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How is Everygame Casino Dealing with the Coronavirus?

The sad saga of the novel coronavirus continues.  So many people are in a form of lockdown from quarantine to complete city-wide or country wide closures.  Many people are looking for ways to spend the extra time they have at home.  As a result, we at Everygame Casino are experiencing an uptick in interest in online casino gaming.

We Always Emphasize Fun

Even in times of stress—or especially in times of stress—we feel that online casino gaming can be one of many excellent sources of the calming effect of pleasurable activities.

Frustrated Land Based Casino Players

We are also hearing from people who play at land based casinos and are no longer able to get to a favorite land based casino.  These people especially ask us to describe the benefits of online casinos over land based casinos.

In this article, we will talk about three major advantages of gaming at Everygame Casino: 

  • Online casino promotions
  • Mobile casino
  • Payout rates

As we talk about these three areas where even long-time online casino gamers may not be fully aware that they are so advantageous over gambling at a land based casino, we will touch upon, in passing, other advantages of online casinos.  We hope that you will see that online gaming has many far-reaching advantages over gambling at a land based casino.

Online Casinos Have a Natural Advantage in Promotions

It is common for gamblers to return home and to talk about all the free whisky, beer, and wine they got while they were gambling.  They might talk about the great buffets they ate at for free.  They might even talk about the free or almost free accommodations they had at the hotel and possibly even a free flight to the casino.

Sadly, these gamblers rarely talk about how much fun they had at the casino!  They rarely talk about how much money they won!  They rarely talk about how all the time they spent on the casino floor was time well spent!  To paraphrase a popular television commercial from a decade or two ago, they might as well have said: “Wow, I could’ve had a real vacation!”

Land based casinos can’t offer the full range of promotions that Everygame Casino can offer.  The reason is simple: land based casino gamblers come and go.  They spend a few days once or twice a year at the casino.  Online gamers at Everygame Casino can come and go every day, or once a week, or once a month, or as frequently as they choose but they never feel stuck at the casino.


How Does This Affect Promotions?

Let’s take three promotions and see how gaming online affects them.  First, let’s look at our month-long promotions.  We run a long promotion every month often in conjunction with a new game from our exclusive game provider Real Time Gaming or RTG.

Land based casinos also introduce new games.  They don’t tell you that for every new terminal they bring in they have to take out another terminal.  Land based casinos are limited by their walls!  Even the world’s largest land based casino is small in comparison to an online casino located in cyberspace!

This affects month-long promotions in that online gamers can play as often as they wish while land based casino gamblers are limited by the terms of their weekend package.

Online Casino Gaming is Made for Deposit Bonuses

Whenever you take a deposit bonus, at any online casino, you have to fulfill a wagering requirement.  This means that you have to bet a factor of the bonus.  It might take a while to complete the wagering requirement at an online casino if you play for short sessions and make small bets which, by the way, is the best way to play at an online casino since short sessions at low stakes increases fun, reduces risk, and makes gaming truly gaming!

This is all well and good when you play at an online casino but it is functionally impossible at a land based casino where you will be for only a few days at the most!

Now, let’s look at the series of bonuses new gamers can enjoy at Everygame Casino Red.  There are four big deposit bonuses for from 125% to 150% and for from $1000 to $2000.  To top it all off, we also give a no deposit bonus of $55 at the end of the welcome period.  The total of all these bonuses is up to $5555 all but $55 subject to a wagering requirement.

This is entirely impossible at any land based casino!

In addition, we continually offer deposit bonuses to established gamers.  So, you can see that there is a massive advantage to playing at Everygame Casino online over gambling at any land base casino!

Loyalty Programs Really Reward Loyalty

At Everygame Casino, we have a loyalty program where every bet becomes some number of loyalty points.  When you have enough loyalty points, you can turn them in for casino credits.  In that way, loyalty points are a form of no deposit bonus!

Land based casinos also have a sort of loyalty program.  They use what they call players’ cards to record your betting on the games in the casino.  The disadvantage of using a player card at a land based casino is that you have to come back to the casino often to take advantage of the accumulated points.

If you live where the casino is located and you can easily get away to gamble there, then maybe the player card can be useful.  But if you are like the vast majority of gamblers at land based casinos who come by once or twice a year, the player card is practically useless.  And you have to remember where you put it when you got home the last time so you can use it this next time!

And you have to remember to take it with you when you go back to the land based casino months later!  At Everygame Casino, your loyalty points are always in our database.  You don’t have to remember where they are and to take them with you!

Mobile Casino is the Format of Now and the Foreseeable Future

Online casino gaming includes mobile gaming at established online casinos such as Everygame.  Mobile gaming has the advantage of extraordinary convenience!  Look at it this way: when you go to a land based casino, you have to pack a bag, book a flight, a room, and possibly a car.  You go to the casino, sitting rigidly on the land!

When you play at a mobile casino, you take the casino with you wherever you go!  It is compact, fluid, and flexible.  An example of how important mobile gaming has become and how superior it is to land based casino gaming is that some land based casinos now offer mobile gaming in the hotel!

If you are going to play on a mobile app anyway, why bother going to the land based casino in the first place?

Payout Rates Reflect the Cost of Running the Casino

Land based casinos are the lovable lugs of casino gaming.  Online casinos are the lithe, lean, and sleek casinos.  The lovable lugs of casino gaming have much higher costs of running themselves than online casinos do.  This is reflected in higher payout rates for some games, especially slots, at online casinos.

Why do land based casinos have such high operating costs?  They employ many more people.  They have to pay taxes on land use.  They have to pay for all the free alcohol, free food, and free accommodations they give away.  They have to maintain the aesthetic side of the casino, the hotel, the restaurants and bars, and even the parking lot!

It all adds up.

We Pray for the Health and Safety of Everyone

Everygame Casino is in the entertainment business.  We stand solidly with everyone who is in quarantine, is feeling poorly, is sadly mourning the passing of a loved one, or is merely inconvenienced by the dastardly coronavirus.

We humbly offer our online casino as a safe refuge for everyone who is at home and is looking for something to do to pass the time.  After you find out how fun and easy it is to play at Everygame Casino, we suspect that you will become loyal gamers here for many years to come, long after the coronavirus has passed into history.