2020 New Year's resolution list sitting on a desk with pencil and coffee

What are some of the Best New Year’s Resolutions for Gamers?

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions but unfortunately most people break them as quickly as they make them!  This is human nature.  We at Everygame Casino decided to come up with some New Year’s resolutions that all of our online casino gamers can stick with throughout the year and on into forever!  So, let’s get resoluting!

1. Be Prepared

This is a Boy Scout rule of thumb and it works very well with online casino gamers.  When you play slots, all you need is to have a good mood and get a little bit lucky.  When you play the games of skill like blackjack and video poker, you need to be prepared.

There is excellent strategy for both of these great games of skill.  If you follow the best strategy, you will come very close to evening the game with the house.  In some video poker variations, playing with best strategy puts you slightly ahead of the house.

Some people think that good strategy in these games is obvious.  It isn’t.  In fact, in both of these games, there are good strategic plays that are downright counter-intuitive.  In other words, they are not obvious!

So be prepared to play the games of skill.  Being prepared to play slots and other games of chance requires luck and a good mood, as we said above.  A good mood involves being alert, not being in any way under the influence of alcohol, and not being hungry.  Eat before or after but never play hungry.  Drink alcohol with your pals after gaming.  And sleep when you’re tired.

2. Be Realistic

We say over and over again, the main purpose of playing online casino games is to have fun!  Online gaming is a form of entertainment.  Many forms of entertainment cost money.  In most cases, you won’t get a free ticket to a concert or sporting event; you won’t be able to eat in a restaurant for free, stay in a hotel for free, or fly in an airplane for free.

The same is true of gaming for real money.  However, Everygame Casino does offer unlimited free play!  You can play our games for free!  If your bankroll is relatively small, we welcome you to play in free play mode as much as you like - for the fun.  Add a small bet to add excitement into the mix.

3. Set Limits

There are two related limits that you really need to set before you play and if you have not yet set these limits, you should resolve to do so immediately.  They are time limits and money limits.

As far as money limits are concerned, it is important to be realistic.  Just as you are realistic when you spend money in any venue from clothes and shoes to hotels and concerts, you really should set a fair and reasonable financial gaming limit.

Even high rollers set limits!  Very few people are so rich that they can play forever and not worry about the money.  So, it is a very important responsibility that you owe to yourself to set a money limit on gaming.

Time limits are similar.  You have work and family responsibilities that you absolutely have to meet.  If you can play for only 5 minutes then get as much fun as you can from a 15 minute gaming session.  If you can play for an hour, that’s also okay as long as all of the people who depend on you are able to support a longish gaming session.

4. Play on Your Mobile Device

Most gamers have already discovered the great convenience of playing on their mobile device.  Every year thousands of people upgrade their mobile telephone or tablet.  When you buy a modern smartphone or tablet, you are getting technology that makes mobile gaming as good as desktop or laptop gaming!

Mobile gaming also enhances peoples’ ability to set time limits since a lot of mobile gaming is done when people have just a few minutes to play.  The graphics, animation, and sound on mobile devices has simply gone through the roof as far a quality is concerned.

So, resolve to play more on your mobile device.  You will find that it makes gaming even better!


5. Use the Bonuses

Use the casino’s money to play!  To do that all you have to do is take a deposit bonus.  At Everygame Casino, we offer bonuses all the time.  Some players don’t take a bonus because they feel that the wagering requirement somehow detracts from the bonus.

The wagering requirement simply means that you have to bet a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.  The reason this is fair is because some gamers would take their bonus and cash out immediately.  The key point here is how big that factor of the bonus is.  At Everygame Casino Red, we are committed to a wagering requirement that is fair both to gamers and to the casino.

Aside from the wagering requirement, a bonus is real money in your account and when you play with it you are playing with the casino’s money in every sense of the word.

6. Play Every Game

Every year, a few new gamers who never played at a land based casino join us at Everygame casino.  Gamers who are used to playing at a land based casino need to learn that it is easy as pie to play all of the games we offer.

There is no giving up of one’s seat because there are no “seats” in cyberspace!  You can always try out a new game and come back to the game you were playing if that’s what you want to do.  Online gaming at Everygame is completely fluid!  It’s all play and no work.  Actually, in the games of skill, there is some “work” but you can still play every game at your leisure and convenience.

We have a lot of great games that many land based gamers have never played.  For instance, let us introduce you to Banana Jones!

7. Stop Being Superstitions

Casino gamers are notoriously superstitious.  At a land based casino, you can see some superstitious players hovering around the slot machines waiting for someone to give up his or her seat on a slot that is “due”.  There is no such thing as a slot that is “due” if the slot is run by the Random Number Generator.  The RNG is software that alone decides where the reels stop, which card comes up in blackjack or video poker, and which number the ball lands on in roulette.

At a land based casino, the roulette wheel is real and the roulette ball is real and if there is a minor deviation in the tilt of the wheel it might favor one set of numbers over another.

This never happens at an online casino!

There are many superstitions that land based gamers have and none of them apply to online gaming!

8. Have Loads of Fun

We call it gaming for a very good reason.  All of our games are….games!  All of our players are playing games.  When you play a game, the number one goal is to have fun.  The same should always apply to online gaming.

So, resolve to have the most fun possible at Everygame Casino.  If that means playing for less time, then play for less time.  If it means playing for less money, then play for less money.

The most fun anyone can have at the casino is to play all of our games in due time and to come back as often as you can to the games you enjoy the most!