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What are a Few Less Well Known Ways to Improve at Blackjack?

Gamers at Everygame Casino know very well that we try hard to make gaming as much fun as possible.  One way we do so is by showing players the best strategy for winning at any individual game.  In slots, for example, there isn’t any grand strategy.  Slots players play slots for the excitement of the story line as much as for the chance to win a big jackpot.

Blackjack Awards Sound Play

There is, however, a grand strategy for winning at blackjack.  Card counting used to be all the rage but it is no longer the great way to win at blackjack. 

Land based casinos now use six or even eight decks and that reduces the value of card counting to near zero.  One analyst came up with a winning total in blackjack played at land based casinos for several hours for players who use the card counting method at winning about $15 per hour.

Who Can Do This Day after Day?

This assumes perfect card counting throughout and for the play of the hands to follow statistical probabilities quite closely.  Maybe there are a few people who can sustain perfect card counting for six hours five or more days every week. If they win, say, $100 a day for five days, they have a grand annual income of $26,000!  Such winnings do not sustain even a modest middle class lifestyle.

Is Card Counting Different at Online Casinos?

Online casinos such as Everygame Casino use a Random Number Generator to determine every card in blackjack.  The RNG in effect shuffles the cards after every hand.  So card counting at an online casino is not nearly a good enough strategy for winning at blackjack.  The best strategy for winning at blackjack is to use a strategy card for the variation you are playing.  The decisions that are designated by the strategy card will give you a return to player rate of close to 100%. 

That means that in even a long session of online blackjack, you can expect to either win a little or lose a little.  That further means that the best reason to play blackjack is because it’s fun!  Using a strategy card also leads us easily to the first out of the box idea for better blackjack play.


Avoid Any and All Superstitions

People tend to be superstitious creatures.  Sports fans will wear their lucky shirt, rub their hat in just yet “correct” way, and do many other things that they “believe” will help their team win.

Eliminating every possible superstition will turn you from a gambler into a gamer and, by definition, gamers play games and games are fun to play!

Superstitions began way before pre-history as people looked for ways to control their immediate environments.  Those ancient people didn’t have the benefits of science to explain natural phenomena.

In 21st century blackjack, we know that the way the dealer deals the cards has nothing to do with the card itself.  We know that nothing influences the next card except luck.  The strategy card is by far the best way to make luck work for you.  In fact, we should acknowledge that luck still plays a strong part even in games of skill such as blackjack.  This leads to the next out of the box idea.

Recognize the Large Role of Luck in Games of Skill

There is nothing worse than hitting the tilt button because you made very move according to the book and you still hit a run of bad luck.  Even when best strategy calls for you to hit with 12 or more points, that does not guarantee that you’ll win the hand.

In fact, you might lose the hand very close to half the time!  We forget the many times playing top strategy wins but we are naturally inclined to remember all too well the times that we still lost despite making the right play.

Never Switch Tactics

This means main that you must never abandon the strategy card and play by your hunches.  Playing by hunch is a sure-fire way to lose a lot more than the one half of one percent we expect to lose in blackjack.  Such a small losing percentage means that with just a little luck, we will end the session in the winning column!

Some players say that they can win by observing patterns in the play of blackjack.  This is the same as having a superstition based on the color of the dealer’s eyes!  No one person can make enough observations to equal the memory and computing ability of a computer. 

In short, believe the computer and the statistics based on hundreds of thousands of observations instead of believing your lying eyes.

Tithe to Yourself after Every Win

Let’s say that you are playing with a $100 bankroll.  This amount of many should have come from very much in the box decision of your overall entertainment budget.  The out of the box idea is that you should reward yourself or pay yourself, as it were, after every win.

So, you’re playing with $100 and betting $2 per hand and you win the first hand.  If you pay yourself 10% after every win, you will see that you now are playing with $101.80.  The twenty cents are your reward for winning.  Keep in mind that if you lose the next hand, you will not pay yourself and your bankroll will fall under the $100 you started out with.

Your bankroll is a kind of fiction.  You should never see it as the money you are prepared to lose or expect to lose.  In blackjack, your bankroll is your stipend for gaming fun and should remain very close to its original sum.  So paying yourself doesn’t mean that you will actually have more money at the end of the session.  It means that you see yourself as playing for yourself instead of playing not to lose to the casino.

Sports Teaches Us Another Lesson

We often hear this type of philosophy of game play from the world of sports.  Some experienced teams are said to play to win while inexperienced teams are said to play not to lose.  That’s one of the top reasons inexperienced teams lose!

The same applies to blackjack.  Play to win for yourself.  As a naturally self-centered being, playing to win for yourself will inevitably and naturally lead you to make the best decisions for yourself!

Welcome to Gaming Fun at Everygame Casino

In almost every article we write, we emphasize playing for fun above all other reasons to play.  Everygame Casino Red has over 300 great games of which blackjack is one relatively small corner of the small corner of cyberspace the casino occupies.

Turn yourself into a better blackjack player by following obvious gaming practices such as no alcohol while playing and so on and by following less obvious gaming practices such as those described here.