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What Do All Gamblers Need to Learn to Be Successful Gamers?

When you play online casino games for real money, you can consider yourself a gambler.  We at Everygame Casino would like to turn gamblers into gamers!  So, here we present a few important skills all gamblers need to learn in order to become gamers.

Develop the Ability to Read the Terms and Conditions

Every promotion has its separate terms and conditions.  These are called the t and c for short.  Many online casinos have t and c that are too hard for average people to read and understand.  At Everygame Casino, we strive to make the t and c of our many promotions easy to understand.

Still, many gamers feel that it is too much trouble to read the t and c for every promotion.  In addition to the t and c, many gamers don’t read the rules of the game they play.  We offer more than 300 games and some might sound similar but they may have subtle rule differences.  These rule difference may make the difference between winning a jackpot or not.

Understanding Progressive Jackpots

Here is one example of the problem we mentioned above.  In order to win a progressive jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  Many gamers bet on some of the paylines but not on all of them.  In addition, many gamers bet less than the maximum on these paylines.

The bottom line is that progressive jackpots pay very high wins to the lucky winners but they are also highly volatile.  That means that average players should expect a relatively lower return to player rate.  We will talk about money management soon.  For now, we might point out that progressive jackpots might be beyond the financial means of some gamers.

By reading and understanding the t and c, these gamers would probably choose to play our many other great games!


Video Poker Pays Big for a Royal Flush

Thus is another example in the same vein.  In video poker, there is a big extra payout for a Royal Flush but only if you have bet the maximum on that hand.  It is not unusual for a player to get a Royal Flush on a hand on which they didn’t bet the maximum.

In fact, a very large number of calls we get at our 24/7 customer service office come from gamers who didn’t read the t and c and made a betting mistake.

Decide What You are Willing to Gamble On

Some people are willing to gamble large sums on lotteries while others may gamble large sums on penny stocks.   The point is not which gamble is better.  The point is that almost everyone is willing to gamble on something but most people don’t think through the whole subject of gambling so they don’t know what they are willing to gamble on.

As we said in the two examples above, many gamers are not willing to make the large bets they need to make to qualify to win a progressive jackpot or for a Royal Flush so they usually if not always shy away from playing progressive jackpot games or making maximum bets in video poker.  Some gamers who do play for progressive jackpots or for the big extra payout for a Royal Flush do so only when they are on the go and have a few moments to take a few spins or paly a few hands.

These gamers almost always play other games when they play at home even though they still play on their mobile device.  The medium in this context is not the message.  The venue is more the message than the medium!

Mange Your Money and Your Time Well

Most gamers do understand the importance of money management.  A lot fewer understand the importance of time management.  Money management simply means that you begin any gaming session with a bankroll that you can afford to lose if you have very bad luck in that session.

It is never good to throw good money after bad.  This is poor strategy in investments and it is very poor strategy in gaming.  If you look at gaming as gaming and not as gambling, you will understand that you can’t win every time you sit down to play!

Time management is just as important as money management.  We suggest that you decide how long you will play and then stop when the time is up whether you are ahead or behind financially and even if you are having a great run of good luck.  The discipline to stop when you should stop will filter down into every other facet of your life, almost always for the good! 

When we play at Everygame Casino Red, we are playing at home or for a few moments when we are on the go.  This means that we have many other responsibilities and many other excellent activities that should also command our attention.

Sound time management is also a good argument for gaming online rather than at a land based casino.  Most people who go to a land based casino go for a few days.  It is almost impossible to maintain a sound time management protocol when you are at land based casino!

There really is very little to do at a land based casino aside from gambling.   The casinos also keep gamblers on the casino floor by confusing them with free alcohol and by having no windows or clocks. 

At a land based casino, poor time management almost always leads to poor money management as well!

Learn to Look on the Bright Side

The Italian people have suffered greatly from the coronavirus but they also know how to look on the bright side.  By singing from their balconies, the Italian people are teaching us all that even in the worst times there is a silver lining and we can still smile.

It is a lot easier to see the silver lining if you set good money and time limits on your gaming.  It is also much easier to smile if you see gaming as a form of entertainment.  In this way gaming is like going to a restaurant, taking the kids on an expensive vacation, buying a good pair of shoes that will last for years, and many other ways to spend money and time wisely.

Turn Gambling into Gaming

We said at the outset that the idea is to learn the skills we need to change our gambling mentality into a gaming mentality.  Even in business, many people who lost in a big way, persevered by looking at business as a game rather than as a gamble.  Had they looked at business as a gamble they might have quit before they found the key to success.

Here are three examples.

The Walmart Saga

Sam Walton had a small store in a corner of the small state of Arkansas in the United States.  He lost his business because the land lord he was renting from decided not to renew his lease.  Sam Walton didn’t mope.  He simply developed a business plan that included always owning the properties that his stores were on.

He slowly developed the largest retail operation in the world.

The Mars Chocolate Saga

The Mars family were immigrants from Germany.  All they really knew was chocolate.  They set out, in their kitchen, to develop the best chocolate bar.  They went bankrupt twice but they didn’t mope.  On their third attempt, from the same kitchen, to create a great chocolate bar they succeeded.  Today the Mars Candy Company produces three of the highest selling chocolate bars in the world.


The Beatles were four talented lads from Liverpool, far from the London music industry.  They had to go to Germany to get the exposure and attention their musical talent deserved.  To say the least, they were successful in the end.  Even millennials and generation X know that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings!

Gaming Can Make You Happy

Smile and the world smiles with you.  Be healthy, recover from the virus, and seek joy in gaming at Everygame Casino.