What Hath March Wrought? The Big Winners in March at Everygame Casino.

One of the true pleasures we have as a top casino online is that we can report from time to time about our big winners!  This month, our two top winners won over $150,000 playing Witch’s Brew and $70,000 playing our newest slot, which we released only a week ago, called 5 Wishes!  

Clearly, both of these top winners had luck on their side and we salute them for their great fortune! At Everygame Casino we run many excellent online casino promotions and we are always thrilled when gamers get really lucky and win big!

What Makes These Slots So Popular?

It is a bit ironic that these two slots are quite a bit different in mood.  Witch’s Brew is a Halloween season slot in which the witch has to decide which potion to brew!  5 Wishes is a slot based on the Aladdin story in which Aladdin, the Genie, Princess Jasmine, and Abu the silly Monkey all play a role.  In addition, in 5 Wishes the Palace can give lucky gamers big wins and the Magic Lamp is the scatter that leads players to the free spin bonus rounds where all kinds of happiness occur!

We spoke about 5 Wishes at more length here so in this article, saluting our big winners for March, we will review 5 Wishes in brief and then we’ll carry on to a lengthy review of Witch’s Brew.

Jackpots and Free Spins

We already mentioned the characters that inhabit 5 Wishes.  The Genie is the wild symbol.  He has the power to change Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, or the Monkey into extra wild symbols.  Imagine the wins that ensue!  All wins with the Genie have a 2x multiplier.

The Magic Lamp is the scatter symbol.  You get 10, 20, or 100 free spins depending on how many scatters you got!  You can also retrigger the free spins so getting lucky in 5 Wishes is a very good thing to do!

There are two random progressive jackpots in 5 Wishes.  You can win a progressive jackpot after any spin!  You can also win a random jackpot in the bonus rounds!  The fixed jackpot is for 5000x.  It too carries over into the bonus rounds as does the Genie’s power to change characters into wilds!  Pretty clearly, our great winner in 5 Wishes hit several jackpots along the way!

What Hath the Witch Brewed up Today?

First of all, a $150,000 win in Witch’s Brew is a great win for our lucky gamer!  Let’s look back on Witch’s Brew and recall its finer points!

The slot first came on board in time for Halloween in 2016.  It proved so much scary fun that it gains new fans every year at Halloween time and, as you can see by the fact that a lucky gamer won $150,000 playing it in March, its popularity really doesn’t know seasonal bounds!

The slot is populated by symbols and characters that all relate to Halloween, witchcraft, potions, and eerie moods.  These include the Goblin’s Blood symbol which is the scatter and the witch and dragon’s fang which are both wild symbols. 

The other characters and symbol are a big, bubbling cauldron (what scary potion is the witch brewing there?), a mortar and pestle for grinding bones, entrails, and other scary stuff not cilantro and jasmine flowers, a jar of eyeballs that would scare Dr. Frankenstein, candles for conjuring up goblins and ghosts, a frog that in the interest of being scary RTG calls a toad, black cats, a wizard, a root unlike any root you might buy in the supermarket, and the Witch’s Encyclopedia of Spells.

Witch’s Brew Feature Will Send Shivers Up and Down Your Spine

This feature is triggered when you get a wild symbol in each of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels.  These reels stay frozen and the two outer reels spin for free 10 times.  You will shiver in excitement as you anticipate big wins in this great feature!

Get Free Spins with the Scatter Symbol

Getting three scatter symbols awards you 10 free spins, four scatters get you 25 free spins, and five scatters result in 125 free spins!  This is a great benefit to players and it is even better since you can also trigger the Witch’s Brew Feature during the free spins bonus round!

Do you feel creepy crawlers going up your back yet?  That’s the feeling you’ll get when your luck turns sensationally good and you get the Witch’s Brew Feature several times during the bonus round!

The Big Payout that Helped Our Big Winner

Getting a wild symbol that helps you earn a win gives you a 2x multiplier.  That’s very good!  But listen up.  Getting a wild symbol and four roots gives you a 5000x payout.  Since Witch’s Brew has 25 paylines and the highest bet allowed is one dollar per payline or $25, the big jackpot is worth $125,000! 


It’s Cold Where the Witch Lives

Witch’s Brew takes place in a dark, dank, dreary cellar.  This large room is too dark and dank to be called a basement!  It’s a cellar but not the kind of cellar Dorothy and Toto knew.  This is a witch’s cellar where the only warm thing in the room is the cauldron bubbling and brewing yet another potion.

The overall design in Witch’s Brew is perfect for setting a bone-chilling mood and RTG always goes that extra step when setting a mood.  In Witch’s Brew, that extra step is extraordinarily eerie sound.  We hesitate to call it music!  The sound plus the setting immediately give even the most hot-blooded gamers chills!

Come on, Get Happy

In the great lyrics of a song from a long time ago, “Come on get happy, you better chase all your cares away.”  This is exactly what happens when you get lucky and win thousands of dollars playing slots at Everygame Casino Red!  You can play any kind of slot from the wishful thinking 5 Wishes to the eerie cauldron of Witch’s Brew.  The song continues: “Shout Halleluiah, come on get happy.”  You can be the one shouting Halleluiah!

The point is to always have fun!  Join Everygame Casino now and get started on our Welcome Package that is potentially worth $5555!