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What Will We Spend Money on if We Stop Going to Land-based Casinos?

Here is an interesting idea to mull over while you’re playing some slots at Everygame Casino, the top casino online!  The idea is that after the coronavirus crisis is over and done with, and the land-based casinos open their doors once again, how many gamers will actually go back to them?

Now that so many gamers have booth gotten used to the idea that the land-based casinos that they used to go to have been closed for months, and that they have gotten used to playing online casino games here at Everygame Casino, maybe they will just continue to play online.

What, then, will all of these gamers spend their money on if they aren’t spending it on land-based casino excursions?  Naturally, the list is long so we will cover only a few items.  This is a kind of bucket list for former land-based casino budgets. 

What strikes you fancy now that you have some money to spare?  No airplane tickets, no hotels, no high-priced shows, no souvenirs to buy for family and friends.

We will try to keep our list as eclectic as we possibly can.  If you want to add new clothes, furniture, and kitchen equipment feel free to do so.  We want to get jiggy with the idea!  Here goes!

Cuban Cigars

Since 2019, it is now legal for American citizens to bring back 100 Cuban cigars for personal use only.  Selling them in the United States is still a criminal act but why would you sell them in any case?  Even if you aren’t a regular cigar smoker, you can enjoy a great cigar by buying them in any of the many countries in the world where it is legal to sell Cubans.

There is one caveat we feel that we have to mention.  As with many other items for sale around the world, there are counterfeit Cuban cigars!  So take care, do some homework, and find 100 or less great smokes instead of spending your money on another land-based casino gambling venture!

They say that the best place to buy Cuban cigars is in London where Hunters and Frankau are exclusive importers and are rigidly supervised for quality and authenticity.

Music Lessons

A lot of adults who can play a little on the guitar, piano, or any other instrument they like feel that they don’t have the time or the money for private music lessons.

If you aren’t going to a land-based casino for three days, and if you aren’t spending a sizable chunk of money getting there and hanging out there for three days, then you might be able to find the time and money for private music lessons!

You don’t have to go every week.  You can practice at home and have a lesson twice a month or even once in three weeks.  The idea is that the time you don’t spend at a land-based casino is found time and the money you don’t spend on land-based casino trips is found money!


Adult Education

This is similar to the music lessons idea.  Go to night school for a few months and enjoy learning something that you wanted to learn about but couldn’t fit into your schedule.  Even if you only used to go to a land-based casino a few times a year, the time you save can be put to many good uses including expanding your intellectual horizons.


This idea has two very different parts.  First is major league baseball which we readily admit has gotten very expensive especially for a family.  Whereas many people used to go to 30 or more games a year in the old days, they can’t afford to do so anymore.  But with the money you save from land-based casino gambling, you might find that major league baseball is just the right thing to return to.

The second aspect of the baseball idea is minor league baseball.  There are a lot more minor league teams than major league teams.  Minor league teams tend to congregate in small towns with a fresh-faced small town atmosphere.  Minor league baseball is no longer very cheap but it is nowhere near as expensive as major league baseball is.

Minor league baseball lends itself very well to a summertime road trip.  Some states have so many minor league teams that you wouldn’t be able to visit every stadium in those states.  But you could find kids friendly parks, water parks, museums, and so on in addition to the games in the evening!


These are primarily adult forms of entertainment but you can also find concerts for kids.  Concerts are a lot more expensive than they used to be but you could simply earmark the few thousand dollars you used to spend on land-based casinos to go to concerts instead!

We’re pretty sure that the concerts will leave good lifelong memories as opposed to the unfortunate situations that sometimes happen at land-based casinos where a gambler gets tapped out on day one and then wanders the casino floor without playing for one or two more days!

Time-consuming Hobbies

All hobbies take up free time.  Some hobbies don’t actually require a lot of time to do.  Many of the things people collect are things that happen by the way such as collecting bar coasters or printed restaurant napkins.  One hobby that does take up a lot of time is birdwatching or birding.

Here you also need a very good pair of field glasses but the most important side of bird watching is that like fishing it takes up a lot of time.  If someone is in recovery from the land-based casino habit, bird watching may be a perfect way to spend some time.

A lot depends on where you live and how far you live from a bird sanctuary.  For instance, people from the massive Chicago area are just a short drive from the world-famous Horicon Bird Sanctuary where thousands of birds congregate on their flights south for the winter or north for the summer.

A lot of birds live there year round as well!  Still, Horicon is just one of many bird sanctuaries worth your time.  No one goes to a bird flyover spot for a glimpse of migrating birds.  People go to spend hours watching the birds. 

Close observation of birds is truly awe-inspiring.  They fly in tandem, in well-organized groups, they seem to know exactly when to turn, dive, rise, or do any of the more acrobatic things birds can do!

Kids can also get into watching the birds even if their attention span is shorter than an adult’s attention span.  Combine a morning of bird watching with an afternoon at the amusement park and the kids will tell you that they had a great day!  That beats a day at a land-based casino any day!


The coronavirus scare has brought to a very high level everyone’s awareness of the importance of staying just healthy.  The two groups most in danger from this virus are people over 60 and people with underlying health issues.

So, we might all spend some extra money, the money we save by not going to a land-based casino on ways to become healthier and to stay healthy.

This might include a membership in a health club or it might mean spending more money on organic food.  Whatever you choose to spend your health-affirming money on, it will be a lot better spent than spending it on a land-based casino outing.

We will finish with a heartfelt call out from us at Everygame Casino Red to all of you: stay healthy, get past the virus, and return to normal living as soon as possible.