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Is it Truly Possible that Some People Connect the Coronavirus to Corona Beer?

The answer is:  yes.  Recent news out China is that about half the country of more than one billion people is on lockdown as the coronavirus spreads quickly.  The onset of the coronavirus has also led to three prominent Google searches which reflect either that many people are not aware of what the virus actually is and how lethal it can be or that there is always a sort of gallows humor even when a doomsday scenario may be close at hand.

As a top casino online , we at Everygame Casino usually talk about our large selection of great games: slots, video poker, table games, and much more.  But today we are taken somewhat aback by these three Google searches showing up this week:

  • Beer coronavirus
  • Corona beer virus
  • Beer virus

Well, what do you think?  Do some people have a bizarre sense of humor or are there still a lot of people out there who don’t realize that the virus spreading havoc around the world has absolutely nothing to do with beer in general or with one particular brand of beer out of Mexico which today has a quite unfortunate name?

What is a Corona?

This word has two basic meanings.  It is the aura that surrounds the sun and the moon and also other large heavenly bodies.  The “halo” of sorts is composed of gases and plasma.  The sun’s corona becomes visible only during a complete eclipse of the sun and should be observed only with very sophisticated scientific instruments since looking directly at the sun during an eclipse can cause blindness!

The term corona also signifies a crown.  It is a Latinate word and the English word crown evolved directly from the word corona.  The name of that unlucky Mexican beer comes from this meaning of the term.  The message the brewery wants to convey is that the beer with that name is a beer fit for a King!

They never in a million years thought that the name could ever be associated with people in a hospital or quarantine treated by people in hazmat uniforms!

Why is the Virus Called a Coronavirus?

When scientists look at the virus under a microscope, it appears to have the shape of a crown.  In an attempt to simplify matters, the scientists who discovered this particular strain of virus gave it the name coronavirus.  Maybe they never drank Corona beer.  Maybe they drink Corona beer every day and love it and never thought for a minute that some people might associate the virus with the beer.

There are Many Strains of Virus

Viruses are quite hardy creatures.  They still to this day and, despite humankind’s great success at dealing with bacteria, are not treatable by medication.  When a person gets sick from a virus, they may self-medicate by drinking lots of water, sleeping a lot, and generally resting.

When the doctor nonchalantly tells a patient, “You have a virus”  the doctor means for you to stay home for a few days, drink water and other non-alcoholic beverages, rest, and sleep and your body will take care of the virus on its own.

The virus that causes influenza can sometimes attack the body so harshly that the person needs to be hospitalized and given intravenous liquids and medications.

The coronavirus surprised everyone by spreading so quickly from human to human and by causing death in about 2% of victims.

Still, Corona beer is completely, entirely, and decisively NOT implicated in the coronavirus in any possible way.  All we can say about the connection between Corona beer and the virus is that if you are so unfortunate as to contract the virus, you should go into quarantine and should avoid drinking all alcoholic beverages including but far from exclusive to Corona beer.


Corona Beer is Wildly Popular

In fact, Corona beer is the third most popular beer in the United States and the ninth most popular beer in the world.  Ironically, the most popular beer in the world is a beer from China called Snow!

As of now, there is no clear link between the name coronavirus for the most famous virus in the world and sales of the beer by the same.  Corona beer was for many years the fastest growing beer sold in the United States so a downturn in sales may simply be a market and consumer “correction” which simply means that people who really like Corona beer also like to diversify and try something else for a change.

Beer and much else have seen sharp decreases in sales in China since the epidemic began!  This is also natural as hundreds of millions of people are in lockdown!  When the virus has run its course, sales will go up, people will go out at night again, and consumption of beer and other drinks may skyrocket for a time. 

Unfortunately, no one can accurately predict when that happy day will come.

In the Meantime…

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Despite the seriousness of the coronavirus, we have to put it into some perspective. Every country in the world is taking great precautions to prevent it from becoming a widespread pandemic. China is also making massive efforts to control the virus.

So, we thought it might be appropriate to give short reviews of three slots with Chinese themes.

