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What are the Best Ways to Win the Games of Skill?

Everyone knows that we usually divide online casino games into games of chance and games of skill.  We also understand the great value of the games of chance.  For one, they are very relaxing.  As long as you keep your bets well within your gaming budget, you should be able to look upon an hour of playing these games as a pure form of entertainment.

Everygame Casino features hundreds of games of chance, mostly slots, with excellent graphics, animation, and sound.  They are perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the evening or later at night after the kids have finally gone off to bed.

Games of Skill

These games do require a good deal more attention.  They award gamers who want a challenge with a little money riding on their skill.  Games of skill enhance players’ ability to concentrate which is very important in today’s business environment.

Many gamers who prefer games of skill also see the skill needed to win at them to be the major part of the entertainment value of these games!

How Much Attention Do You Want to Pay?

Our games can also be divided by the amount of attention you want to give to each game.  Slots are always popular because they don’t require intense attention; you can enjoy them without paying a lot of attention to them. 

Some gamers like to play slots while listening to music through their earphones.  Both activities are quite pleasurable individually and they seem to complement each other quite well when done together!

In the modern world of online gaming, where a player can go from game to game easily, without giving up their non-existent cyberspace space, many players do go from games of chance to games of skill and back again.  However, there are still some gamers who never try the games of skill because they believe that they can never development the skill needed to win. 

Here we will do our utmost to discount this feeling that so many gamers have.  Anyone can learn to play the games of skill well.


A Caveat Regarding Poker

There are actually three distinct types of poker available online.  Everyone can learn to play video poker well.  Anyone can learn to play casino poker such as Caribbean poker well.  A lot of players cannot achieve more than moderate success at “real” poker.  Playing poker against real people requires a lot of study and perseverance.

A poker player, Nathan Williams, began playing real poker for low stakes but not for what are today called micro stakes.  He lost money!  Then he went to very low stakes and learned how to win consistently at those low stakes.

He is an exception to the rule that real poker, even at very low stakes, is hard to learn well and very hard to win consistently.

How to Win at Blackjack

When you learned to drive a car, there was a checklist of things you had to do constantly in order to be as safe and secure as possible on the road.  Most new drivers feel a certain amount of tension because of this checklist of things to always be aware of.

As you gain experience, you realize that the drivers who want to turn left will not turn in front of you!  You learn to do all those checklist items automatically and even without thinking about them.  The same applies to blackjack.

In blackjack, you first have to learn the rules of any variation you want to pay.  Learn the rules well.  They may be the difference between your winning or falling a bit short of the breakeven line.

After you learn the rules, you need to get a strategy card for that variation.  The recommended moves you should make based on the strategy card are based on statistics.  In some cases the statistics favor a counter-intuitive move.  It might be that the difference between the move you find hard to believe and the move you want to make is a small fraction of 1%. 

The key is to believe the statistics.  That small percentage of 1% may ultimately mean that you win some money after a gaming session in blackjack.  You have to pay close attention to the best statistical strategy in order to avoid making the “obvious” move even though it was not the statistically best move.

How to Win at Video Poker

This game, along with blackjack, has as close to a 100% return to plyer rate of any game in the casino.  Of course, if you win a big jackpot your return to player rate for that session will be many times 100%!  In blackjack and video poker, most players either win a small amount or lose a small amount.  As a result, these games are designed for players who want to pay attention on every hand!

There are also many variations in video poker.  You need to learn the rules for every variation you want to play.  You then need to get a strategy card for that variation.

Going for a Royal Flush

Many online “advisors” always tell gamers to go for the Royal Flush because of the large extra bonus for getting that great hand.  These advisors often do not tell layers that they have to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the extra payout for a Royal Flush.

Some players cannot justify making the maximum bet in video poker so they make a lesser bet.  The key point is that the best strategy for winning in video poker is different if you are betting the maximum or not.

Whether you bet the maximum or not, the best strategy in video poker can also be somewhat counter-intuitive.  That means that you have to pay close attention and trust the statistics for any particular hand where your instincts differ dramatically with the statistical direction.

Trust Your Natural Intelligence

The best strategy in any game of skill is very accessible to any average gamer.  It does take some practice to recognize the hands that have a best strategy that is counter-intuitive to most players.  After that there is one more thing you need to keep in mind whenever you play a game of skill.

There is a Lot of Luck in the Games of Skill!

This is actually harder to accept for many players than the need to study and learn the best strategy.  Many gamers get very frustrated with games of skill when they have a run of bad luck.  Runs of bad luck and runs of good luck do occur in all games.

So, the bottom line in learning to play and enjoy games of skill is to learn the rules, learn the strategy, accept that luck still plays a big role in the outcome of the session, and have fun!