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Where Can I Travel To During the Quarantine?

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Stay Healthy Everyone

We wish good health to one and all.  As we look for things to do at home, may we make two suggestions?  The first is to take advantage of all the online casino promotions we offer at Everygame Casino.  The second is to enjoy a vicarious vacation even though we can’t, at this time, enjoy a real vacation.

Online Gaming Frees Money for a Real Vacation

If you are new to online gaming, we would like to point out an interesting fact.  If you continue to play the vast assortment of great online casino games here at Everygame Casino even after the authorities free us all to travel about again, you will discover that you are no longer spending a lot of money just getting to a land based casino and staying in the hotel for two or three nights.

This frees up a lot of money for real vacations.  So, in the interest of whetting your appetite for real vacations, here are great places to visit in North and South America and in Africa.

City, Country, or Sea?

Obviously, every continent has hundreds of great vacation spots.  As you’ll see when we get to North America and we talk about New York City, the city alone has hundreds of great places to visit!  So, we readily admit that our list is not decisive or even conclusive.  It is meant to whet your appetite for real vacations and we hope that it does.


North America

The three countries of North America, Canada, Mexico, and the United States are each vast areas with magnificent countryside and cities.  We had to choose one place so we chose the ubiquitous New York City.

In New York, we would like to talk about the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  The Lincoln Center is a huge complex of theaters.  There are fully thirty performance centers both indoor and outdoor.  Here are just a few of the performance theaters and areas:

  • The David Koch Theater recently hosted the Shen Yun Dance Performance.
  • The David Geffen Hall has almost 3000 seats and is the home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • The Metropolitan Opera House has 3900 seats and is the home of the city’s opera company.
  • The famous Julliard School is here, as well.

The Lincoln Center offers guided tours in addition to its many shows.

South America

Peru is home to one of the world’s driest deserts, the Sechura Desert.  People who venture to Peru from wet climates, may find the desert absolutely fascinating.  However, our choice for the single top place to go to in South America is also in PeruMachu Picchu.

Macho Picchu is so high up in the Andes that its existence was not known until it was discovered by Hiram Bingham III in 1911.  Machu Picchu is an archeological wonder of the Inca period.  Archeologists are finding new and important things about the Incas by studying the findings of Machu Picchu.

A few years ago, National Geographic ran a story about the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu.  Here are a few highlights:

  • The stones at Machu Picchu are held together by friction alone.  The Incas used the term “to dance” to describe how the stones reacted to earthquakes.  The stones are so perfectly hewn and fit so closely together that the frequent tremors in Peru make the stones “dance” and then fall back into place.
  • A relatively new theory is that Machu Picchu served a significant religious role in that it was the end point of a pilgrimage from the villages in the low-lying valleys.  Many ancient cultures have pilgrimages from lowlands to mountain Temples, the most notable being the thrice-yearly pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem described in the Bible.
  • Machu Picchu is accessible by train from Cuzco.  Most people are surprised to see that it is located very far inland.  It is also possible to walk up to the site from the end of the train ride from Cuzco.  The walk up is quite steep and offers many great views of the area.
  • Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Machu Picchu is that the Incas didn’t use wheels or beasts of burden.  A lot of the construction work at Machu Picchu took place underground as they needed a large drainage system.  Machu Picchu is high up in the Andes and very close to the equator which means that it has rainy seasons in which it receives a great deal of rain.


This continent is famous for two primary tourist destinations: the pyramids and safari.   It is truly impossible to choose between these two amazing vacations but since we just spoke about Machu Picchu, we decided to talk about safari as our number one African vacation.

There are safaris in other regions as well as Africa but Africa is the most famed place to experience a safari.  Safari is simply a controlled way for people to see animals in their natural habitat.  It takes the zoo out of zoos and forces the people to go to the animals rather than forcing the animals to come to the people.

It is possible to experience safari on foot with an experience guide but the most common safaris are called game drives where you drive, also with guide, for several hours every day and get as close to the animals as is safe.  The vehicles have retractable roofs which allow for unimpeded viewing and also allow for sealing off the vehicle from the animals should they become aggressive.

Safaris advertise based on the luxuriousness or rusticness of the accommodations and the possibility of seeing the Big Five animals: lions, rhinoceros, elephants, buffalo, and leopard.  Of course, there are many other animals that you can see on safari but these are considered the hardest to see so safari operators will advertise about how accessible the Big Five are to their safaris.

Accommodations at safaris can be truly luxurious to very basic.  The experience for most safari vacationers is less the accommodations and more the long trips every day to see the animals. 

What about Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica?

Well, we have run out of space so we will visit the other four continents in upcoming articles.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay indoors as much as you can, entertain yourselves with the over 300 games at Everygame Casino Red, and do everything you can to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.  After all, when this crisis finally come to an end, we will all want to go on great real vacations.