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Let’s Appreciate Our Blessings Now More than Ever

The coronavirus crisis is a terrible world tragedy.  However, people are amazingly resilient.  In this article, we would like to talk about human resilience in the minor context of playing online games at Everygame Casino.  Many years ago, an American sports writer, Thomas Boswell, made an observation about baseball.  It came from an interview he did with the irascible manager of the Baltimore Orioles, Earl Weaver.

Boswell was a few minutes late for the scheduled interview with Weaver and apologized for being late.  Weaver, who was a couple of decades older than Boswell said that it was okay because “we do this every day.”

In writing about that statement from Earl Weaver, Boswell cane to an incredible insight about baseball.  Because they play baseball seemingly every day from March until October and then the playoffs begin, only the most diehard fans pay attention to every game.  The real benefit of baseball, played on warm summer days, played slowly, is that it is there “when you need it.”

The coronavirus has taken away so many things from our everyday lives.  So, in this article, we will talk about some of the things we no longer have, we hope very temporarily, and then we’ll see what part casino games online can play in making things better.

We Take Many Things for Granted

The Jewish people have a short prayer that the most devout among them say upon waking up in the morning.  “I thank you for returning my spirit to me.”  The prayer doesn’t mention God since it is clear that the prayer is directed to God.

We take waking up healthy for granted but these days middle aged kids are calling their parents anxiously hoping to hear that their parents, people in the high risk group for coronavirus, still feel good!

It’s a Walk in the Park

This cliché refers to something easy and mundane.  Would that we could take a walk in the park!  Many billions of people are in shut-down mode and can’t so much as take a walk in the park!

We Can Always Teleconference

As long as we have our phones, the internet, and the proper technology we can talk to each other even though we can’t visit in person.  We take these things for granted but the internet is extremely young, smartphones are even younger, and teleconferencing has by now become a standard way to have meetings even though Joe Biden only found out about it a few days ago!

In many countries, families live far apart from each other.  Teleconferencing keeps people close.  We hear from gamers that their grandchildren, aged from 2 to teenagers, had their own teleconferences!

Restocking Supermarket Shelves

How frustrating it is at times to decide on a menu for a large holiday meal with family and friends, go to the supermarket only to find that an essential ingredient is not in stock and won’t be delivered for a few days!  Today, we go to the supermarket and are thrilled to see that the shelves are reasonably stocked and that we can easily find food to tide us over for the next few days to a week.

Many supermarkets make home deliveries.  Until the coronavirus crisis hit, it was possible to make an order online and receive the products within one to two days.  Now people are being told it will take two weeks for them to get their much-needed supplies!


We Take Indoor Plumbing for Granted

It might be cold in the bathroom when we wake up in the middle of the night but it is nothing like getting to an outhouse on a freezing cold night in the rain or snow!  We take for granted the amenities that became widespread only in the 20th century.

The American President Lyndon Johnson grew up in central Texas in the early part of the 20th century when the electric grid had still not reached that far inland.  That far inland is no longer considered far inland!

So, we owe a great debt of gratitude to the many people who keep clean water flowing and maintain the electric grid especially at this time when so many people all over the world are hunkered down at home!

Medical Staffs Save Lives

Many medical people risk their own health in order to treat the many people who have contracted the worst symptoms of the coronavirus.  YouTube has clips of hospital and health clinic staff members who no longer feel safe going home to be with their kids because of the exposure they, the medical workers, receive every day!

Few people ever think about a hospital or emergency room until they desperately need them.  So, we should say a prayer for all medical personnel every day!

The Place of Online Gaming in Today’s World

The world has turned upside down.  High speed highways are closed to all non-essential travel.  The hospitality industry is being devastated as the most mobile generation in human history is now essentially immobile!  Restaurants which served the most affluent people in history are closing because the most affluent people in history can’t get out to eat out!

In light of all the people whose incomes are suffering, whose businesses are in dire straits, whose loved ones may have the virus, the place of online casino gaming may seem trivial.  We would like to say that now more than ever gamers should follow our advice, that we give as often as we can, to play our large collection of online casino games essentially for the fun of it.

You can always make minimal wagers.  You can even play for free.  The key as we see it is that online casino gaming here at Everygame Casino Red is a form of entertainment.  Since so many other forms of entertainment are now unavailable to people, online gaming may be more “important” than ever before!

Many gamers took for granted that the land based casino in their area or in cities devoted to land based casino gambling would always be there when they needed them.  That is no longer the case!  The large buildings that house casinos, hotels, pubs, restaurants, spas, and theaters are closed!

As an online gaming operation, Everygame Casino stays open.  We hope that all of our gamers will play for the fun of it, will still set money and time budgets on their gaming, will keep gaming in its proper perspective which in these troubled times is much lower in importance than food suppliers, medical staffs and suppliers, and the people who keep water and electricity readily available.

Everygame Casino wishes good health to all and a speedy recovery to everyone made ill by the virus.