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How is the Magic Mushroom Magical?

One of the most awaited of all Everygame Casino promotions is the new game for every month!  Gamers expect great graphics, sound, animation, game play and winning ways from every new slot SpinLogic Gaming develops for every new month.  Here is a quick rundown of Magic Mushroom, the latest slot among hundreds of great slots available here at Everygame Casino.

If you aren’t signed up yet to play at Everygame Casino, now is the time to do so.  In addition to Magic Mushroom, we have many great ongoing promotions including a series of new player bonuses that can reach as high as $5555 culminating in a $55 no deposit bonus.  Not only is it an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win, but you can keep what you win with the entire $5555 of welcome bonuses!

Magic Mushroom has three reels!  This is quite the “innovation” in today’s five-reel and six-reel world of slots!  Magic Mushroom packs a lot of exciting slots play into those three reels!  Along with the post-modern compactness of this slot, it also packs fully 27 winning paylines! 

Everygame Casino also offers a couple of hundred “veteran” games!  So you have many hours, days, and weeks of happy gaming awaiting you when you join Everygame Casino.  You might start by playing any of those games or you might start by playing Magic Mushroom!


The World of Fairies

Magic Mushroom takes us into the underground world of fairies.  Did you know that there are several different types of fairies?  Some are helpful, some are not at all helpful, some are pixie and some are muscular.  Each type of fairie has its own unique characteristics. 

The five fairies in Magic Mushroom are a combination of several different types of fairies and embody the best and most likeable characteristics of each.  Essentially, they are primarily dwarf and pixie fairies which makes them a real amalgamation of fairie mythology since the dwarf fairies originated in Germany and the pixie fairies come primarily from Scotland where they might mischievously lead you into a marsh, bog, or swampy area.

In Magic Mushroom, the fairies are all tasked with the mission to help you win!  The slot has 27 paylines and a grand 540x maximum jackpot.  Well, 540x sounds like a lot but it is middle range as far as big jackpots are concerned so Magic Mushroom is considered a low variance or low volatility slot.

That makes it the perfect slot for people with a modest bankroll, especially after the Christmas gifting season and the partying New Year’s celebration!

Five Beautiful Fairies

Each fairy represents a different color.  There is a green fairy, a blue one, an orange one, a red one, and a purple one.  Each has a cloak and hat of the same color.  Their eyes are large and round.  They each also have a different smile.  Their smiles evoke varying levels of helpfulness and mischievousness!

In addition to the fairies, you’ll find an old fashioned string instrument with a curved handle, a spool of thread, a candle burned down to half its original size, and a book covered by a green leaf.

Win with the Expanding Wild Symbol

The mushroom is the wild symbol.  It expands to cover all three reels!  In this slot, there isn’t a scatter symbol so the expanding mushroom wild symbol substitutes for every other symbol!

The wild symbol also starts the re-spin feature.  When the second reel fills with mushroom wilds, it becomes static and the re-spin feature ensues.  The first and third reels spin.  You win based on the outcome of the re-spin!  The biggest prize amounts to a grand haul of $54,000!

A Fast Game with Many Winning Spins

As a slot with low variability, Magic Mushroom features many smallish winning spins.  The return to player rate is in the 97% range which means that the many small wins will keep you in good competition with the house for “Mushroom Prominence” over the course of a Magic Mushroom gaming session.

Color and Overall Appeal

The fairies are simply the cutest things to come along at Everygame Casino Red since perhaps last month!  In fact, since you will be playing with a lot of the casino’s money and you will be playing online, you will have the incredible flexibility to play all of Everygame Casino’s games whenever you want to!

This is not possible at a land based casino where you have to relinquish your seat at one terminal in order to play a game at another terminal.  So, we have found that many gamers, both new ones and those who have been with us for twenty years or more, will play our newest entry when it comes out and will switch to a different game whenever they need a break from the new game.

So, if you get just a bit tired of those sweet, cuddly fairies, you can switch to a darker slot, a table game, multi-hand video poker, or you can join Banana Jones on his quest to bring the elusive crystal banana to a museum where it belongs.

The sweet and cuddly fairies will always be there for you when you want to enjoy their impish antics once more.

A New Game Every Month

Everygame Casino has long partnered with SpinLogic Gaming as our exclusive games provider.  Both Everygame and SLG have been around the online gaming business for many years.  It is a testament to both the creative genius that SLG brings to gaming and the overall excellence of Everygame Casino gaming that we have both thrived in the highly competitive online gaming market.

We invite everyone to join our community if you have not yet done so,.  The big set of new player bonuses awaits you to the tune of potentially $5555 of the casino’s money!  In addition to all those bonuses, we offer a wide collection of great games.

Everygame Casino is a lot more than one new game every month!  We are a full and complete online gaming experience where everyone can find both the great diversity of gaming options that online gamers desire and the specific games that may fill many happy hours of gaming!