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In What Ways Does Online Gaming Reveal Gamers’ Personalities?

There are three main casino gaming formats: land based, online, and mobile.  It is true that mobile gaming is also a type of casino online gaming but in this article we will treat it as a separate type of gaming format.

The type of gaming format we choose and prefer tells us a lot about ourselves.  Perhaps the biggest difference between online gaming and land based gambling is in the area of online casino promotions.  Online casinos such as Everygame Casino have many promotions that gamers can enjoy over long periods of time while land based casinos have gamblers for a few days at most.

This begs the question….

Why Do Some People Choose Land Based Casino Gaming?

There are two primary draws of land based casinos: the atmosphere in the casino and the sense that the gamblers are on a gambling vacation.

Some people say that the people who really like the atmosphere at a land based casino are extroverts but the truth is that they aren’t.  Land based casinos give gamblers a large measure of anonymity.  The obsessive need for anonymity in large crowds is a sign of an introvert rather than of an extrovert.

People who travel to a land based casino for a long weekend don’t care about the extra costs of their gambling activities.  The anonymity in large crowds is, to them worth the extra cost.

The second draw of land based casinos is the gambling vacation element.  However, many gamblers at a land based casino end up being stuck there a day or two before they are supposed to return home simply because they have gambled away most or all of their bankroll.

We shall now see how online gaming is far different than land based gambling.

Why Do So Many People Prefer Online Gaming?

Online gaming is a good way to interact with friends and especially with your partner.  Of course, there are online games that don’t lend themselves to playing with your partner but every slot game we offer at Everygame Casino and every casual game is a perfect outlet for friendly and even sexy interplay between friends and partners.

As we said above, land based casinos are places where people go to get lost in a crowd.  You may be with your partner at the craps or roulette table but everyone else around these tables is a stranger and will remain a stranger after the shouting and cheering dies down.

At Everygame Casino, you can play multi-hand video poker with your partner and you can enjoy watching the wins pile up for every good hand you get.  It is far easier to do this at an online casino than at a land based casino.  This is one reason why even land based casinos are starting to offer mobile casino gaming and why mobile gaming is now the number one online gaming platform for the large majority of gamers.

Online Gaming Builds up Gamers’ Self-confidence

Online gaming does this in two primary ways: making money management easier and by enhancing self-discipline.  Land based gamers have found that this venue for casino gaming does the opposite in many cases: it makes money management harder and makes self-discipline even that much harder all of which causes a loss of self-confidence.

Money Management

When you play online, it is always best to set a monetary budget for your gaming session.  If you are unlucky enough to lose the bankroll you started out with, you should always stop playing.  Yu can always start a new session the next day, week, or month as you choose.

Land based casino gamers find that if they lose their bankroll quickly, the temptation to take more money out of their credit card in order to play more is too strong to resist.  After all, land based casino gamers usually come to the casino for a few days suck as a long weekend.  What else is there to do at a land based casino other than gamble?  And gambling is what everyone else is doing.

Sure, you can eat, drink, and sleep!  Hooray!

Gamblers are leery of taking out more money to gamble with so many players start out by taking too much money to a land based casino when they travel to one.



Here, again, online casino gaming is the best platform for increasing self-discipline while land based casino gambling often works in the opposite direction and decreases self-discipline.

We spoke about ending a session at an online casino in contrast to the powerful temptation to continue gambling at a land based casino.  The ability to end a gaming session at the pre-arranged time is a great boost to a gamer’s self-discipline and land based casinos are designed to stop gamblers from ending their sessions.

Land based casinos have no windows and no clocks, the better to keep you gambling, my dear!  At home, you will see the time on your computer screen or on your mobile device.  You always know what time it is and can end the session at the appropriate time. 

Similarly, at home you have windows!  Just by looking outside, you can see that it is no longer daytime.  You can and, in most cases gamers will, stop their gaming session in order to do other things they have also budgeted some time to do.

But….the Buffet

One aspect of self-discipline can be described in one word: buffet.  Land based casinos are used to seeing gamblers who have had a run of bad luck or who have gambled for too long a time come to the buffet and damage their self-confidence and self-discipline even more by wildly overeating at the buffet!

When you play online, you can set aside time for normal meals like on any other day!

Accepting Risk

Some people say that land based casino gambling is for risk takers while online gaming is for people who shy away from risk.  The truth is the opposite!  Land based casino gambling hides its negatives behind the so-called positive of risk taking.  In fact, land based casino gaming is actually a sort of excessive risk taking.  There is risk and then there is foolhardy risk.

Online gaming puts risk in its proper place.  Why use gaming to show that you can take risks when you can start a business, buy stock in a new company, or do any of thousands of other things that are also risky but are risky within a known and recognized set of parameters.

In Review

Here are the basic characteristics of online gamers versus land based casino gamblers:

  • Online gamers accept risk in moderation while land based gamblers often take too many risks and brag about their courage.
  • Online gamers set monetary and time budgets on their gaming while land based casino gamblers tend to gamble on for hours on end.
  • Online gamers eat and drink in their normal moderate manner while land based casino gamblers overeat and overdrink.
  • Online gamers are secure and self-confident while land based casino gamblers are often down on their luck and show it.
  • Online gamers play mostly on their mobile devices while land based casino gamblers look for false camaraderie on the casino floor.

Perhaps you didn’t realize the extent to which your gaming venue of choice says so much about you!  People who play for a short time at Everygame Casino Red on a regular basis, have more fun gaming and often win more simply because they aren’t tempted to lose more as so many gamblers are tempted at land based casinos!