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Meet Our Very Own Mad Scientist, Dr. Winmore, and His Slot Game

Well, SpinLogic Gaming has done it again!  The latest game to come out of the mad laboratory of games they call SpinLogic Gaming is a slot about a mad laboratory and the mad scientist who runs it!  This game is called Dr. Winmore.   We wonder if you can guess why they call it that?!?

What are Dr. Winmore’s Motives?

Think about what Dr. Winmore aims to do.  Just as all of the great Everygame Casino promotions strive to help you win more, and just as we at Everygame Casino love to be an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win kind of place, we know that Dr. Winmore, in his most lucid moments, feels exactly the same.

Dr. Winmore Features a Cascade of Wins

Dr. Winmore slot is coming soon so be prepared to get in on all of its features.  First of all, this slot has a different look to it.  It is a five by five arrangement in which the reels don’t spin.  Instead, the symbols all come cascading down when you press the play button. 

After every win, the winning symbols cascade down and new symbols take their place.  This leads to Dr. Winmore’s favorite moments: those moments when gamers win more! 

How do gamers win more?  Well, if you get another win after the new symbols cascade down, your win carries a 2x multiplier.  If you win again on the next cascade, the multiplier goes up to 3x.  This increase in the multiplier keeps going until it reaches 6x and stays at that mad level until the cascading symbols don’t give you another win.

As the mad scientist might say, the unlimited wins from cascading symbols means that “my beaker runneth over”!

Dr. Winmore is a low volatility slot which means that you will enjoy many small wins!   Adding up all the wins may leave you at the end of a session with the mad scientist in the plus column or very close to it! 

How Do Gamers Win in Dr. Winmore?

You need four or more symbols touching each other (SpinLogic Gaming uses the term adjacent) either in the vertical plane or in the horizontal plane or both.  Most of your many wins will include both the vertical and the horizontal planes.

What is Dr. Winmore's Doing during All This?

The good but mad doctor is the wild symbol.  He replaces all other symbols except the robots. 


Did You Say Robots?

Yes, we did!  Here is where Dr. Winmore merges one of the most popular themes from 1950’s movies with one of the most popular themes of the 21st century!  You see, the mad scientist, busily at work in his laboratory with beakers bubbling, steaming, foaming, and overflowing was a favorite theme of movies that every teenager saw from the first moment to the last at drive in theaters across the land.

Robots were a mere figment of mad scientists’ imagination way back then but are a prominent feature of modern life today!  So, in the slot featuring Dr. Winmore, the robots are the scatter symbols which take you to the bonus rounds.  The robots are special in another way.  When a robot appears on any reel, it stays there until all the wins are complete.

Clean up the Reels

After all winning combinations are recorded, the robots, as Dr. Winmore’s assistants, clean out the reels.  Thys do this one of four different patterns.  They can clear horizontally, vertically, both horizontally and vertically, or in an internal pattern.

This clearing out process will remind gamers of another super popular game from the 1950’s: bingo but there the resemblance to bingo ends.  After all, we are fully and formidably ensconced in the 21st century.

Why Was the Mad Scientist Theme so Popular in the 1950’s?

The United States was a bucolic country until the explosion of scientific invention in the post-World War Two era.  The 1950’s saw the US escape the Great Depression and enter the first wave of affluence that few people had known for some 15 to 20 years.

Science became a subject of great admiration but it also seemed so unbelievable.  The atomic bomb made average people seem much smaller than they felt before.  The low level of scientific understanding led schools to have children hide under their desks in the event of a nuclear attack!

So, the notion of a person mad with scientific knowledge but lacking the probity to use his or her knowledge to aid society became a meme in the 1950’s.

What Were a Few of the Most Popular Mad Scientist Movies of the 1950’s?

  • Teenage Zombies was about a group of teenagers who came under the control of a mad scientist on an otherwise uninhabited island that the kids were exploring.
  • Bride of the Monster featured the incomparable Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist experimenting with nuclear energy.
  • The Unearthly featured none other than John Carradine as a scientist seeking immortality.
  • The Alligator People featured a mad scientist who used a serum to transform people into alligators!  It was also one of the first films that Beverly Garland and Richard Crane made!
  • The Body Snatcher is about a mad scientist who substitutes the brains of top athletes with the brains of animals in an attempt to make the athletes bigger and stronger.

This is a mere sampling of the kinds of movies teenagers grew up on in 1950’s United States! How many of them do you remember?  

Finding a Happy Medium

Dr. Winmore may be a mad scientist but he is also as gentle as a lamb!  You’ll love the way his slot plays with its many wins, the cascading symbols feature, and the rising multipliers.  This is a slot that we at Everygame Casino Red believe will become a classic and will have a devoted following for many years to come!