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What are some of the Common Sense Rules of Etiquette at Everygame Casino?

Anyone who has ever gone to a land based casino is aware of the fact that there is a definite measure of decorum or etiquette that the casinos and the other players expect from you.   The two most obvious ones are to not get drunk and to not hit on a woman you don’t know.   In addition, it is always proper to handle disagreements in a quiet and civilized manner.

Some people think that when you play at a casino online that there is no code of decorum or etiquette.  After all, in most cases there aren’t any other players involved.  However, one of the most popular ongoing online casino promotions of a sort is running forums so that players from all over the world can communicate with each other.

Now, perhaps, you can see that maybe there is a certain degree of etiquette that even online casino gamers should follow.  We will divide etiquette for online casino gamers into two broad categories: interactions with fellow gamers and interactions with the casinos themselves.

Of course, as far as interaction with the casino is concerned we can really only speak about interactions with Everygame Casino but broadly speaking what applies to Everygame Casino also applies to other online casinos.

Let’s begin with interactions with fellow gamers.


Forums for online casino gamers are actually chat rooms where people can tell stories and tall tales.  They can gossip about local events, weather, and tourist attractions.  Politics are too hot for a simple online casino forum.  Politics is proper for a political forum but at an online casino forum it is out of place.

In short, when it comes to politics, no matter how strongly you hold a position, it is best to keep your opinions to yourself when you’re on an online casino forum.

Don’t Tell People What to Do

Game situations do come up on online casino forums.  There are often discussions about when to surrender or take insurance in blackjack or what to choose when a slots free spins bonus round offers you a choice of higher multiplier with fewer free spins or more free spins with a lower multiplier.

You may have a very strong opinion on these or any other question that may be floated on a forum but you always should keep the conversation civil.  Instead of telling someone that he or she is an idiot, you should calmly point out that, statistically, insurance in blackjack is a losing bet in the long run.

You might say that a higher multiplier is better than more free spins but you also need to know the exact details of the offer.  In some cases, the number of free spins you get for choosing a lower multiplier makes that choice more attractive.  In any case, it is the height of good etiquette to express your opinion calmly and without innuendo or insulting language.

Strategy often gets talked about in casino forums.  Sometimes strategy is quite statistical but sometimes it is in a grey area.  We urge everyone to state their opinion in a calm and respectful manner.

Interestingly enough, we have found that online casino forums are often a place where people talk about playing at land based casinos!  We have heard that some online gamers are very impatient with people who ask questions that relate to land based casinos.

As an online casino, we at Everygame Casino are happy to welcome all gamers to our forums and to let the conversations take their own course.  We would never ask a gamer to leave a forum because he or she asked a question that relates to gaming on land.

When You Play Poker

It is very poor manners to reveal any information to other players.  One of the more common etiquette mistakes players make is telling the other players what cards they had when they folded.  This mistake often leads to another player folding and ruins the hand for the eventual winner.

If a player tells the others what he or she folded at a land based casino, they would likely be asked to leave the table.  So, keep any information you have that might affect the outcome of the hand to yourself.


Interactions with the Casino

Everygame Casino Red offers gamers several ways to communicate with us.  You can chat, email us or call us.  We are available on a 24/7 basis.  We try to solve every problem quickly and to answer every question courteously and accurately.

There are a few areas of etiquette we ask all of our gamers to follow in communicating with us.

Read the Terms and Conditions

We have to set down general rules that apply to gaming at Everygame.  We try very hard to make the terms and conditions easy to understand.  We avoid jargon and legalese as much as we can.

So, we ask everyone to read the terms and conditions before you play a game or enter a promotion.  This saves a lot of misunderstanding between gamers and the casino.

Know the Rules

When you play any game, you need to know how the game works.  In blackjack and video poker, there are many variations each of which has its unique set of rules.  The same applies to tournaments and general promotions.

One rule that some gamers make a mistake on is the rules that apply to video poker and progressive jackpot games.  In order to qualify for the top prize in these games you need to bet the maximum on the winning payline in a slots game or on the hand in video poker.

Understand Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements accompany every deposit bonus you get.  You have to bet a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.  Our wagering requirements are very favorable to gamers but we still hear from gamers who didn’t know there was a wagering requirement or how it worked.

Stay Calm and Civil

We emphasize how important it is to not go on tilt.  This is primarily a poker term for a player who loses his or her calm after a bad beat or when their luck is generally running cold.

Some players may go on tilt when they have a matter to take up with the casino.  We are aware that for all of our computer sophistication, glitches do occur.  We do our best to fix these glitches and we appreciate when a gamer speaks to us calmly and civilly.

And in the End….

Etiquette is basically a matter of common sense and self-control plus accepting the responsibility to know the rules of gaming and of games.  We hold our representatives to a high standard of discourse with gamers and we appreciate it greatly when gamers hold themselves to a similarly high standard when they communicate with us or interact with fellow gamers.