun gaming environment.

In short, alcohol alone has the power to change a fun and safe gaming environment into a hostile and dangerous gambling environment.

Altering the Way People Think

Let’s say that you are playing slots.  You make bets that are reasonable, considering your gaming budget.  If you add alcohol to the mix, you could start to think that you can safely increase your bets because you are “due” to win.  This is the equivalent of trying the same approach to a problem even though the approach has never succeeded.

Now, let’s make the situation even more problematic.  You are playing video poker.  You get three to a Royal Flush but also three of a kind in high cards.  If the alcohol has changed the way you think enough, you might throw away the winning three of a kind and try for the Royal Flush.

In games of skill, alcohol is one of the primary reasons why some players never cross the 100% return to player rate while their more sober colleagues do so quite often.

If You Drink (a lot), Don’t Play

This is the best advice we can give to people who like to drink while they play.  We have an alternative approach to drinking.  Set a time limit on your gaming for every session.  We speak about the importance of managing your time as much as we talk about managing your money.

So let’s say that you have set a thirty minute time limit for this session.  After all, you also have work to do and many other responsibilities and activities.  If you have a drink, even a single beer, reduce the gaming session by half.  That means that if you take a beer after you have played for twenty minutes, the beer should immediately end the session.  If you take the beer after five minutes, reduce the session to fifteen minutes total.  If you have a second beer, reduce the session to seven and a half minutes.

It should be clear that if you have as few as two beers the second beer should in most cases end the gaming session.


Alcohol Lowers Inhibitions

Most people think of inhibitions as being related only to sexual activity but the term refers to much more than sexual behavior.  Inhibitions are the brain’s way of preventing you from saying or doing something that you will regret later, that will cause harm to a friend or family member, or will in the worst case scenarios cause you to become embroiled in a fight or worse yet end up in jail.

Alcohol is also a pleasant way to spend some quality social time with friends and family.  When you drink too much in the company of others, hopefully calmer people can get you to settle down.  When you drink too much alone, there is no one to calm you down and with lowered inhibitions, you might bet far more than you can afford on a single hand in blackjack or video poker.

If you drink too much while playing at home, you won’t end up in jail but you might fail to work on the project you need to have done by next Monday.

How Much Alcohol is Too Much?

When you are playing, a single beer should be your limit and it should cause you to shorten the session by 50%.  Anything stronger than a single beer is already too much.  When you play online at Everygame Casino Red, you have complete flexibility.  You never have to drink while playing.  If you must have a drink right now, close the session and come back to it later after the effects of alcohol have all worn off.

As we have said many times, there are many advantages to gaming online.  Alcohol consumption is one of the biggest ones since alcohol flows so freely and so cheaply at land based casinos.  The control you have over your gaming when you play online is directly related to your consumption of alcohol.   The more you drink, the less control you have over your gaming.

But since you’re at home, why not save all drinking until you have finished the session.  Then two beers are not too much.  You can hang out with pals and enjoy the effects of the alcohol always within reason.

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We have gone on a bit about the disadvantages of drinking alcohol while gaming and how gaming online is so much better than being constantly exposed to free alcohol at a land based casino where they want you to play for hours upon hours.

If you aren’t yet a member of the Everygame Casino family, we encourage you to join.  You will soon discover why so many people are already members!