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Is it Possible that Life Can Ever Return to Normal?

In just a few short weeks, so many things that we once took for granted have changed in dramatic fashion.  We will talk here about activities we many of us or even all of us used to engage in that involve large crowds and how they will change after the coronavirus crisis ends.  We will touch upon new and ongoing Everygame Casino promotions as an indication of how gaming will develop in the aftermath of the massive lockdowns.

The Law of Large Numbers

In statistics, the law of large numbers describes the information we gain by performing an experiment many times.  For example, why is Everygame Casino an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win place?  The answer is in the behavior of many thousands of gamers who join Everygame Casino. 

Many people join us because of our reputation, our large collection of games, and the massive size of our Welcome Package.  Some join us primarily because we top off the Welcome Package with a no deposit bonus and they can keep what they win while playing with that money!   

This is something we learned by studying large numbers of gamers.

The Law of Large Crowds

The coronavirus crisis has brought into direct focus the idea that places that can hold very large crowds might not be all that safe going forward.  Here we will talk about land based casinos, cruise ships, theaters, and sports stadiums.  We will show how gaming at Everygame Casino can help fans, vacationers, and gamers deal with the inevitable changes that will affect us all.

Cruise Ships

The horror stories we all read in the very earliest days of the coronavirus epidemic—even before we realized that we were living through a true pandemic—of people stuck on large cruise ships, quarantined in their rooms, inches away from all of the luxuries they had paid to enjoy, some in interior rooms without a window, will have serious consequences for cruising going forward.

How many people will be willing to risk a similar fate befalling them even if prices come way, way down which has not happened yet?  How will cruise lines sell the idea that their cruises are as safe as any cruise can be? 

The first result will simply be fewer passengers and possibly fewer staff on board.  Some of the many luxuries we have come to expect from cruises will stop.  Will service in the food courts become slower as staff is reduced?  Will the menu for the evening meal be shortened because there isn’t enough kitchen staff to prepare a wider range of food?

The “waste” of towels, sheets, and other washables might end so that, for example, paper towels might replace cloth towels in public areas.   Will there be staff requiring everyone apply hand sanitizer at various locations where many people will be coming together at the same time?

The most onerous change for cruise lines will be reserving the right to deny any passenger who shows up with a fever or possibly even just a cough to embark the ship.  Testing people for fever at the entrance to a store will probably become standard procedure for the immediate future.  But people can and will be denied a cruise they have been looking forward to for months because they have a slight cold that, who knows, might be the “next” major virus crisis!

Sports Stadiums

There will have to be reduced seating in sports stadiums going forward.  Once again, people will be tested at the entrance to any stadium but it will be easy to deny entrance to someone with a fever.  How about denying entrance to someone with the sniffles?  If you cough while you are waiting in plane to be tested for fever, will you be asked to leave the line?

The same might happen on airplanes, public transportation, and any other place where people will have to wait in line to be tested for fever.

For fans, being denied entry to a sports stadium will be unpleasant but it won’t have the same gravitas as being denied a cruise!  There is, however, one area that smaller crowds will have that will affect fans and players alike.

Lower revenues for sports teams will mean lower salaries for players.  It might even happen that teams with such high payrolls that they can’t afford to pay with reduced revenues will go bankrupt!  Even if that doesn’t happen, players will earn a lot less going forward than they do now and many teams will look to reduce payroll even at the expense of lowering the skill level of their players.

The oddity of a team with a very high-priced player already under contract putting forward a team in which every other player is earning the league minimum may become a lot less of an oddity!


Land Based Casinos

There are two main reasons why land-based casinos may have difficulty staying in business even after the coronavirus crisis is finally behind us.

People who never played at an online casino such as Everygame Casino Red may find that there is no longer any good reason for them to travel to a land-based casino, incurring unnecessary travel costs.  Online gaming has everything to offer as far as gaming itself is concerned.  Of course, we don’t give away free alcohol and we don’t have a buffet waiting for players!

All we can offer is great gaming!  That will create a reduction in the absolute number of gamers looking for a long weekend excursion to a land-based casino.

Land-based casinos have many fixed costs that they simply cannot get away from without lowering their attractiveness.  Think about everything you know about land-based casinos.  When will they replace the carpet?  When will they bring in new games?  When will they open all of the blackjack tables?  Why did they remove some of the blackjack tables in order to open more free space for the reduced number of gamblers?

We also can anticipate that the large number of land-based casinos will come down as some become unsustainable in the aftermath of reduced clientele coupled with onerous fixed costs.  As the number of land-based casinos dwindles in the few short years ahead, the number and size of online casinos will grow.

The aftermath of the corona crisis will be a Golden Age of online casino gaming.


The scenario for theaters will be similar to that for large stores, malls, and other places where a lot of people congregate.  The effect on theaters will be that musicians and actors will have to perform more in order to provide entertainment to everyone who wants to see the show or hear the concert.

Public theaters will require higher subsidies because musicians and actors will demand higher salaries for the extra work they will have to do.  Benefactors will be asked to make more frequent and larger donations.  And, inevitably, prices will have to go up!

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive

Of course, the most important thing for everyone going forward is sustaining personal and public health!  All of these draconian measures will become necessary at least for some time as we emerge from the present crisis.

We wish you and your loved ones continued good health.