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Would You Like to Stay Warm this January?

January and February are the coldest months by far in the Northern Hemisphere.  These are the best months to get acquainted with Everygame online casino.  We are known as THE sign up bonus casino because new gamers at Everygame Casino can enjoy $5555 in deposit and no deposit bonuses!

Before we get into the new player package of bonuses, let’s take a look at what January has to offer for Northern Hemisphere gamers.  We will take on February when the time comes!  When we are done with all of the cold and snowy news, you’ll be more than happy to spend some extra time gaming in the warm indoors!

A Month of Months

In the Northern Hemisphere, heat and warmth are the biggest orders of the day.  So, it comes as no surprise that January has been declared Baking Month, Hot Tea Month, Soup Month, and Oatmeal Month!  You will want to soak extra time in a hot tub this month so it is entirely appropriate that January is also Bathtub Safety Month!

Savoring the smell of hot cross buns baking in the oven as cold wind rages outdoors is a wonderful way to deal with January.

Slowly sipping hot tea is a great way to stay warm.  Eating hot soup is another.  And in the cold months, you will want to eat something that will “stick to your ribs”!  Does anything stick to the ribs better than oatmeal!  January might also be named Develop a Taste for Oatmeal Month!

By the way, did you know that in some languages people eat soup while in other languages they drink soup?

Snow in North America

Except for the mountainous areas, Europe can go an entire winter with relatively little snow.  In North America, this is not the case.  Many North American cities will start to see snow in December and the snow might linger until it thaws in…March! 

A 10 centimeter snowfall in North American cities that get a lot of snow is not considered a real snowstorm.  A real snowstorm will have at least 25 centimeters! 

Nor’easters and Lake Effect Snow

The two most famous snow producers in North America are lake effect snow and Nor’easters.

A Nor’easter is a storm where the wind comes from the northeast.  Without getting all meteorological about it, the wind from the northeast means that the storm is actually to the south of the area of heavy snow!  The same happens every ten years or so in Chicago as a big snowstorm moves to the east of massive Lake Michigan and gives Chicago an inland Nor’easter with very heavy snowfall amounts!

The term Nor’easter was coined a couple of hundred years ago by laconic New Englanders to describe their annual big snowstorms.  These storms will blanket thousands of square miles in snow.  The snow will form drifts that may be twice the height of the actual snowfall!

If you are well prepared for a Nor’eater, you’ll have on hand plenty of tea, soup, and oatmeal.  Sadly, if you lose electricity, you might not get that wonderful fresh baked pastry smell and, even worse, you won’t have hot water for the bath or hot tub!

Maybe January should also be named Extra Comforters Month!


Lake Effect Snow

There are many lakes in North America left over from the retreat of the giant glaciers as the great ice age ended thousands of years ago.  The glaciers were huge masses of ice with enormous power.  They gouged out holes in the Earth’s surface as they retreated and these “holes” filled with water forming the Great Lakes and thousands of less great lakes!

As the coldest winds blow from the northwest toward the east, they blow over the lakes.  The lakes will always be warner than the super cold air that flows across them so water vapor will rise off the lake forming clouds and often it will then snow on the eastern portions of these many lakes!

The people who live in the lake effect snow belts might have named these storms Nor’westers but they took the simpler way of saying that the snow is caused by the effect of lakes on cold air that crosses them!

The cities that get the most lake effect snow get about 250 centimeters of this type of snow each year.  The most famous lake effect snowstorm occurred just a few years ago in the area of Buffalo, New York where literally feet upon feet of lake effect snow fell for days on end.  The final total of snow was about seven feet which is greater than two meters!


These are simply very powerful snowstorms that form in the colder regions of North America.  They feature whiteout conditions making travel next to impossible and heavy and drifting snow.  One reason that North American blizzards are less “sexy” than Nor’eaters or lake effect snow is because they have less snow in them overall and they affect fewer people.

Snow in Europe

Of course, as you go further east and north in Europe, the snow totals will go up.  But Europe in general is heated by the Gulf Stream which brings warm water to the North Atlantic and thus makes Europe quite warm for its latitude.  The same latitude in North America is much colder in January!

For this reason, many people who don’t mind cold weather so much enjoy going to Europe for a winter vacation!  Still, these people will need plenty of tea, soup, and oatmeal!  It does get plenty cold in Europe although not nearly as cold as in North America.

Climate change seems to be bringing snow to regions that very rarely saw it for many decades before now.  For instance, in recent years, southern Spain and North Africa have experienced snow in amounts that were once unthinkable.  So, winter in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in all regions!

All the more reason to stay indoors with plenty of hot tea, hot soup, and hot oatmeal!

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