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What are a Few Common Mistakes Blackjack Players Make?

Blackjack is a great online casino game.  In this article, we will talk about why blackjack is such a good game to play online and some of the more serious mistakes some blackjack players make either at a land based casino or at an online casino.

Use Blackjack to Benefit from the New Player Bonus

Everygame Casino has developed the reputation as the foremost sign up bonus casino.  That’s because the full sign up bonus at Everygame Casino is potentially worth $5555!  Still, new players need to know a few tips for how to get the most benefit from the huge sign up bonus.

Here it comes - THE tip  to make the most of your new player bonus:  deposit the max.  Your match bonus will be the max if you've deposited the max.  It's as simple as that.

Now...here is how playing blackjack can help you best take advantage of the massive sign up bonus at Everygame Casino.

Wagering Requirement

Whenever a player accepts a deposit bonus at any online casino, they have to fulfill the wagering requirement before they can withdraw winnings.   The wagering requirement is fair because in the past when there weren’t wagering requirements for bonuses, some players simply took the bonus and immediately cashed out.

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus.  Some online casinos require as high as 60x the bonus to fulfill the wagering requirement.  Everygame Casino has a much lower wagering requirement.

Blackjack comes into play in fulfilling the wagering requirement because the return to player rate is so high—almost 100%!  You can play blackjack long enough to fulfill the wagering requirement and still be even or almost even or even ahead of the house!


Playing Too Fast

One of the most common mistakes online blackjack players make is playing too fast.  This mistake is especially common among newer online casino gamers simply because online blackjack, by its nature, is quite a bit faster than blackjack at a land based casino.

At a land based casino, you might be at a table with six or more other players.  You can imagine how much faster the online game must look to a gamer who has only played blackjack at land based casinos in the past!  Still, when you play blackjack, you have to play slowly enough that you have the time to observe everything you need to observe to make the correct decision.

Playing too fast might cause a gamer to forget to look at the dealer’s up card!  Playing too fast might tire you out and when you’re tired you will tend to make simple strategy mistakes.  Playing too fast makes blackjack seem like a game that you can win a lot of money playing when, in reality, blackjack is a very pure form of entertainment since by playing correctly you will almost always win or lose just a little bit of money on each hand.

When you play too fast, you won’t be able to savor the game.  Games should be enjoyed for their own sakes.  So, when you play too fast, you lose some of the appreciation of the game as simply a game.  Remember the FUN!

Being Intimidated to Stand with 12 Points

Once again, this is a very common mistake that land based casino gamers make.  In short, even if it is better to hit with 12 points in many situations, the other players at the table might not agree.  In almost all cases of this type, the other players don’t know the best strategy for the blackjack variation they are playing.

A common example is when the dealer is showing a low card and you have 12 points.  The best play is often to hit the 12 point hand since you want to get as close to 21 as possible and the dealer will have to hit as well.   Whether the card you get helps you or hurts you is irrelevant in this example.

If the card the dealer gets causes the other players to lose the hand, they will accuse you of losing the hand for them!  This is a false accusation but it does have the effect of causing some land based casino blackjack players to always stand with 12 or more points.

Ironically, this behavior sometimes carries over to online casino blackjack even though there is no intimidation factor at an online casino at all!

By the way, the amount of money you will lose for standing with 12 points when the dealer is showing a 2 is about $4 for every $100 you bet! 

Misunderstanding Splitting

Some players feel that two deuces is a poor hand to split.  In fact, a four count is worse than two two counts!  It all depends on the card the dealer is showing.  Especially if the dealer is showing 15 or 16 points, it pays off to split deuces.

There are quite a few mistakes players can make when they are asked to decide whether to split a pair or not.  A good rule of thumb is never splits tens, split pairs of 2’s, 3’s, and sometimes 4’s, never split 5’s.  If you have a pair of fives, it is usually bets to double down.  This leads to the next set of basic blackjack mistakes.

Misunderstanding Doubling Down

In general, it is good strategy to double down with 9, 10, or 11 points and if you have a pair of fives.  Otherwise it is not best strategy to double down.

Grave Mistake #1: Playing Blackjack without a Strategy Card

A simple article of this sort is too short to explain every nuance of blackjack playing strategy.  So, you should get a reputable strategy card and study it.  The card itself will teach you the statistically best play for every holding you have.

Grave Mistake #2: Not Trusting Statistics

The strategy card is based on statistics covering millions of hands.  It might seem odd to hit with 12 points when the dealer is showing a deuce but statistically you will win more in the long run if do hit in that case over standing.  There are many such counter-intuitive strategy moves that you need to be able to make in order to win at blackjack.

Grave Mistake #3: Expecting Every Statistically Correct Play to Win

This might be the granddaddy of all blackjack mistakes.  The best strategic play may win a very small percentage more often than it loses.  If you hit with 12 points against a dealer’s deuce, you will win a small percentage more than you will lose.  These small winning percentages are the difference between ultimately winning at blackjack or coming in in second place!

The Satisfaction of Blackjack Excellence

Blackjack is a wonderfully entertaining game to play.  It is even better when you play with the best strategy and the best state of mind.  This means both playing at Everygame Casino Red and also avoiding the all too easy-to-make mistakes that can derail a blackjack session.

Stay loyal to statistics and logic - these are your "friends" when playing blackjack!