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New Online Gamers are Learning How Land-based Casinos Get Them to Bet More

We are very thankful that there are reports of improving health statistics from many countries including the United States. Even hard-hit New York City is reporting optimistic results from the last few days.  That means that Everygame Casino, the top casino online for many gamers with more than 200 slots, will once again be competing with land based-casinos for players.

From the moment most businesses had to close to try to combat the spread of the virus, many gamers have played at Everygame Casino even though they normally play at land-based casinos.

We feel quite confident that many gamers will stay with Everygame Casino since they have had enough gaming time here to fully appreciate what we offer.  One of the unsung things we offer is that when you play online you are in a lot more control of your gaming than when you play at any land-based casino.

This is an interesting topic and deserves some in depth explanation.  The gist of this article is the many different ways land-based casinos get players to stay on the casino floor.

Players at Land-based Casinos Lose Track of Time

Land-based casinos “forgot” to put clocks and windows on their casino floors.  By now, the absence of clocks may not be as much of a factor as it once was as everyone has a smartphone these days.  However, many players leave their smartphone in their room when they go down to the casino so the absence of clocks is still a factor in confusing players time-wise.

Windows are a much more significant way that casinos get players to stay on the casino floor.  Think about this: when you go to look at an apartment you want to rent or buy or a house you might want to buy, one of the first things you do is look at the windows.  Windows are our window to the world.

Windows are a lot more important now than ever before in human history since a very large majority of people now spend the overwhelming amount of time indoors

So, why do land-based casinos eliminate windows when they draw up the overall layout of the casino?   The simple and factual reason is that gamers lose track of time.  This is especially true of people who come to a land-based casino for two or three nights.  They come to play so they don’t think a lot about the time to begin with.

The Longer a Player Stays on the Floor the More Tired He Gets

The absence of windows causes many players to underestimate the time and the amount of time they have been playing. It is a well-known fact that a lot of players bet more money when they are tired and by staying on the casino floor for many hours, players do get very tired and make unnecessarily large bets.

What Does Control Mean to Online Casino Gamers?

When you play online, you should set a time limit on your gaming.  After all, you are home and you have many other responsibilities to take care of.  In addition, you have many activities at home that you naturally forego when you are away.  These activities are mostly chores like housework, laundry, cooking and the like.

They also include getting together with friends, visiting and helping your parents, working on a work project, and getting in your daily exercise.  Land-based casinos might have a nice pool and many players will take a few minutes to take a dip but very few will swim the lengths they swim at home.  The casino is beckoning and they came to this particular hotel to gamble not to gambol!


Land-based Casinos Use Chips instead of Coins

This really shouldn’t be a problem.  Also, online casinos use chips too since it is impossible for online casinos to use real money in digital games.  It is also true that many slots games take coins.  So, what are we talking about here?

It is very easy for people to lose track of the general value of money when the money is taken out of its natural context.  Everyone knows that this is true about people on vacation.  “I’m on vacation” is almost a mantra excusing people for spending money on a whole slew of things they wouldn’t spend money on at home.

Is a coffee mug really worth $10?  How about a t-shirt with the logo of a nature park or amusement park on it?  We buy gifts at gift shops where the prices are the highest.  At Disney World, even when they close the rides at midnight or thereabouts, they keep the gift shops open!

Having people play with chips is simply a very easy and convenient way for the casino to get players to lose track of how much they are betting.  Players who play slots that take coins also get the coins in big buckets.  You would be amazed at how much gamers can bet when they have a big bucket of quarters.

Free Alcohol

This example of a land-based casino getting players to extend their gaming is very well-known.  It is a lot more than gamers making poor judgment calls because of the effect of the alcohol.  It goes much deeper than that.

Many players will extend a gaming session just in order to get another couple of free drinks.  The free drinks become the goal rather than enjoying the gaming.  Furthermore, when the cocktail waitress takes your order, you have to wait for the drink to come.  This is another way the casino gets players to extend their betting.

Many cocktail waitresses are good at spotting players who are ready to leave and then offering a free drink.  This extends gaming sessions by many minutes.

Alcohol tires players out.  We talked about players making poor bets when they are tired in reference to the lack of windows in the casino.  The effect of alcohol is similar.  Alcohol relaxes inhibitions and it also gives people the sense that they can do more than they really can do.  In the casino, this latter effect results in players making overly big and wild bets.

When you play online, if you have set a time and money budget for yourself, you can delay the gratification drinking alcohol gives until after the gaming session.

Casino Design Turns Many Players into Wanderers

The hotel desk is deep within the casino.  Exits are not easy to see from most places in the casino.  There are banks and banks of slots with bells, whistles, flashing lights, and other attractions to get players to sit down. 

Casinos are very big.  The aisles are wider than the aisles in most supermarkets.  This gives people a comfortable feeling, that they are in a place with a lot of people but they feel safe and secure and not crowded.  In this way, land-based casinos make themselves seem like the exact place a player wants to be at all times.

We Hope Everyone Stays at Everygame

Everygame Casino Red offers over 300 games that you can play whenever you like.  Most gamers these days play on our mobile gaming platform.  We also offer download and instant play platforms.

The Welcome Package at Everygame is worth up to $5555 in four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus.  We encourage gamers to enjoy gaming above all.  We encourage setting money and time budgets and to enhance your gaming to play only when you feel well, are not too tired to make good judgment calls, and to drink alcohol after gaming.

We wish good health to one and all!