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Why is Online Gaming Easier to Manage than Land Based Gaming?

We all know that playing casino games online at Everygame Casino is a lot more relaxing than playing in a land based casino.  We also know that when you play at an online casino, you are in a lot more control of your gaming than when you go to a land-based casino to play.

In this article, we will list a few things that you should never do at a land based casino and how playing at Everygame Casino online helps you to control your gaming and to avoid these pitfalls of land based gambling.  In other words, we will show how the pitfalls that beset many land-based casino gamers do not befall our online gamers!

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Some advocates of land based gaming tell their clients to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.  That’s because the alcohol is free at land based casinos and flows so freely that the advocates of land based gambling know that their clients won’t abstain 100% from drinking alcohol while they play.

We can tell all of our gamers to play in a completely sober state.  You can drink after the session.  First, online gaming sessions will usually be shorter than land based sessions as we will elaborate a little bit further on.  With shorter sessions, you can wait to drink.

Even one alcoholic drink will impair your rational thinking.  Many other mistakes that a lot of land based casino gamblers make can be traced to drinking alcohol.  These mistakes include making wild bets, gambling too long, and losing their edge in critical thinking leading to strategic errors.

So, the bottom line on alcohol is don’t drink before a session and don’t drink during a session.

Don’t Play for a Long Time

This is a huge mistake many land based casino gamblers make.  They travel for a few days to a casino and what is there to do but eat, drink, sleep, and gamble.  You can also take in a show for a ridiculously high price at an ungodly hour of the night!

Some advocates of land based gambling talk about taking day trips from the casino venue.  This is a very good idea but it misses an important point.  Why make the casino your base of operations?  It’s better to play online casino games and take a real vacation where you aren’t tied down to any single base of operations.

Even when you play at an online casino, we suggest keeping your sessions relatively short.  After all, you have a life!  If you keep your sessions short, you’ll enjoy them more.  Shorter sessions also apply to the next item to not do at a land based casino.

Don’t Sit for a Long Time

Office workers know that they should stand, stretch, and walk around at least once an hour.  It’s good for your blood circulation and for your overall health.  Land based gamblers often sit for hours at a time!  This is very unhealthy.  The reason these players sit for so long is because they don’t want to give up their seat at a game they like playing.

This problem never occurs at Everygame Casino since all of our games are in cyberspace and there is room there for millions!


Don’t Play Every Day

Of course, at a land based casino, you’re going to feel compelled to play every day - afterall, that's why you've come this far!  That’s because you’re paying for the chance to play endless hours at the casino.  At Everygame Casino, we know that you are busy and can’t play every day.  We feel that you should play when it is good for you to do so.

Some of our gamers do play every day, for just a few minutes to wind down after a long day or to relax.  We never want our gamers to feel that gaming should supersede all else. 

Don’t Overbet

This advice is too often lost on deaf ears when it is given to a land based casino player.  Gamblers at land based casinos don’t set strong financial or time limits.  This often leads to overbetting.  Drinking free alcohol also leads to overbetting.  Not getting enough sleep also contributes to this phenomenon.

When you play online, you can sleep when you need to, eat when you’re hungry, visit the restroom when nature calls, and refrain from alcohol during the gaming session.  Overbetting can also be called throwing good money after bad.  If you have a losing session, you should simply see the loss as the price of a fun entertainment.  Sadly, a lot of gamblers at land based casinos see gambling as a need not an entertainment.

Never Play Penny Slots

This is advice land based gamblers hear a lot.  The idea behind the advice is that the return to player rate on penny slots is very low.  This never occurs at Everygame Casino Red because most of our games have a very broad betting range.  You can bet a penny or a dollar or more and the RTP rate will be the same for everyone and for every bet.

Never React to other Players

This is very hard to do as some people on the casino floor at a land based casino are drunk or getting drunk.  Some women are dressed in a very provocative manner.  Sometimes, when there are other people around, it is impossible not to react.

Some players at the blackjack, roulette, or craps tables just talk endlessly.  Sometimes they just talk nonsense but sometimes they talk in a very belligerent manner.  Whatever your political position may be, you probably don’t want to hear someone express the opposite position in an aggressive manner.

Of course, this problem doesn’t happen at Everygame Casino.

Never Tilt

This one is a lot easier said than done.  At a land based casino, if you have had a very unlucky streak, you might end the session.  But again, what is there to do?  So, you stay on the casino floor and you hear coins jangling, players whooping it up at the roulette and craps tables, and players winning loudly and happily.  The temptation to tilt is very strong.  At home you can do many everyday things.  You can close a session soon if your luck is running poor and come back to the casino at your leisure.

In this sense, gambling at a land based casino is not leisurely; you have only a couple of days to gamble at the casino so you gamble on, or stay on the casino floor even when you should go out for a walk.

Bottom Line

The bottom line, of course, is to join Everygame Casino if you haven’t done so yet and to stay with us for all of our great promotions, tournaments, bonuses, and games!