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What are the Essential Lessons to Learn about Blackjack Strategy?

There are several huge differences between playing blackjack at a land-based casino and playing at an online casino such as Everygame Casino.  One such difference involves card counting.

Is Card Counting the Key to Winning at Blackjack?

The quick answer is: NO!  There are exponents of card counting who claim that it is the best way to beat the house.  However, card counting can only work when you play a game that uses one deck only.  The value of card counting goes down dramatically when even one more deck is added!

Single Deck Blackjack is Almost Extinct

It is not so easy to find any land based blackjack games these days that use only one deck.  First of all, the shoe can hold as many as eight decks.  By using a shoe, the casino takes a lot of the burden out of the dealer’s hands.  There is no time wasted while the dealer shuffles the deck.  Since there is no wasted time, the table can see a lot more hands over the course of a day.

Land Based Casinos Use a Shufflin’ Machine

Many land based casinos use a machine that shuffles the cards constantly so that counting cards is essentially the same at those land based casinos as it is at online casinos.  Unfortunately, many gamers at land based casinos still think that card counting will help them beat the house!

Online casino gamers know that card counting is functionally impossible so they look for other ways to stay even or beat the house.


Card Counting Requires Very Large Bets

Even if you can find a land based casino that has a single deck blackjack table, and even if you have the time to practice card counting enough to become proficient at it, and even if you count the cards and you get a number of +3 or -3, you still have to make a very large bet and win that bet in order to reap the benefit of all your good luck and hard work!

If you play blackjack and make the same relatively benign bet on every hand, card counting will have no effect on your ultimate winning or losing.  You will either win a little or lose a little.

For this reason, online blackjack gamers at Everygame Casino play primarily for the fun of playing.

What, then, are the Essentials of Blackjack Strategy?

There are four essential strategies for winning a little at blackjack more often than losing a little.  You will not get rich playing blackjack for modest amounts of money.  You will, however, have a lot of fun!  All you have to do is follow these four essential tips and blackjack will become a great, fun escape for you!

Read up about Blackjack

This seems like an obvious piece of advice.  Unfortunately, the internet is full of poorly written, poorly constructed, and poorly thought out articles about blackjack.  When you come across one of these—and believe you me, there are a lot of them out there—don’t think that the articles are smart and you’re not. 

The exact opposite is the case!  You’re smart and the articles are not!  Simply go on to another article until you find one that gives you well written information about blackjack.

There is a term in English for wordy descriptions that say nothing: gobbledygook.  Some people use the more modern term: word salad.  In either case, the article is just a jumble of meaningless words.  Since you are looking for words with meaning, move on!

Learn about Every Variation You Want to Play

Even if you decide to play a given variation for a short time, you need to learn about it.  If you play by the seat of your pants for even a short time, you will end up losing more often than winning.

The way to learn about a blackjack variation is to read the rules carefully, to fully understand how the blackjack variables such as splitting, doubling down, soft 17, surrender, and insurance apply to that variation, and to practice in our unlimited free play mode.

Some blackjack variations allow splitting three times while some allow it only once.  Some allow doubling down after splitting and some don’t.  Some pay a premium for a five card 21 or a five card hand and most don’t.  Some variations have a side bet and some don’t.

In order to succeed at any variation, you need to fist learn the rules.  Then, we allow you to practice as long as you wish!  You’ll never get to practice like this at a land based casino!  So, make sure to avail yourselves of this great benefit we offer here at Everygame Casino Red.

Avoid Using Insurance

We offer insurance on some of our blackjack games because we know that many gamers like to take it.  However, we advise you not to take it simply because it is not a good bet from a statistical point of view.

This immediately leads us to the fourth big strategy advice: trust statistics.

Sometimes Statistics really are Correct

We know that Mark Twain riled against statistics.  He said that there are three types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.  Certainly, we all know about how politicians can manipulate statistics.

Blackjack has absolutely nothing to do with politics.  It has nothing to do with trying to fool people into supporting one course of action when another course of action is actually better supported by the facts.  Blackjack is just a game that has been analyzed in great depth.

In fact, because of the wonders of computers, millions of blackjack hands have been studied.  Blackjack strategy cards relate in easy and simple form, the best course of action on every possible hand!  If you follow these strategy cards, you will be in the win a little, lose a little crowd.

The biggest obstacle to following the strategy cards is that sometimes the advice is counter-intuitive.  Many gamers will follow the chart except when they think they should stand and the chart tells them to hit.

So, it is vitally important to believe in the validity of statistics at least as far as blackjack is concerned!  When you do so, you will become a top notch blackjack player and you’ll be able to play with the confidence that you will always stay close to a 100% return to player rate.

Good Health is More Important than Gaming

Gaming is a great way to pass the time now that restaurants, stadiums, parks, malls, pubs, and much more are closed because of the coronavirus.  We are sure that everything will return to normal sometime soon.  Until then, we offer great online gaming at Everygame Casino and we wish a speedy recovery if you or a loved one has the virus and continued good health to everyone else.