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Welcome to Pulsar: A New Slot of Exploding Stars and Great Slots Gaming

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What are Those Sounds We Hear from Far off Locations?

In this article, we would like to introduce you to another new slots game here at Everygame Casino: Pulsar.   There are sounds that emanate from deep space.  We can hear them but we can’t be sure what is making those sounds.  Extra-terrestrial beings, perhaps?   Or are they simply the sounds of the Big Bang that seem to come from far off in the distant universe even though at the time of the Big Bang they were at the very source of the universe?

Some of these eerie sounds are called pulsars from which the new slot takes its name.  The background music in Pulsar is actually a simulation of the kinds of sounds scientists listen to from deep space.

Pulsar Game Play

Pulsar is our best, new five reel slot with 20 fixed paylines.   In keeping with the feeling most of us have about outer space, as a place where suns, planets, rocks, galaxies, black holes and everything else we know and don’t know about outer space is “cascading” all about, Pulsar slot has a cascading wins feature.

After every win, the winning symbols cascade down and new symbols replace them.  This process allows more wins to occur from that single spin.  There is no limit to the number of wins that the cascading symbols feature can produce.

Cascading symbols can also be produced by an exploding neutron star.  An exploding neutron star is a major feature of the game play in Pulsar.  Neutron stars can appear on any reel on any spin.  They then stay on that spot until they explode.  A neutron star can explode at any time!  It might be a matter of seconds from the appearance of a neutron star for it to explode or it might take many light years!  Scientists are studying the matter but they don’t have a definitive answer to the question yet!

As far as players of Pulsar are concerned, it is less important to know precisely when a neutron star will explode than to know that some will surely explode during normal game play!


How Many Neutron Stars are there in Pulsar?

There are four distinct types of neutron stars and they occupy many spots on the reels.  Each different type of neutron star has different blast pattern.   

The blue neutron star explodes in an up and down pattern.  The green star explodes in a left to right pattern.  The pink star blasts in a cross pattern, that is, both up and down and right and left.  Finally, the red neutron star explodes in an X pattern.

The Neutron Stars Feature

When a neutron star appears, it is given a number from 1 to 3.  For each win you achieve as the symbols cascade after a win, the number of the neutron star decreases by one.  So, a star that was given the number 3 will go to 2 after a cascading win, then to 1 and then to zero.

When that neutron star reaches zero, it explodes in a fiery explosion that is truly worthy of the explosive power of our universe!  The explosion destroys every symbol in the path of the explosion.  These symbols are then replaced by other symbols which can trigger another win.

An exploding neutron star can also explode a neighboring neutron star even if that star has not yet reached zero in its countdown.  Since it is also possible to have several neutron stars on the reels at the same time, you can only imagine the explosive power of just one neutron star exploding.

At this point, we have to point out that you will get many chances to achieve cascading wins thus reducing the number on your neutron stars.  This is because Pulsar has low volatility.  That means that the slot is designed to give many small wins.

The low volatility means many small wins, which means many cascading symbols, which means many cascading wins.  All of these cascading wins eventually lead to the grand explosions of the neutron stars!

Let’s have a Little Science, Shall We?

A pulsar is what remains when a star collapses because it no longer has any nuclear fuel.  This sounds truly amazing and it is!  Our sun may be small in sun terms and it might not live for many billions of years more but for us it is still the most powerful entity in our celestial neighborhood.

We cannot imagine our sun running out of fuel.  It would be like all of the beaches in the world running out of sand.  It would be like the oceans running out of water.  It would be like Donald Trump running out of tweets!

Quite unthinkable, really.   Nevertheless, that is what a true pulsar is!  When a star loses its fuel, it explodes in a supernova.  We don’t have anything to worry about from supernovas since the closest pulsar is about 500 light years from Earth.

So, pulsars are fascinating space phenomena.  Scientists use pulsars to study the characteristics in matter in outer space.  They also use pulsars to look for life elsewhere in the universe.  As laypeople, we can use pulsars to fuel our imaginations.  Think about the life of a star and the explosion when the star ceases to be a star!

As laypeople, we can also use pulsars to be the main feature in games such as the wonderful new slot game from Real Time Gaming!  Everygame Casino Red is happy to add Pulsar to our library of great games.  We are sure that gamers will be playing Pulsar for far longer than the time it will take for our own sun to use up all of its fuel and itself become a pulsar!