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Let Everygame Casino Take You to the World’s Most Exotic Places

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No Need to Reserve a Seat

Online casinos are also known as keep your seats forever gaming venues unlike the land based casinos where you need to change seats to play any other game.  Online casino gaming also gives gamers the chance to plan their travels for after corona.  We started our efforts to help gamers enjoy vicarious travel in every continent with an article on North and South America and Africa here.

In this article, we will go to Europe and Asia.  Next time, we will visit Australia and we’ll take a cruise to the edge of Antarctica.  The idea here is that corona has made the world seem smaller but the world is really a very large place with many thousands of great places to visit.  In our short series we are highlighting just one place to go in each continent.


Europe has so much to offer any traveler.  Our choice of Prague doesn’t mean that Paris is passé, that London isn’t loaded with exciting places to go and see, that Rome is only for gnomes, or that Venice is a menace.  Prague tops our list because it is the quintessential European city where East meets West, where communism gave way to freedom, where resistance was always a feature of the national consciousness, and where beer costs less in restaurants than water!

How Many Days Should I Stay in Prague?

Most people who go to Prague go for four or five nights.  This is certainly enough to get a strong taste of all of the charms Prague has to offer.  We must say, though, that in order to fully enjoy Prague, you need a very comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes and the ability to walk as many as 10 kilometers every day.

The hop on hop off bus service is fine but to really appreciate the sense of the city, the architecture from very old world to modern glass and steel edifices, you need to walk.

Prague sits on the Vistula River and there are many bridges that cross the river.  Just crossing the famous Charles Bridge in two directions is a walk of about three kilometers.  This is a bridge to walk across slowly, savoring the many people who perform musically, draw, sketch, and paint, and sell kiosk-style food and drinks.

Just crossing the bridge should take at least an hour.  On the western side of the bridge, you’ll head for the castle district where you can visit the ancient castle that overlooks the city and take in a concert.

When to Go to Prague?

The best months to visit Prague are October to May.  It is quite cold in the winter but that also adds to the city’s charm for people who aren’t afraid of some cold and snow.  Just avoid Prague in the summer especially in August.  The weather is relatively mild but the crowds are like swarms of mosquitos: they are everywhere and you can’t get away from them! 

Prague in late autumn is a wonderful place to visit as the weather is quite fine and the city is gearing up for the Christmas season.  There is a central Christmas market and many smaller Christmas markets.  Hot wine is a specialty of the colder months and you can choose from several different wines and wine combinations.  These wine drinks are sweetened, perhaps a bit too much, but they are a wonderful treat when the air is crisp.


Beer in Prague

The people of Prague will drink beer when they are thirsty.  Beer is far more ubiquitous than bottled water and is actually cheaper in many restaurants!

Walking Tours

There are many walking tours that meet in the main plaza of the eastern side of the Vistula.  The free tours are not really free as the guides make a living from tips but if you get a good guide, you will thoroughly enjoy these tours.  Pay-in-advance tours are also available.

One of the important aspects of Prague that you will discover on your long walks is that the older part of town is almost entirely old.  The more modern buildings are a short walk away but in Prague, you can walk around the old town and not see a single modern building for hours at a time.  And every building will take your breath away!

At this point, we will leave the urbanism of central Europe for a very different kind of vacation in the desert of southern Jordan.  Petra and Wadi Rom are our choice for a great vacation in Asia.  Asia, by the way, is the largest continent so it also has thousands of great places to visit.  We chose Petra and Wadi Rom for their own value and also because of the contrast with Prague.

Wadi Rom and Petra

These are actually two separate tourist attractions but most tours of Petra include Wadi Rom so we will do the same.  Wadi Rom is about one hour southeast of Peta by bus.  It is halfway between Petra and Aqaba.  Many tours will take you to Aqaba as well.

Wadi Rom is a vast desert.  It is so big that even though there are many encampments in the wadi, you can’t see one from the others.  By the way, a wadi is a dry river bed.  When it rains, the wadi becomes a river.  Every few years, there is enough rain in the wadi to create flash floods but most of the year, the wadi is bone dry.

Because of the intense heat, the best time to visit Wadi Rom is in the late fall to the end of winter which in southern Jordan is February.   In the wadi, be sure to take a guided jeep tour of the wadi where you will be asked to take off your shoes.  This is not for religious reasons as when you visit a mosque.  It is to feel the sand between your toes.  Do it - it's special.

The sand in Wadi Rom is so dry that you will sense that you feel every single grain individually.  Finally, in your tour of the wadi, you will see the most beautiful sunset.  As the sun goes down, the colors of the desert will come out.  It is almost like seeing the different colors of leaves in the autumn!


This is an ancient city carved in the desert.  There is so much written about Petra that we feel that we can’t add much.  We do think that two days in Petra are better than one as you will reach the city of Petra in the late morning and if you have only one day you’ll have just a few hours to explore the city.

If you stay overnight, you will have two major advantages.  The first is that you will feel a lot less pressured on the first day.  You can take your time and end the day where the camel-drawn carts finish their route.

Then you’ll be able to get an early start the next day and by taking the chariot to where you finished the day before, you’ll be able to explore much more of the city.  Most people only see a fraction of the city because they have only a few hours.

There are many companies that offer tours of Petra and Wadi Rom.  If you are already in Jordan, the tours will begin either in Amman or in Aqaba.  There are also tours from Israel that start either in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem.  If you are travelling from Israel, be prepared to get to the pick-up location in the very wee hours of the morning!

Online Gaming to Pass the Time

As much as we like to think about trips that we might want to take after the coronavirus has run its course, we also need here and now pastimes.  Online gaming at Everygame Casino Red offers a lot of fun and excitement while you daydream about what you’ll do when it’s all over.

Next time we will finish the series with Australia and Antarctica.  In the meantime, stay in and stay healthy.