four friends gaming together on a tablet having fun

How Can Online Gaming at Everygame Casino Increase the Element of Fun?

A lot of the fun we have is by either playing games or by watching other people play games.  That’s a good thing for an online casino such as Everygame Casino.  We are actually in the “having fun” business.  So, as a public service, we would like to get a bit deeper into the area of having fun primarily as it applies to online casino gaming.

Become Childlike

If you have small children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or you visit friends who have little kids, watch the kids for a while. You will see that everything the kids do when they are not crying or sleeping is a game.  Kids play almost exclusively.

This amazing phenomenon is not exclusive to very small kids.  It also applies to kids until about the age of 12 or so.  Then they begin to have other “interests” and can get very serious about those other interests!

How Kids Read

Look at how kids read. It might also apply in today’s world with kids using mobile devices to play computer games.  A kid will start by sitting in a chair or on the sofa but, over time their head will be where their feet were, or they will have the book on the floor and be leaning over to read or they will be standing on the chair or sofa or in any of many other contortionist positions all the while still reading!

How Adults Play

A lot of adults play board games with friends.  Bridge is still a very popular game.  Playing our games at Everygame Casino is also a great way to have fun!  We offer a couple of hundred exciting slots each of which was designed to get you out of the here and now and into a world of imagination.  The FUN side of the games is primary, and if you can win a bit of cash while playing slots...well, that just adds to the FUN.


Imagination and Daydreaming

At work, we cannot allow ourselves to daydream.  That is true except in jobs where daydreaming is a major part of the job!  For example, the people who create the games we carry and work for Real Time Gaming have to spend a lot of time daydreaming.  It is this activity that gives them the mental freedom to come up with new themes for slots, the story line, and the characters that the slot will feature!

But, if you work in a bank or at a call center or make sure that a production line continues to run smoothly, driving a bus, or in the medical profession, daydreaming is not recommended!

The games we offer allow you to daydream as you play.  We always emphasize that before you play, you should understand the rules of the game, that you have set aside a reasonable bankroll for the gaming session, and have also set aside a fair and reasonable time frame for gaming.  Having done so, you are free and clear to daydream!  And daydream you should!

Relax and Recharge

Games help us relax and recharge.  From, say, 9:00 until 6:00 pm we are in the modern pressure-packed work environment.  In order to repeat our work activity the next day, we need to relax and recharge.  Online casino gaming is a great way to do so!

You can play many different online casino games to help you relax.  Even the games of skill such as blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean poker, where you have to make decisions on every hand, can also help you relax and recharge.

First, the best strategy for each of these games is easily accessible.  You can use a strategy card for every hand.  The return to player rate in these games is so close to 100% that you don’t have to worry about losing some hands and winning some hands.

In video poker, blackjack, and Caribbean poker, you might play for an hour and after all is said and done, you still have close to 100% of your original bankroll or even a little more.  If you made the correct decision only half the time at work, you might find that the company no longer needs your services but if you make the correct decision half the time in these games of skill, you will end up with very close to the amount you started with or even a little more.

Being able to not worry about the money side of online casino gaming means that you can use the time to relax and to fully recharge your internal battery.

Blend Spontaneity with Planning

We said above and have said vey often that gamers should set aside a specific sum to play with and a specific time frame in which to play.  If you set aside thirty minutes for gaming and you play for 35 minutes, all is well.  There is a great deal of leeway in the planning stage of gaming.

There is also almost complete leeway during the gaming session itself!  This allows gamers to use slots, for example, to fly high and dive deep, to be romantic or adventurous, to go back in time or into the future.

You can also go from slots or roulette which are games of chance to blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean poker which are games of skill.  You can also take some time to play our casual games which have basically one purpose in mind: to put a broad smile on your face!

Fun Comes when We Release Ourselves from the Bonds of Seriousness

We have to be so serious at work.  Oh, do we!  So, after hours, we need to let our hair down.  This also applies to bald men, by the way!  Online casino gaming is a perfect way to release ourselves from the grip of seriousness.

By the way, many people think that they can achieve the same kind of release at a land based casino but the fact is that land based casinos often increase players’ seriousness!  They do it by contriving to have players play long after they have become too tired to play and have fun; they offer free alcoholic beverages which cause players to make mistakes; and gambling mistakes very often cause players to start to worry and generally stop having fun.

So, it is best to use the convenience and low cost of online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red - with its 100's of games and daily promotions, free bonuses and free spins - for the very important switch from the seriousness of work to the fun of play!