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How Can 5 Wishes Help People Get through the Coronavirus Crisis?

Every month, we at Everygame Casino bless our lucky stars that we have partnered with Real Time Gaming!  That’s because RTG always seems to score a big GOOOOOAL, hit a grand slam, make a last second three point shot, or score in overtime in the Stanley Cup playoffs with their new slots!

In addition to singing and dancing from our balconies as the people of Italy have shown us how to do during the Age of the Coronavirus, online casino gaming is a way to pass the extra time many of us have because of lockdowns, closures, and working from home instead of commuting to the office!

Make 5 Wishes

The newest game from RTG is 5 Wishes.  It is a variation on the Aladdin story.  Alongside Aladdin are the Genie and Princess Jasmine.  Abu the Monkey returns and is always in a very good mood.  Abu makes a sweet sound whenever he wins for you and he can win with just two symbols so Abu makes his indescribable happy sound quite often in 5 Wishes!  Rounding out the characters are the Palace and the Magic Lamp which doubles as the very valuable scatter symbol.

RTG hasn’t exactly told us why they named the game 5 Wishes since, if you play it often, and we are sure you will in the days, weeks, and years to come, you will have the chance to make many more than 5 wishes! 

For now, let’s make five pertinent wishes appropriate to the Age of the Coronavirus and let’s see how the 5 Wishes slot can help us make these wishes come true.

We Wish That Everyone Who is Ill from the Virus Should Get Well Fast

Obviously, this is the first thing we should hope and pray for!  On the brighter side, 5 Wishes has two random progressive jackpots!  So, we can also hope that all gamers playing 5 Wishes should win one or both of the random progressive jackpots quickly!

These jackpot wins are totally random.  You can even win one of the progressive jackpots after an unlucky spin!

We Wish for Health and Happiness for All

Let us wish that everyone who has already contracted the virus recovers fully and that everyone who has not yet fallen ill either stays healthy throughout the crisis or has nothing more than a mild flu.

5 Wishes slot is always available on desktop, laptop, or mobile.  It is especially helpful as one of many ways for people in quarantine to pass the time.

We Wish for Long Lasting Good Health for Our Families and Friends

5 Wishes slot has a few special features that are not common to other slots.  One of the best features of 5 Wishes is that the wild symbol, the rock solid Genie, can make Jasmine, the Monkey, or Aladdin changer into another wild symbol.  Since the wild symbol also carries a 2x multiplier, the extra wild symbols created by the Genie Wild Feature make wins more frequent and twice as big!


We Wish for a Quick Return to Normal

The scatter symbol in 5 Wishes is the Magic Lamp.  In contrast to our heartfelt wish for a quick return to normal for all of us in quarantine and otherwise inconvenienced by the virus, in 5 Wishes the scatter takes us to the free spins bonus rounds where we want to never return to normal!

Three scatter symbols give us 10 free spins; four scatters give us 20 free spins; and five scatters give us 100 free spins!  That’s a great start!  Then, you can retrigger the free spins by getting three, four, or five scatters again!

All of the features of the regular game come along to help you score big wins in the free spins bonus rounds as well.  This means that the Genie can transform Aladdin, Jasmine, or the Monkey into extra wild symbols.  It means that the 2x multiplier for wins generated by the wild symbol remains in the bonus round.  And it means that the progressive jackpots ad the 5000x big jackpot also come over to the bonus rounds, too!

So, we wish for a return to normal in the “real” world and a long lasting bonus round in 5 Wishes!

We Wish for a Quick Return to Full Sports Stadiums

Well, this one might take some time.  Still, 5 Wishes is a game in itself so let’s imagine that the reels are spinning in a big stadium where a lot of people are whooping and hollering in celebration of their big jackpot wins!

Slots are the perfect medium for such imaginative flights of fancy.  After all, modern video slots are all built around the idea of a theme, a story line, and characters that help us “get into” the story line.

We Wish That Everyone Might Sing from their Balcony

The Italian people have shown us how to make the most of a less than desirable situation.  People in other countries are now also singing and dancing from their balconies!  Let’s all continue to sing to each other as the virus continues to keep us at home!

Let us also have many big wins in 5 Wishes, from the random progressive jackpots to the 5000x big win to many wins in the retriggered free spins bonus rounds, to just lots of good luck while playing this new game from RTG.

Singing for Bonuses

In keeping with the idea of singing these days, Everygame Casino Red is offering a great sequential set of bonuses for 5 Wishes.  You have to redeem the bonuses in order and the offers end on March 22 so hurry, hurry, hurry!

  • The first deposit bonus is for 75% up to 600 units and 30 spins on 5 Wishes.  The code is 1WISH.
  • The second deposit bonus is for 100% up to 400 units and 40 free spins on 5 Wishes.  The code is 2WISH.
  • The third deposit bonus is for 125% up to 1000 units and 50 free spins.  The code is 3WISH.
  • The fourth bonus is for 77 free spins on 5 Wishes.  The code is 4WISH.

As always, there are special terms and conditions for this promotion so read them carefully.  Our customer service desk is open 24/7 as usual if you have any questions regarding the promotion.

Wishing for the Best

How appropriate that the new game from RTG is all about making good wishes and hoping that they will come true!  We wish good health to one and all, that the period of quarantine should end soon, that life shall return to normal, and that we will all enjoy the fruition of our five dearest wishes!