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How Much Fun are Slots Tournaments? This Much!

Slots are still the most popular online casino games!  Slots players have a lot of fun especially at online casinos such as Everygame Casino for several reasons.  One reason is that gamers can play dozens of different slots in the same gaming session since you never have to give up your seat at Everygame.  Players can play for real money or for free.  Of course, if you play in free play mode, you won’t win any money. 

At Everygame Casino, players can play for as long as they want or for as short a time as they choose.  You can go from slots to any other game offered and then come back to slots if you want.

One of the best kept “secrets” of slots gamers at Everygame and other online casinos is that they can play in slots tournaments.  These tournaments have either a small buy-in fee or none at all.  The free tournaments are called, naturally, free roll tournaments.

Types of Slots Tournaments

We can divide slots tournaments into different categories.  For example, there are two types of tournaments in terms of buy-in fees.  These are tournaments with buy-in fees and those without any buy-in fee.

A slots tournament with no buy-in fee will also have a relatively small prize pool.  The players who love to play in these tournaments don’t care that the prize pool is small.  They play strictly for the fun of it.  Slots tournaments that do have a buy-in fee also have relatively small prize pools (not in the millions!) because the buy-in fee is always minimal.

In a real sense, whether you buy your way into the tournament or play for free from the outset, a slots tournament attracts players who love to play slots and see their slots play as pure fun and entertainment.

Weekly Tournaments

As the term implies, these tournaments last a full week.  A week-long tourney will take some dedication to qualify for a piece of the prize pool.   A lot of slots players like tournaments even when they know that they can’t ever qualify for the prize pool because they don’t have the time to play enough.  Slots tournaments are the haven of players who value fun and entertainment above all else!

A lot of players like to see their “winnings” grow even when they know that they won’t qualify for a prize!   Even if you only play slots for a short time, they are fun to play and a great alternative pastime!

There are also many gamers who rarely play in slots tournaments but will play in week-long tourneys if they are laid up for a few days. 

If a player is going to be in bed for most of the week or even longer, there are a few things they can do to pass the time.  People can read, listen to music, play music or start to learn how to play an instrument, draw, watch television, talk to visitors, or (drum roll!) ..... play slots in tournaments!


Monthly Tournaments

Some players play in these really long tournaments!  They love the excitement of “winning” a lot of money.

Number of Winners

The prize pools are always relatively small.  Even so, the amount a player can win varies from tournaments to tournament based on the number of winners in that particular tournament.

The fact is that most tournament players don’t really care about the size of the prize pool or the number of potential winners; they just want to have fun.

Slots are the Perfect Game for Tournaments

It is true that a casino could run tournaments in any game!  But slots are the number one tournament game throughout the online casino world.  Players love the game play in slots.  It is fast, the story lines are interesting, and the “winnings” can pile up quickly.

Slots are the perfect game for people who want to let their minds to wander in a fun and safe way.  You can enjoy how the wild symbol expands or spreads, how the graphics draw you in, how the sound and animation get better and better with each passing month, and simply how much fun slots can be.

Join Everygame

We invite everyone who is not yet a member of the Everygame Casino Red family to join!  Our slots are recognized as among the best in the entire cyber world.  And you’ll be able to play slots for fun in our many tournaments.

We offer so many slots tournaments that some gamers play only in our tourneys and tell us that the tourneys are always great entertainment and so much fun!