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What Jobs Await Us in the Future and What Online Games Will the People Play?

It’s time for the staff at Everygame Casino to get jiggy once again!  As we sit at home, we might contemplate what the top jobs of the next ten years might be and which online gamesthese people might enjoy playing most of all.  The stay-at-home time will no doubt end soon.  Still, many of the new gamers at Everygame Casino will stay on and paly online instead of travelling to land-based casinos.

So, it might be interesting to figure out what the next big job wave might be and what games will make the grade as well!

The Medical Profession

This is actually a no brainer as people are living much longer than ever despite the coronavirus anomaly.  As people live longer, they will need medical care and medical professionals to care for them.  What jobs in the medical field will be all the rage going forward?  We eliminated doctors, nurses, and pharmacists since they have been in high demand for a very long time. 

The Medical Jobs of the Future

Here then is a list of medical jobs that will get the royal treatment in the near term:

  • Assistants
  • Lab technicians
  • Drug developers
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testers
  • At-home health care professionals
  • Personal health care professionals.

This is really just a short list of the many jobs that will open up in the near future in all areas of the medical field.  People want new medications, the FDA has the responsibility to oversee the development of new medications for the United Sates and every country has its own version of the FDA.

People who spend many hours caring for the ill and infirm at home may not want to play games of skill such as video poker and blackjack.  Instead, they will probably like light and airy games whether they paly slots or such games as Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Among the slots we carry here at Everygame Casino that such people with great responsibility for their patients and very little free time are the Naughty or Nice series, Cubee, Mariachi 5, and Penguin Power.


Laboratory Scientists and Assistants

Laboratory work is slow and tedious.  Many people love the challenge of going through many hours of tests and finally developing a medical treatment that can save lives or ameliorate suffering.

These people will probably like to get a little wild in their online casino gaming in direct contrast to the staid and painstaking nature of their laboratory work.  Therefore, we think that multi-hand video poker is the prefect refuge for these people.  Video poker requires careful attention to detail which is the single most important character trait such people have in spades, no pun intended.

Multi-hand video poker is the wildest form of poker we offer.  When you get a good starting hand, the wins come fast and furious and the excitement builds to a boiling point as the wins keep coming!

Everything to Do with Computers

Who are the people that repair computers?  Who are the people who can build a home-made computer from parts?  What games do they like to play?  Computer people—from technicians to programmers—are the adult versions of those high school kids who were always reading, playing chess, or preparing for the debate team.

Now that they are all grown up, they need quiet entertainment at home.  They might spend their quiet evening hours reading, just being with a significant other, or watching documentaries on television.  They might let their hair down for just a bit with online roulette. 

Roulette has so many different bets that there are a lot of people who would like to play but can’t quite get all of the bets under control.  Computer people don’t have that problem at all and they probably like the swirling wheel, the bouncing ball, and the complete randomness of the number, color, or “gender” of the result of any spin.


Does anyone remember that they said that desktop computers would save paper?  Then they found out that the computer made it even easier to produce printed pieces of paper and now we are inundated with paper.  Well, everything we do can be codified, quantified, and categorized.  That is the milieu of the statistician.

Just think about how statistics have totally changed how we evaluate baseball players.  It used to be so simple but no more!  Statistics have won the analytical wars and are here to stay.

So what kinds of casino games do statisticians like to play?  We suspect that they like games that can be studied statistically.  That puts them fully in the blackjack court!  It’s a good thing that there are so many variations of blackjack because finding the statistically perfect play for every hand in every variation of blackjack is right up their alley!

Energy Scientists

We remember that just a few short years ago, it was too expensive to get oil from shale rock.  Then the price of oil went up and fracking was developed.  There is now known to be massive amounts of oil still in the ground but it is very deep beneath the surface.

Energy scientists will look to develop ways to get the oil and natural gas out of deep wells and reservoirs.

Alternative energy is just in its nurturing stage.  As more and more people study the alternative energy sources we might find that the best source of energy is yet to be discovered and developed.

What type of casino games will these scientists and all other scientists play in the future?  We suspect that games with  science and exploration themes will have a big audience among this group of gamers.

Home School Material Writers

Regular schools use textbooks and they are often just fine for home schoolers but people who teach their kids at home can develop curriculums that veer far and wide.  We recall an article by an American writer, Patrice Lewis, who is a farmer, independent pundit, and homeschooler in Idaho in the American northwest.

She wrote article a few years back about self-sufficiency and the need to be prepared for a major emergency.  She was so upset by the way so many people took everything for granted that she devoted an entire day’s home schooling lessons to teaching her young daughters how to “put up” vegetables!

They don’t teach those things in regular schools so there is now and will continue to be a need for people to write books and develop materials in non-standard subjects for home schoolers.

These people will naturally enjoy online casino games that have some educational value.  Slots based on historical; countries and cultures may be one such area of interest.  Even more likely than that these people will suffice with ancient Rome, Greece, Incas and so on, they will learn to develop educational games that other gamers will enjoy playing for real money!

Online Casinos Must Face the Newest Challenges

As more and more people around the world get educated, attain office jobs, became far more sophisticated than their parents and grandparents, online casinos and their game providers will have to develop a new generation of online casino games.

We, at Everygame Casino Red, are looking forward to meeting this exciting challenge so stay where you are: you’re in for a fantastic “ride” going forward!