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Is it Really Okay to Play Games during the Lockdown?

You didn’t choose to have so much extra free time!  No driving to and from work.  No long shopping excursions.  No long evenings with family or friends.  No long luxurious evenings in nice restaurants.  Even the local sports bar is closed and there are no sports events to watch in any case! 

Make Working from Home a Positive Experience

If you’re working from home, you take the exact same number of breaks as you did when you were “on the job”.  Now you find yourself playing casino games at Everygame Casino and you wonder if you should be playing less and finding other ways to fill your day.

We are here to tell you that studies have long found that gaming and gamification are very healthy for you.  In other words, and as we will elaborate, playing the games at Everygame online casino is a very health activity, it is extremely proper, and it can actually improve your work skills!

One Break at Home is Worth Two in the Office

When you’re at work, you would never take a break to make a cup of coffee and while waiting play a few spins in a progressive jackpot slot.  Is it a good thing to do when you take a break at home or is it a “bad” thing?

Educators have found that any type of gamification has positive effects on our brains, on our cognitive skills, and on our health.  Humans are pre-designed to play!

So, when you take a break at home, it is a good thing to find some way to play.  There is a very interesting thing about play and about games.  You can turn almost any activity into a game!

What is a Hobby and What is a Chore?

A private English teacher with a blog writes that he has a simple lesson for his students.  When he sets out to teach the idea of a chore versus an errand, he says that a chore is something you do at home that you would rather not do and an errand is something you do outside the home that you would rather not do.

This doesn’t mean that chores and errands are a big bother; it means simply that they are activities that people would rather not do.

What about an activity that for one person is a chore but for another person is very relaxing?  One person hates folding laundry while another person enjoys the calming effect of it.  One person hates washing the dishes while another finds it relaxes them.  The list goes on, from washing your car, to mowing the lawn or raking up the leaves, to rearranging closets.

The difference between a chore and an enjoyable and relaxing activity is gamification!


Finding Ways to Turn Chores into Games

We have mentioned the great book from the early 1990’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” in a number of articles but it has so much to say and it is appropriate here as well.  The author, Robert Pirsig, uses the term “quality” in very both abstruse and direct ways.

In terms of our discussion here, the “quality” that Mr. Pirsig is talking about in his book is the aspect of any activity that turns it from a negative into a positive. 

Let us say that we are working from home and that means an eight-hour day at home possibly alone.  Very few people can sit at a terminal for many hours without a few lengthy breaks.  From a strict health perspective, sitting at a terminal for even a half an hour is unhealthy unless you then take the time to stand and stretch.

The key idea here is: what do people do during their breaks?  Our answer is that making a game out of any activity has very powerful effect on our brains, on our mood, and on our ability to return to work and give it our fullest concentration.

In short, gaming is a lot more than fun.  It is a method of recharging the battery and staying mentally and physically healthy.

So, Should I Play Online Casino Games for Hours Every Day?

Certainly not!  There is a time and a place for everything and gaming falls squarely into that category.  Online casino gaming is but one of many gaming tools you can use with the same salutary effect.  We brought the issue of online casino gaming up because some gamers in the era of the coronavirus lockdowns have wondered if maybe they should be reading more and playing casino games less.

Only You Can Know for Sure What is Best for You

The answer to the question we raised above is that it is highly subjective.  You can go for a walk, make a pot of your favorite soup, bake bread the real way, make cookies, read War and Peace in five-page increments or play online casino games!

What is Gamification?

This is a very modern idea and it point to something far greater than simple gaming.  It involves seeing the game-like elements in every activity.  So many people fail to balance their checkbook because it’s an activity that is as dull as dishwater.

But what if dishwater could be made to be “fun”?  In that case, even balancing your checkbook can be fun!  You can use the dishwater to water your plants.  This obviously involves having plants that need to be watered!  If you don’t already have plants, it means going to a plant nursery and buying some plants!

Going to a plant nursery to buy plants might spur a person on to do some research into house plants, herbs, vegetables, and so on.  In short, deciding to make dishwater as undull as possible could send a person into an enjoyable series of ideas, projects, and decisions!

Finding the Gaming Happy Medium

Let’s turn taking breaks from working at home into gamification.  Make a list of all the things you would like to do at home, all the things you would rather avoid, all the things you can’t avoid, and all the things that don’t like to do at all.

Now, decide that you will do something you like for ten minutes.  The time will fly by!  The next time you take a break, do something you don’t like for ten minutes. The time will drag on and on!

The key to gamification and online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red is that any activity can be fun, any activity can make the time fly by, and any activity has its own proper time and place.

Online Casino Gaming Has Many Valuable Elements

So, gaming at Everygame Casino can be a very helpful way to recharge your battery, to pass the time, to take a positive break from work, and to help take your mind off of responsibilities and worries for a time.  Online gaming is not the only activity that can do these things.  So, play our online casino games as part of an overall healthy approach to staying mentally and physically sound during the coronavirus blues.