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How Does Responsible Gaming Increase the Fun Side of Online Gaming?

Our theme in most of our blogs and articles is: play our hundreds of casino online games primarily for fun!   Of course, you could hit it rich by winning a massive progressive jackpot.  You could be really lucky that you win a lot more often than you lose!  In this article, we will talk about how responsible gaming and playing for fun go hand in hand.

Use Your New Player Bonuses Responsibly

Everygame Casino is known as THE sign up bonus casino for good reason.  Our new players can take four deposit bonuses and then get a no deposit bonus and it can all add up to $5555 in new player bonus money.  Here is how the new player set of bonuses works:

  • When you sign up and make your first deposit, the bonus is 125% up to $1000.
  • For your second deposit, the bonus is 150% up to $1500.
  • On your third deposit, the bonus is 125% up to $1000.
  • Finally, with your fourth deposit as a new gamer, your bonus is 150% up to $2000.
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Responsible Gaming Means Keeping Gaming in Perspective

It is no secret that there are millions of gamers who enjoy playing online casino games for real money.   It is also true that Everygame Casino gives a huge welcome package to new players plus many bonus promotions on a regular basis.

It is very important to keep casino gaming for real money in its proper perspective.  You don’t want to gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose.  We at Everygame Casino also don’t want you to gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose.

That is why we call your activity at our online casino gaming!  And games are fun to play!  So, our ultimate goal is to provide a large selection of fun games for you to play while satisfying the desire you have to place a bet on the outcomes of the games.


What Else Should We Keep in Perspective?

You may be surprised by the answer.  We should all keep everything in perspective!  Here we are talking about keeping everything we do in either financial perspective or in perspective relative to any alternatives.

Some things are that we keep in financial perspective are easy to understand.  As much as we would all like to own a bright, new expensive arc we usually settle for something used and a lot less expensive.  After all, our money is limited and we have so many other things to spend money on.

When we go to buy new shoes, we could spend hundreds of dollars or a lot less.  Most people understand that the very expensive shoes might have better quality and might last longer than the less expensive ones but we buy the less expensive ones because our money is limited and we have so many other things to spend money on!

Here is a short list of things we keep in perspective when we have to choose to buy or not to buy.

  • Tickets including for movies, concerts, sporting events, airplane seats, Disney World, and so on.
  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Restaurants
  • Food we buy at the supermarket
  • Books
  • Coffee

The list is functionally endless!

There are also many things we keep in perspective when we compare one choice against an alternative.

  • As much as we would like to sleep in, we choose to get out of bed instead of getting fired.
  • As much as we would like to continue streaming a television series, we choose to get off the sofa and do some exercise.
  • As much as we would love to tell off our snooty brother-in-law at Thanksgiving dinner, we hold our tongue because he is our wife’s brother and we choose peace with our wife over war with our no good brother-in-law (oops - too much sharing?).

How Can I Keep Gaming in Perspective?

As we have been saying, play for the sheer fun of it.  Online casino gaming is a pastime that allows many people to relax after a long working day.  Online gaming is a god way to unwind.  Online gaming is just one of many pastimes.  As such it deserves a proper place in your set of regular pastimes.

Do we say that you should play more of our games instead of walking for exercise?  Of course, not!

Do we say that you should play more of our online games instead of cleaning the house, doing the laundry, talking with your parents on the phone, or just having a quite conversation with a friend or loved one?  Of course, not!

These are just a few examples of what we call keeping perspective and, taken together, they amount to the very highest in responsible gaming.  A good working definition of responsible gaming might be to use gaming as a way to have fun but not to use gaming as a way to avoid your other fun activities and your many responsibilities.

The best way to keep gaming in perspective is to take on a lot of other fun activities and to prioritize your responsibilities.

Set Time and Money Limits

When you spend any time or any money on any activity or purchase, you should set a reasonable limit on your time and on your money.  We mentioned a number of examples above but the list can go on and on.

When you set a financial limit on gaming, it is functionally the same as setting a financial limit on the cut of meat you will put on the grill this weekend.

When you set a time limit on gaming, you accomplish two very important things.  The first is, naturally, to define the length of time you believe is reasonable for online gaming.  The second is to elevate all of your other activities.  In so doing, you suddenly realize that reading the novel you took out of the library is a lot more important than you had previously thought!

The same type of analysis can apply to everything you spend valuable time on!

Land Based Gambling is Dangerous to Keeping Gaming in Perspective

When people travel to a land based casino for a long weekend, they often lose all perspective on their gaming activity.  Gaming quickly turns into gambling!  After all, there is really very little to do at a land based casino besides gambling!

You can eat, drink, sleep, or go to a show.  Eating and drinking may be free as a perk of playing for so many hours.  Sleeping may also be free.  But the shows are wildly expensive.

Land based casinos left out the windows when they built their massive gambling palaces.  They didn’t put in any windows, either.  That causes players to lose all time reference.  And they gamble on and on!

Take a look around any land based casino.  You will see a lot of employees from dealers and croupiers, to floor managers, cashiers, bartenders, waiters and waitresses, and people dressed in costume.

Each of these people represents a small amount of return to player rate that the casino has to withhold from you in order to pay its expenses.  The high overhead of land based casinos includes the décor, the lights, and all of the glitter that causes players to lose perspective.

The return to player rates are higher at Everygame because we have far less overhead than any land based casino!

So, play our online casino games here at Everygame Casino Red and keep your gaming in its proper perspective.  By gaming responsibly, your fun will increase exponentially!