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Are There Slots with Happy Christmas Themes?

During this wonderful Christmas holiday season, you might want to relax with some slots and other games of chance.  You can play the games of skill after the holiday season is over!  As a top casino online , Everygame Casino has a wide selection of great slots for your holiday enjoyment.

Let’s talk about a few of the many slots we carry that have a Christmas theme.

Rudolph Awakens

We love staying with tried and true theme especially around Christmas time.  After all, has there ever been a more tried and true meme than spreading Christmas cheer and Joy to the World?

In Rudolph Awakens we continue exploring the untold “competition” between Rudolph and Santa.  By the way, did you know that Rudolph’s red nose is not the result of drinking too many hot toddies?  Now, if Santa drank too many eggnogs he would certainly have a bright red schnozz!

Frozen in Ice

Rudolph finds himself frozen in a giant block of ice!  Your job is to melt the ice so Rudolph can awaken while at the same time, you collect some nice Christmas gifts from Everygame Casino!

Santa and Mrs. Claus are here of course.  What would a Christmas themed slot be without ol’ Santa and the Missus? As tame as he is, Rudolph is the wild symbol in Rudolph Awakens.  In fact, it’s something of a Christmas miracle that Rudolph can stand in for any symbols much less all of them, except for the scatter symbol, given his frozen state.

We guess that with global warming, being frozen is not what it used to be!

Well, when Rudolph the Wild appears on the third reel the Rudolph Awakens feature is triggered.  Rudolph escapes his icy cage and wreaks some havoc in Santa’s workshop.  If that happens, Santa might have to visit a big box store to get all of the gifts the nice kids deserve to get!  And since the Rudolph Awakens feature come about quite often, we suspect that Santa needs to open a very sizable line of credit at the North Pole Big Box!

In the free spins bonus round, you start out with ten free spins.  The wild Rudolph symbol stays in place on reel 3 from the beginning of the free spins round and also stays in place on reels 2 and 4 if he lands there.

The biggest multiplier payout in Rudolph Awakens is 50,000x your bet!

Rudolph Awakens is an excellent addition to our vast library of slots with Christmas themes.  This is a relatively new slot and has garnered much praise for its game play, graphics, and winning possibilities.  It may be the perfect slot to play during your limited free time this Christmas season.


The Naughty and Nice Series

This is a well-established series of slots that feature the Naughty and Nice girls.  Actually, many gamers have told us that the two young lasses who go by the names of Naughty Girl and Nice Girl are actually indistinguishable.  That means that they are both so beautiful that they exude niceness.

It’s so nice of our gamers to say that, especially at the time of the year when being nice is most desirable!

Naughty or Nice

This is the flagship slot in this series.  In this slot, the Naughty and Nice girls introduce themselves.  They are dressed quite modestly in the first Naughty or Nice slot when we consider how they are dressed in subsequent slots in the series!

The Naughty or Nice girls are the wild symbols in this game so with two wilds you have many more chances to score a good sized win!

The Naughty or Nice logo serves us well as the scatter symbol.  When you reach the free spins round, you will have to choose between the naughty girl and the nice girl to see you through the free spins round.  If the girl you chose comes up during the free spins, you will get either on more free spin or a prize that may be for 20 times your bet!

By the way, Naughty or Nice has a progressive jackpot.  You win the big jackpot if the nice girl comes up on all five reels in a qualifying payline.  So, for a few lucky gamers, being nice has its own very sizable reward!

Naughty or Nice II

This game is also called Spring Break.  Santa and the two beautiful girls are enjoying the sun and the surf on a springtime holiday.  Mrs. Claus is not so happy about all this!

Anyone who thought that the Naughty or Nice girls were wearing overly scanty clothes in Naughty or Nice now have to contend with beach wear that, ahem, shows off the girls’ physical attributes!

The game symbols and charcters exemplify life on the beach circa springtime.  We have hunky and muscular Mr. Lifeguard, a dolphin that just loves to play nicely, a surfer who bristles at the notion that he might be a surfing “bum” even though he spends all of his time at the beach, a cold drink suitable for a beachfront vacation, and a beach umbrella that serves as the scatter symbol.

When you get three scatters you go to the free spins bonus round.  With four scatters you get a 20x multiplier applied to your bet and with five scatters the multiplier goes way up to 200x!

Free Spins Rounds

Just as in Naughty or Nice, you have to choose between the naughty girl and the nice girl to lead you through the free spins round.  But here we have a twist.  This is totally in keeping with the delicious beachfront drink you may be drinking that also comes with a twist!

When you choose the Naughty girl as your free spins paramour, you get 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier.  When you choose the Nice girl, you get 12 free spins and a 2x multiplier.

What is a Christmastime slots gamer to do with such a dilemma enmeshed in a slot with characters that belong at the North Pole but are luxuriating at seaside on a springtime vacation?

Some people say “always take the higher multiplier”.  Some say “always take the extra free spins”.  Some say “it depends on the statistical and mathematical differences between the number of free spins and the relative sizes of the multipliers.

We guess that if you have had a few hot toddies, you can’t get into the deep scientific side of this dilemma.  Actually, both choices are good and if you are lucky they are very good!

More Next Time

We have run out of time but there are still a few other slots with holiday themes.  So, until next time: Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!