Naughty or Nice III cover screen

Naughty or Nice III Will Keep You Warm this Holiday Season

Let’s continue our short review of some of the super fun Christmas-themed slots we have on offer at Everygame Casino.  We understand completely that you might have less time to play our casino online games as you spend more time with family and friends this holiday season.  Still, we would like you to remember that all of our regular online casino promotions are still in place - and more!

We also think that, during the holiday season, you may like to play slots with a Christmas theme.  In the earlier article, we spoke about Rudolph Awakens, one of our newer slots, plus Naughty or Nice and Naughty or Nice II. 

We have a sizable number of slots with Christmas themes.  In this article, we will get you jiggy about Naughty or Nice III.  After you have tried Rudolph Awakens and the Naughty or Nice slots you’ll both be in a great mood for Christmas and you’ll also want to play every other Christmas-themed slot we offer such as the Naughty List, The Nice List, Swindle all the Way, Santastic, and Snowmania.  But for now...let's look at Naughty or Nice III....

Naughty or Nice III

You’ll surely remember that in Naughty or Nice II, we took Santa and his helpers far from the North Pole where they shudder and shake from the cold even in the warmest months and even despite global warming!  So, with the help of Real Time Gaming, we took Santa and his party to the beach!  To a warm, sunny, sandy beach!

At first, Santa was totally out of his element sunning himself in a warm climate.  After all, Santa is a snow and ice type of guy as exemplified by the icy stares he gets from Mrs. Claus!  After getting used to the sun and sand, it seems that Santa and the others are not ready to go back to the North Pole just yet.  So, in Naughty or Nice III they are still at the beach!

Santa is happy!  And you’ll be happy too when you see how many ways you can win in this Christmas slot!  The Naughty or Nice girls have gone shopping for new beach wear!  If it is possible, they are actually wearing less than they did in Naughty or Nice II. 

Santa is not wearing a whole lot of clothes either!  If anything, he has been enjoying himself at the dinner table as much as at the beach as his round mound belly attests!   Still, Santa is in a state of complete contentment, with nary a concern on his mind.


Symbols in Order of Value

The different symbols pay different amounts when you score a win with them.  Santa pays the most as we would expect since he also weighs the most!  Then comes the Naughty or Nice girls, the Scatter, the athlete, the cute little puppy, a small money chest, a car wash, and the number symbols from 9 to ace.

The naughty and nice girls are the wild symbols.  They are grouped wilds which means that when you get one wild you get a bunch of wilds.  Just take a quick look at the girls and you’ll see why Real Time Gaming made them stacked wilds (wink...wink).

The naughty girl is the wild symbol on the first two reels and the nice girl is the wild symbol for the last two reels.

The Scatter Symbol

There is a symbol with the Naughty or Nice III logo embossed on it.  This symbol is the scatter.  It pays in all positions and takes you to the free spins bonus rounds as well. 

The scatter has many ways to help you win some money in your few spare moments this Christmas season.  To start, there are three multipliers for wins with the scatter.  Three scatters have a 2x multiplier, four scatters have a 10x multiplier, and five scatters have a massive 100x multiplier.

And those multipliers count even before you begin the free spins bonus round!

The Free Spins Bonus

The free spins round begins with seven free spins.  But before you take the spins you have to choose either the naughty girl or the nice girl.  Each has a special feature.

The Naughty Girl Bonus

There are actually two sides to the naughty girl bonus.  The most common is for the symbol to serve as both a wild and as a scatter in the bonus round.  The less common naughty girl bonus is that it will cover the entire first reel during the free spins!  That means that you have an automatic head start on winning each of the free spins!

The Nice Girl Bonus

This feature has the nice girl cover either the entire fifth reel or both the fourth and fifth reels!

You get five more free spins every time a scatter symbol appears on any reel in the free spins round.

Take Your Luck to the Next Level

Naughty or Nice III has a random feature that also gives you free spins without your needing to get three or more scatters.  This is called the Lucky Feature.  It can happen suddenly at any time.

This feature will give you either five to ten free spins—without the necessary scatter symbols—or it will choose to give you either the Nice Girl Feature or the Naughty Girl Feature.

The Lucky Feature is totally random.  It can occur at the end of any spin!  If you get the Lucky Feature you can also get the bonus for either of the girls and if you are spinning with one of the girls’ bonuses, you can still hit the Lucky Feature!

Naughty or Nice III is a great game to ploy on a day when your luck is running high!

The Random Progressive Jackpot

In most progressive jackpot games, you have to get five of the jackpot symbol to win the jackpot.  In Naughty or Nice III, the progressive jackpot comes up at random.  You don’t need five symbols to win the jackpot; you only need to be playing to win the jackpot!

What Will Santa Do Next?

We wonder whether Santa has been totally co-opted by sun and sand.  When will Santa lose some weight so the beach chairs don’t groan under his bulk?  Does his North Pole clothing even fit him anymore?  Will he be able to bring gifts to all the kids again or will he stay on the beach forever? 

Christmas Cheer

Make the most of your time with family and old friends this Christmas season.  In your very few free moments, we invite you to play any of the excellent Christmas-themed slots here at Everygame Casino Red or play any of our other great games.

The important thing is to have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, and a wonderful New Year!