Happy Valentine's Day

At Everygame Casino, We Heart Valentine's Day 

Valentine’s Day is here!  That means that heart memes will be all over the internet, billboards, television, magazine, and newspaper ads—just about everywhere!  Everygame Casino knows just how important Valentine’s Day is to everyone! 

So, we've developed a special Valentine’s Day promotion that will make it even more fun to play our hundreds of great online casino games - slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, video poker, tournaments, and MORE!

Get Your Bonuses!

The Everygame Casino Valentine’s Day promotion merely begins on February 14th.  It runs all the way to February 29th!  That means you've got two full weeks to take advantage of this great bonus offer.  And great it is!

  • Get your first deposit bonus for 75% up to $300 with 30 free spins on Stardust.  
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  • After you take all of these bonuses, you will receive a $30 free bonus.
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We told you that love and heart memes would be everywhere this month, didn’t we?  Turns out that cash bonuses and free spins are also in the mix at Everygame!


Love is all Around

The Valentine’s Day promotion we spoke about above is only one of the great promotions this month around the theme of love!  Love is All Around has already begun and will run until March 9th

Every Monday, the top 300 gamers on the leaderboard receive a gift of up to $500.  The leaderboard resets every Monday so even if you had too much on your plate (cake, work, love?) to play one week, you can play the following week and claim one of the prizes.

In addition to the leaderboard winners, all gamers who deposit just $25 between Monday and Wednesday go into the Thursday draw in which 50 lucky gamers will win prizes of up to $150.

At the end of the month-long promotion, one lucky winner who placed among the top 20 weekly players will win a $1000 cash prize!

Valentine’s Day is a Lot More than a Box of Candy!

Valentine’s Day is one of the American holidays that still falls out on the same date every year even if that date is not a Monday!  Every February 14th lovers gift each other with chocolates and express their everlasting love to each other.  Was Valentine’s Day celebrated by the Neanderthals?  Was it celebrated in all cultures throughout time?

The answer is that this great day of love had its origins in fertility celebrations in ancient Rome.  The middle of February was chosen by tradition as the time for these rites as spring began to show itself at that time every year.

The Romans called their festival Lupercalia.  That name long ago passed into obscurity and in the fifth century, Pope Gelasius set Valentine’s Day to honor and commemorate St. Valentine who was martyred for the glory of the Catholic Church.

In fact, history records three St. Valentines!  According to the history of the Catholic Church they were all martyred so the Pope simply combined them all into one St. Valentine’s Day!  Nowadays, few people remember the saints involved in Valentine’s Day but woe is he or she who forgets to bring flowers or a box of chocolates to their lover on this day

Who Celebrates Valentine’s Day Today?

The modern celebration of Valentine’s Day is basically a feature of the culture of three English-speaking countries and two of their neighbors.  So, Valentine’s Day today is a major holiday in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada plus Mexico and France.

The French have long seen themselves as being the most romantic of all European peoples so it is no surprise that Valentine’s Day has taken hold there. 

The modern way of marking the day began in Great Britain in the 17th century!  Until then, it was still a religious holiday commemorating the three St. Valentine martyrs.  The British began the modern custom of giving small gifts as tokens of friendship or affection.  This spread to the American and Canadian colonies in the 18th century and then to Mexico and France.

Modern Marketing Takes Over

By the start of the 20th century, printers marketed greetings that people bought and gave to their friends and loved ones.  Until the internet got going, many people sent Valentine’s Day cards by what is today called snail mail.   As many as 150 million cards were sent by post at the peak of snail mail.

Today, online companies that specialize in helping people produce and send all manner of greeting cards have taken a big bite out of the printed Valentine’s Day market but people who want to give a gift in person still usually buy a card, chocolates, and /or flowers.

Giving chocolates in a heart shaped box also began in the 20th century.  By now, the internet is swarming with companies that will deliver all manner of chocolate and other sweets to your sweet!

Buy or send caramels, heart candies for kids, jelly beans, chocolates that have ingredients that are good for the skin, gummies in the shapes of x’s and o’s for a holiday treat of hugs and kisses!

Actually, the selection is so broad that many people just choose a simple box of chocolate rather than spending the first two weeks of February searching the net for the very best Valentine’s Day sweet treat.

Flowers Say Love

Roses are the most popular flower people give on Valentine’s Day but if your special love loves a different type of flower, a florist will be more than happy to help you send it or bring it!

Play Together on Valentine’s Day

We recommend creating a romantic moment with some of our most romantic slots.  We recommend Gemtopia which is not just for people who understand gems, Purrfect Pets, Magic Mushroom, and Cubee among others.

In addition to these great Valentine’s Day slots we recommend taking a fling at helping Banana Jones get to the Crystal Banana and take it to the museum where it belongs!

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