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Can Everygame Casino Give Any Advice for Better and More Enjoyable Gaming?

We here at Everygame Casino would like to share a few excellent tips for better gaming.  If you follow our tips, your enjoyment at playing our games will increase, the games will naturally seem more fun, and dare we say you might win more!

To paraphrase a line from a popular television series: “Who doesn’t want to win more?”

When You’re Tired Take a Walk

Of course, when you’re tired you can go to sleep, wash the dishes, exercise, or many other things!  The point is that there are many things we suggest you not do when you’re tired and playing casino games online for real money is one of them.

When you’re tired and you still want to play, we suggest you play in our unlimited free play mode!  We keep our free play mode unlimited because it serves so many purposes.  In addition to being a safe and cost free way to play when you’re tired, free play also helps gamers learn how to play games they are not familiar with and gives gamers the chance to try out, at no cost, games they haven’t played before.

So, a great tip for better gaming and more winning is: Play More Often in Free Play Mode!

Take Good Care of Yourself if You Feel Ill

There is a big difference between playing in free play mode when you are tired and playing altogether when you feel ill.  Your top priority when you feel ill must be to take care of yourself. 

This might mean just going to bed or it might mean seeing a doctor.  Whichever it is, playing the great online casino games at Everygame Casino is not priority one nor any priority for that matter!  We will always be here for you when you are feeling better!

Another good tip for better gaming and more winning is: Avoid Behaviors that Might Make You Feel Unwell.  In this category we might include going outside underdressed in cold weather, trying to shovel a huge mount of snow, or just drinking too much!

Believe in the Best Strategy in Games of Skill and Disbelieve All Claims of Strategy in Games of Chance

These two complementary tips are mirror images of each other.  You will win more in video poker and blackjack if you take the time to learn the best strategy for any variation you wish to play.  As you win more, you will have more fun!  More fun and more winning is a god working definition of “better gaming”.


We say that you should believe in the best strategy because the best strategy is often not the most obvious strategy.  The best strategy in the games of skill was developed over time and after thousands upon thousands of hands.  So, even though you might think otherwise, we say that believing in the best strategy is a great tip for better gaming!

We say that you should not believe any claims of strategy in the games of chance.  There is no strategy in slots that will help you win in the same way that blackjack strategy will indeed help you win more.  Instead of strategy in slots we have guidelines.  These include sound money management, seeing slots as pure entertainments, setting time and money budgets for your gaming and so on.

It is easy to find “surefire” winning systems and strategies for games of chance but he systems and strategies they sell are not true.  A great tip for better gaming and more winning is: Do Not Believe Any Claims of Strategy in Games of Chance.

Know Thyself

This sounds like something Shakespeare might have said!  But in online gaming as in so many other areas of life, it is very sound advice!  Do you prefer to play games of chance or games of skill?  Whichever you prefer, you can still play games in the other category but you will be drawn primarily to the category of games that best suits your personality.

The same applies in slots.  At Everygame Casino Red we have hundreds of slots in many theme categories. You might prefer swashbuckling and high adventure slots but that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t play gooey sweet or romantic slots! 

In this area we might say that our tip is: Play Games That Best Suit Your Personality but Do Not Overlook Other Types of Games.  Playing games that are a little bit outside your personal comfort zone can be educational, can open vistas of thought and insight that you didn’t know before, and can be surprisingly fun to play!

Know Thyself Part Two

A major part of knowing oneself is in knowing one’s limits.  These limits are monetary, time-related, and physical. 

Just as you should get up at least every half hour to stretch your legs and your body when you are at work, you should get up at least every half hour from gaming! 

Just as you need to take some time for fun and games, you have many responsibilities that require your attention even if they aren’t all fun and games!  Just as you would love to win a progressive jackpot worth more than a million dollars, you know that the chances of doing so are slim and you need to conserve your bankroll for hundreds of other necessary purchases.

When a gamer plays online casino games responsibly, he or she feels better about themselves, they have more fun gaming, and dare we say they may even win more!

Make Slots an Educational Experience

Of course, some slots are just for fun!  But many slots are about historical events or societies that you can learn about.  You will enjoy playing slots about dinosaurs if you learn a little about dinosaurs.  The same goes for slots about ancient cultures and societies and historical figures such as Cleopatra.

Pay Attention to Casino Bonus Offers

We doubt that you can take advantage of every casino bonus offer but bonuses for deposits is one of the biggest advantages of online gaming at Everygame Casino as opposed to land based casino gaming.  Look in your mail account at the casino often for bonus and other offers.

Always Have Fun

This may be the last tip in our list but it may also be the most important of all!  We say over and over that our main priority is our gamers’ fun!  We value any suggestions you might have that may lead to gamers having more fun!