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Why Does Everygame Casino Offer Free Play?

One of the most important benefits Everygame Casino offers is unlimited free play.  We think that free play can be so beneficial that we are devoting an entire article to the subject.  Keep in mind that unlimited free play is available only at an online casino.  Land based casinos can’t afford to give unlimited free play.  For one, land based casinos are limited in the amount of space they have and they have so much overhead that they need to use every inch of space profitably.

Online casinos can allow free play without limit because the space we have is also without limit.  Such are the wonders of cyberspace!

Online Gamers Play for Real Money

Everygame has earned a reputation as THE sign up bonus casino.  Our sign up bonus is four deposit bonuses followed by a no deposit bonus and it all adds up to potentially $5555 in bonuses.  Gamers who make deposits intend on playing for real money and as large as the sign up bonus is at Everygame Casino, it isn’t worth anything if gamers play only in free play mode.

Nevertheless, we want everyone to understand the massive value of playing in free play mode.  After all, one might ask, “if I intend all along to play for real money, why should I even consider playing in the free play mode?”

Here are a few reasons why.

Free Play Extends Gaming Time

We frequently write about the importance of setting a time and monetary budget for your gaming and the importance of sticking to those budgets.  Playing in free time is the perfect way to play on after your bankroll or allotted time are up.

You might have set 30 minutes as good gaming session budget but you feel like playing on just a little longer after the alarm goes off on your phone.  Free play gives you a zero cost way of extending a gaming session.

This works if you don’t overdo it.  After all, you set 30 minutes as your best time budget for gaming for a good reason.  So, free play gives you the chance to play on for, say, 15 more minutes without breaking the “rule” about gaming time.

Free Play Helps Gamers Conserve Money

This is actually a corollary to the reason mentioned above.  However, there are other reasons why free play conserves money aside from extending a gaming session at zero cost.

Free Play Allows Gamers to Check out New Games at No Cost

This is one of the most important aspects of online gaming that you can’t find at a land based casino.  There are very few gamers who are familiar with every game we offer here at Everygame Casino Red.  We offer more than 300 games!

So, when a gamer takes our advice to try out all of our games, we know that there will likely be several or even many games that the gamer is not familiar with.  Unlimited free play gives gamers the chance to play any game for free and then to decide if they want to play the game for real money.

Free Play is Great for When You Want to Play but are a Bit Drunk or Tired

Under normal circumstances, gamers would play when they are fully alert and with no alcohol at all in their bloodstream.  However, gamers like to play even when they are tired or have had a few.  Free play conserves their bankroll by not putting any pressure on them to make decisions that, in their condition, they are not fully equipped to make.

Free Play Allows You to Play with Your Kids

There are many games at Everygame Casino that you can play with your kids but we never suggest doing so if you are playing for real money.  So, when you want to sit with your kids and play a few online casino games, go to free play mode. 

Many of our games are so colorful that the colors are at least as important as the possible jackpots.  Our casual games such as Fish Catch and Banana Jones are really intended for kids or the young at heart.  So play those for free with your kids!

Free Play Allows You to Play Purely for Fun

This is a corollary to many of the other reasons listed here.  We emphasize fun and if playing for real money distracts from the fun we suggest going to the free play mode.

Play Games of Skill to Get Better

Games of skill require more thought than the games of chance.  We offer unlimited free play so gamers have the chance to improve at the games of skill at no cost - such as blackjack and poker.

A corollary to this rule is that free play is the perfect mode to help gamers learn the rules of any game they may not have played before.


Free Play Helps Gamers Learn Self-control

Free play simply can mean playing purely for fun with no extra incentive for winning.  Free play is to gaming as taking a small piece of cake is to dessert; as driving within a few mph of the speed limit even on an open road; or to spending only money you can afford on hotels, restaurants, clothes, and many other items.

Free Play Means that Online Casinos Give Free Samples

This last item may actually be the most important one of all.  Where is there a business that gives any but the most perfunctory free samples.  You can get a few grams of free samples at an ice cream shop.  Every clothing store has a changing room where you can try on an article of clothing but if you want to walk out of the store with it, you have to pay for it.

The list of true free samples is very short: online casinos! 

The Great Value Inherent in Unlimited Free Play

At Everygame Casino, you never have to place a bet in order to play.  That fact alone takes online casino gaming from the notion of betting to play into the realm of playing to play!

Unlimited free play is the subtle reminder that at Everygame Casino the key is always to play, not to win big jackpots even though there are many big jackpots that gamers can win.  At Everygame, simple playing is always the key and shall always be the key to gaming enjoyment!