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Celebrate Leap Day 2020 with a Big Bonus from Everygame Casino

This is a leap year! That means that, in 2020, gamers have one extra day to enjoy the great selection of online games we offer at Everygame Casino. Everygame is also running a small bonus offer in honor of that wonderful extra day that comes around every….WOW! We have to look up how often leap year comes around!

Before we Google “when does leap year come around” let’s look at the leap year offer from Everygame.

The offer will run until March 8th. And it's a 100% bonus offer for up to $500. So, you deposit $500 and we give you an additional $500 - not too shabby, at all! You bring $500 to the table, but you get to play - and win - with $1000! Don't forget to use that Bonus Code: EXTRAWIN

Everygame Casino Wants to Help You Grow Your Bankroll

We have said it many times but it bears repeating: Everygame Casino can make many bonus offers simply because we are an online casino! Players can use any bonus offer they take for as long as they wish. This is dramatically different than what happens at a land based casino where a player may get a good bonus but they usually have to bet it all in the time they will be at the casino.

What if they never come back to that casino? The rest of the bonus is lost. And why would any player want to come back to the same casino? Even someone who loves land based casinos—a dying breed these days—would probably want to go to different casino every time they venture from home to gamble.

The cost of gong to a land based casino is so high that why would any player choose to go to the same one again and again?

Everygame Casino can make many bonus offers such as the one for the leap year because our gamers have instant access to the casino via their desktop or laptop computer or through their mobile device. Why would anyone go to a land based casino when they can carry Everygame online casino in their pocket or purse?

When Does Leap Year Come?

We looked up the rules surrounding leap years and we are more confused than before. You see, every year that can be evenly divided by 4 is a leap year. However, if the year can be evenly divided by 100 it is a leap year only if it can also be evenly divided by 400! Why?

We Use a Solar Calendar

That means that our calendar, called the Gregorian calendar, has 365 days because that is the number of days it takes for the Earth to orbit the sun. We won’t get into the amount of space the Earth covers in a single day travelling as fast as it does in space. But if you consider that the earth covers a lot of space in one day, imagine how much space it covers in 365 days!

That’s not all! As it turns out, astronomers and scientists in general like to be precise so they have found that the Earth actually takes 365.2422 days to orbit the sun. if we didn’t add a day every four years, eventually winter would come out in the summer months and summer would come out in the winter months which is actually what already happens in the southern hemisphere!

Some Simple Arithmetic

This is a relatively simple calculation to make. If we lose one day every four years, we would lose one month every 120 years. Not a tragedy, you say. But people have arrived at a consensus that we want the seasons to stay relatively stable within their “traditional” time frames.

So we add one day every four years. The few years that we don’t add a leap day because the year is divisible by 100 but not 400 represent the victory of science geeks over thousand year minor anomalies in the calendar!


What about Those Nasty Decimal Points?

So with a leap year every four years, we have years that average 365.25 days. Okay. But the real solar year is 365.2422! That’s a difference of .078! OMG!! Well, it did cause some problems.

By the time that Julius Caesar was the ruler of Rome, the calendar had fallen a full two months out of whack with the seasons as people knew them. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar ruled that the year would be lengthened to include a full 445 days!

There is no historical record that the sports seasons were lengthened as well!

Julius Caesar also instituted a leap year every four years. That new calendar was called the Julian calendar and it lasted 1600 years until by the 17th century, those nasty decimal points had become more than a mere nuisance. The Julian calendar was 10 days off from where it should have been! So Pope Gregory decided to create a new calendar which is the one we use today and is called the Gregorian calendar. To align the new calendar with the old calendar, Pope Gregory decreed that October 15th, 1582 would follow October 4th!

Did all those people who had birthdays and anniversaries on October 5th to the 14th lose a celebration that year?

How about Lunar Calendars

Three highly diverse cultures—the Chinese, the Hindu, and the Hebrew—use lunar calendars. These calendars lose about 11 days every year! So, these people have instituted leap months every two or three years to get everything in better alignment.

The Islamic calendar is also lunar but Moslems do not have a leap year or leap month. That means that their calendar and important holidays and commemorations move back about 11 days every year.

The month-long fast of Ramadan comes out in every season! The same is true of the two most prominent Moslem holidays, Id El Fitr and Id el Aqsa. Many people of the “older generations” like to amuse the young ones with stories of these holidays in the different seasons.

For example, one year there might be a massive blizzard on the holiday but years later, the same holiday might see several days of monsoon rains while on yet other years the holiday might come out at the perfect time to go out to the open fields and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers!

It might be that by becoming used to the movement of holidays in the Islamic calendar, Moslems have a fuller sense of the variety inherent in their holidays as opposed to the rest of us fuddy-duddies who have to realign our calendars every few years!

Everygame Games

There is nothing fuddy-duddy about the great selection of games we have on offer at Everygame Casino Red! One of the best ways you can extend your gaming opportunities is by accepting our many deposit bonus offers.

Our Leap Year bonus offer is just one example of how we can make impromptu bonus offers just “because”.

So, we wish you a wonderful leap day this February 29th and we hope you take us up on our leap year bonus offer: 100% up to $500. Bonus Code: EXTRAWIN. The offer lasts until March 8th and the offer of great gaming at Everygame Casino remains open every day around the clock - in every calendar of your choosing!