Wu Zetian

Empress Wu Zetian is a historical figure. She was the regent in China when her son was the emperor and after he died, Wu Zetian became the Empress of China. The great slot Wu Zetian features the wealth of the Chinese royal family circa the 7th century A.D. Empress Wu wears a crown of jewels. Her royal dresses were more exquisite than the fancy gowns Hollywood ladies wear to the Oscars! The gowns were all sewn and embroidered by hand!

Wu Zetian was a powerful woman at a time when women were mostly subservient to men. She expanded China and was said to countenance no corruption in her government.

Wu Zetian slot is as powerful as the Empress! The highest payout is 50,000x your bet or a maximum jackpot of $125,000! You will enjoy the many symbols from the time that Wu Zetian was the ruler of vast China. These symbols include the jade figurines of lions, a dragon statue, flowers, different types of jewels, horses, a gong, the Emperor who is a lot less valuable than Wu Zetian herself, a pearl which is also the wild symbol, and a lantern.

Gods Of Nature (Tian Di Yuan Su)

Even as jewels and Emperors or Empresses are major elements in Chinese history and culture, the elements that give life to the planet and its inhabitants are equally central characters in Chinese culture. These elements are fire, water, metal, wood, and earth.

Gods Of Nature celebrates how the Chinese people were able to use these elements to forge a country spanning vast land areas and could sustain a population that today far exceeds one billion. This slot features amazing graphics and artistic detail in every symbol. The sound track also evokes the authenticity of the Chinese devotion to the elements that give life.

The five gods are the symbols with the highest payouts. The spirit of the sun is the wild symbol and the spirit of the moon is the scatter. As a fire ball in the sky, the sun lights up our days. The spirit of the sun wild symbol fires up the reels with awesome animation.

The free spins bonus round begins with 8 free spins and you can increase the number of free spins to 33 with accurate decisions. In addition, the multiplier in the free spins bonus round begins at 2x and can reach as high as 15x!

Gamers find that playing Gods Of Nature combines the best aspects of slots play with the best elements of Chinese history and culture and the artistry of the game developers!

God of Wealth

The Chinese god of wealth was known as Caishen. Chinese devotees of the god of wealth burn incense in temples dedicated to his worship. They do this primarily on the fifth day of the two week Chinese New Year celebration. Unfortunately, the New Year celebration in China has been delayed since so much if the country is still in lockdown because of the coronavirus. Happily, we can play the God of Wealth slot as a way of celebrating the New Year and the wealth Caishen may bring us.

There is a big progressive jackpot in God of Wealth so riches are always just one spin away!

As with all of the video slots developed by Real Time Gaming, the graphics in God of Wealth are simply stunning. You look through the reels to a Chinese garden filled with beautiful vegetation.

The number 8 is the Chinese lucky number since the Chinese word for 8, fa, sounds very close to the word for wealth. In God of Wealth, there are six number eight symbols, each of a different color. You can win up to 250x your bet by getting a series of 8’s. However, the big jackpots for liming up 8’s is not the highest jackpot you can win in God of Wealth.

Line up lanterns, and the payout is 300x! If you line up oxen, you win 500x! Tigers get you 2500x and the green dragon celebrates your connection to the god of wealth with a 5000x win! And don’t forget Caishen himself. The real god of wealth can win an astounding 10,000x if you line up five Caishen wild symbols!

The gold ingots are the scatter symbol. Three or more gold ingots bring you to the free spins bonus round. First, you get multipliers for the bonus round based on the number of scatter symbols you were able to line up. Three scatters carry a 3x multiplier for the bonus round. Four scatters have a 10x multiplier and five scatters give you a 200x multiplier! During the free spins bonus round, the wild symbol automatically replaces the oxen, the tigers, and the green dragon.

It is pretty clear that the God of Wealth really wants to help you achieve wealth!

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A Huge Irony

No one wanted it to happen but every business that benefits when people stay at home more than usual is benefitting from the uncertainty the coronavirus has begat.

When all is said and done and life returns to normal once again, we will see if people are reading more, streaming entire seasons of television series more, or playing online casino games more.

Since online gaming is entirely open-ended, by which we mean gamers can play for short and long sessions as they wish, we might find that online gaming will benefit more from the coronavirus conundrum more than reading, since reading requires a commitment of many hours, and streaming which may require the commitment of entire days!

One thing we do know: sales of Corona beer will return to normal!

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