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Who Provides All of the Great Games at Everygame Casino?

We at Everygame Casino send our best wishes to everyone who is recovering from the virus or is being inconvenienced by the many closures.  We wish everyone long life and good health.  Since we are, after all, a top casino online, we should also point out that online casino gaming is one of the many ways people can pass the time while in quarantine.

We don’t expect to compete with all of those balcony singers!  The phenomenon of balcony singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments began, naturally, in Italy where the people are in complete physical lockdown but where the spirit of the people can never be locked down!

SpinLogic Gaming is a Great Game Provider

In this article, we would like to extol the virtues of SpinLogic Gaming, or SLG, our exclusive game provider.  It is SLG that has played and continues to play a major role in making Everygame Casino one of the top online casinos!

SLG Gets Started

SLG brought their first casino games online in 1998.  This makes it one of the first online casino games providers.  When SLG started out, there were just a very few game providers.  Now there are about 200!  So, in order to stay ahead of the curve, SLG always has to innovate in its game features and, especially in slots, in the ideas and themes, in the creative ways SLG brings these ideas and themes to the slot screen, and in the way SLG makes gaming fun!

Putting the Really Wild into the Wild Symbols

SLG was one of the first game providers to see the potential in the features that the wild symbols could have.  SLG was the industry leader in creating wilds that stuck to the screen, that grew either vertically or horizontally, that gave a multiplier for wins created by the wild symbol, that added winning elements in the free spin bonus rounds, and that featured the highest payouts for five of a kind in the regular games.

Graphics Play a Big Role in Making SLG Slots Fun


An SLG slot has great graphics, amazing creativity, interesting and attractive sound, and great ways to score a sizable win.  Playing at an online casino such as Everygame Casino, gives gamers the chance to easily sample every slot we have on offer.  You never lose your seat at Everygame!  Of course, since we exist in cyberspace, there are no seats to give up!  LOL!

Graphics are very important in telling the story of each video slot.  There was a time in the not so distant pat that all slots were fundamentally the same.  You pulled the arm and hoped to get three in a row across the center row.  No more!  Now each slot has its own theme and story line.

To do this effectively, SLG employs many people whose sole job is to think up story lines and how to bring the same basic theme to the slots screen in diverse ways so that gamers will play them again and again!

After the story line developers present there imaginative product for the month, the graphic designers have to come up with new and unique characters and symbols to attract gamers to play the games.

It is a daunting task and many very creative people work hard every day so our gamers can have loads of fun playing slots at Everygame Casino!

Are There Seats at Everygame Casino?

We diverged from our conversation about seats so let’s return to it for a moment.  The whole issue of seats is a big difference between Everygame Casino and any land based casino where you have to relinquish your seat if you want to sample another game.  That’s why land based casino gamblers often play the same game for hours on end while Everygame gamers play many games in much shorter gaming sessions!

After all, Everygame Casino is readily available on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device almost whenever you want to play.  Of course, you would never think of opening the mobile casino app during an important business meeting.  Otherwise, we are at your fingertips 24/7!

The Duckbill Platypus Proves that God Has a Sense of Humor

That’s what Sydney J. Harris, a famous Chicago writer of the last half of the twentieth century, once wrote!  Banana Jones proves that the creative teams at SLG have a well-developed sense of humor, too!

Although slots are by far the most popular set of games here at Everygame Casino Red, SLG also provides us with wonderful poker games, video poker, and table games led by several variations of blackjack.

Banana Jones is in a category of its own.  Banana is a man on a mission.  Don’t be fooled by his roly-poly appearance.  Banana is a serious dude.  He wants to bring the Crystal Banana to a museum!  Even though museums are being closed all over the place in the Era of Coronavirus, Banana Jones knows that the museum will open its doors for him if he successfully brings the crystal banana there!

Banana needs your help so put on your big people’s clothes and get a-movin’ helping banana in his mission!

Are Graphics Important in Table Games, Too?

Yes, they certainly are!  SLG works to find ways to make the graphics of their table games and video poker games more attractive to gamers.  SLG has reworked the roulette wheel a few times as improvements in computer graphics allowed.  Similarly, the graphics for blackjack are better now than they were twenty-some years ago!

Everyone Has His or Her Own Creative Side

In the Age of Coronavirus, so many people are home for longer than usual stretches of time that our creative abilities are being taxed as we need to find things to do to pass the time.  As we said, online casino gaming is one such activity.

The Italian people who have been hardest hit outside of China have taken to singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments from their balconies.  You don’t have to be a star singer to join in. 

We welcome all new gamers to Everygame Casino.  The Welcome Package for new players has the potential for being worth $5555 in deposit and no deposit bonuses!  So, come play our great selection of casino games from SLG and together we will weather this virus and we will come out better than ever in the end!