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How Does Everygame Casino Use the Concepts of Gamification?

We have used the term gamification a few times in various articles and some gamers have asked us to explain how the concept of gamification applies to an online casino.  One amazing aspect of gamification is that for all that we can find in a simple google search about it, it seems that only a handful of professionals who say they use the principles of gamification in their businesses really understand it at a deeper level!

What we discovered is that Everygame Casino and every other top online casino has been using the ideas behind gamification without realizing that we were doing so!  Therefore, we will praise ourselves a bit in this article but we are really hoping to make it clear that we have been doing it right all along.

At the end of the article, we will say a few words about land-based casinos and how well (or poorly) they have been using these concepts.

What Actually is Gamification?

Well, you can get different definitions from different sources.  The best that we have learned is that this concept involves using the methods of game play in non-gaming situations.  Game play involves using every fun element of games to increase the excitement employees and customers have from the product or service produced and offered.

This means that gamification will not and cannot work in all business or professional situations.

A lawyer cannot use the principles of gamification in the courtroom.  A law office might use it in the office but not outside and not with clients.

A doctor, nurse, or hospital cannot normally use these ideas with patients or their worried families.  However, the Gesundheit Institute has found that having fun is a very good way to help patients get better.  Having fun in this context is outside of the concept of gamification which is a more serious approach to professional or business matters using game play .

Fashion and Casino Bonuses as Examples of Gamification

How many handbags does a woman need?  How many pairs of shoes, shirts, pants, or accessories does anyone need?  The answer is a lot fewer than most people have!

The producers of handbags and the other items listed use the fun side of shopping to get people to buy more of something that they don’t need!  In the world of retail marketing, that is pure gamification.


Everygame Casino is known to gamers as the sign up bonus casino because our Welcome Package is four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus all totaling potentially $5555!  For new gamers, the bonus becomes the focus even before they play a single game!  Many gamers are sold on the idea of playing with the casino’s money!  In terms of selling online gaming, this is also pure gamification.

A man named Yu-Kai Chou has a Ted Talk about gamification.  He tried in the talk to simplify the concept but he only succeeded in making it more complex.  Apparently, the concept is very hard to distill into smaller, more understandable parts.  Therefore…

How Has Everygame Casino Been Using The Ideas of Gamification Since its Inception?

It is time to end the vague talk about what gamification might be and to talk about how we at Everygame Casino have been doing it right all along

Rule Number 1: There Should be Many Ways for People to Win.

In a business context this might mean that there are very lucrative incentives for good work and excellent sales for customers. 

If the workers at one supermarket almost never smile and the workers at another supermarket always smile, customers will flock to the one with the smiling staff!  This is a perfect example of gamification.  When people play, they smile!  So, the supermarket with the smiling staff turns shopping for food into a happy endeavor.

In the online casino context, it means three important things.  The first is that there should be many games available, some with high volatility and some with low volatility.  The second is that the casino’s overall return to player rate should be quite high.  The third is that within each game, there should be as many ways to win as possible.

From the outset, Everygame Casino has had a lot of games in many gaming categories and we add new games, mostly slots, every month.  By offering so many games, we can say that we have something for everyone.  Even more importantly, we are a one stop source of a wide range of entertaining activities.

If you get tired of slots, you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Caribbean poker, video poker, and Banana Jones.  In video poker, you can play one hand on up to a rarified number of multiple hands.

We offer some games with high volatility, especially progressive jackpot games. We also offer many games with low volatility.  Volatility means how often a player wins and how big might the win be.  For low risk gamers, our low volatility games are so good in terms of return to player rates that if you stick to those games, you’ll be able to come close to breaking even in almost every gaming session and you’ll win a good share of the time!

The return to player at at Everygame Casino is about 97% but this only tells part of the story.  If you go for the big progressive jackpot, you might not end up winning any money even though someone out there does win a big bundle of cash!  As we said above, if you play low volatility games, you’ll win quite often and even if you lose, you’ll lose a reasonable amount.

One good example of low volatility is video poker with a return to player rate of close to 100%!  Video poker is also a good example of having many ways to win in a game.  If you play Jacks or Better, you can win with a high pair all the way up to a Royal Flush!  In fact, there are 9 ways to win in video poker!

Rule Number 2: It is Important that Everyone Should Win Something. 

In slots, for example, a player might be having an unlucky stretch and then gets to the free spins bonus round and recoups all the unlucky bets!  We also offer many bonuses beginning with the Welcome Package of deposit and no deposit bonuses worth up to $5555!

We offer many other promotions including a monthly promotion to celebrate the newest game on offer.  We offer slots tournaments in which there often is no entry fee.  Slots tournaments may be the single most fun promotion we offer since it encourages gamers to play strictly for the fun of it - with relatively low cash pots!

Rule Number 3: It is Important that Everyone Should Know the Rules of Everything they Do. 

We publish these articles and blogs every week in order to help gamers understand everything we offer from esoteric games to bonuses!  We have always wanted everyone to know what they can and cannot do within the context of a game.

Land-based Casinos and Gamification

We think that the dichotomy between the games and the atmosphere at land-based casinos shows how they often do not use the ideas of gamification in attracting customers.  On the one hand, they are full of bells and whistles with flashing lights and brilliant colors.  That’s a good thing! 

On the other hand, land-based casinos sell weekend and longer packages to gamers.  This takes the gaming out of the experience.  Three days at a land–based casino are simply too many days.

We encourage much shorter gaming sessions so that the fun side is emphasized.  Land-based casinos seem to feel that they are marketing just being there as a positive experience for gamers.  Anyone who runs out of money after a couple of hours can attest to the fact that many excursions to land-based casinos are not so much fun!

Land-based casinos try to trick gamblers into staying too long on the casino floor by having no windows in the casino.  They also have no clocks but these days everyone has a clock in their pocket.  Land-based casinos also offer free alcohol.  We like a drink as much as the next person but not while we play!

We often tell the gamers here at Everygame Casino Red to wait until after they have finished gaming to have an alcoholic drink!

The Conclusion is that Gaming Should be Fun!

The most important lesson to learn from the ideas of gamification and their application to casino gaming is that online casinos have been doing it right all along!

That, and the importance of staying healthy during the Age of Corona.  Even as the pandemic seems to be waning finally, we cannot go headlong onto the way we were!  Caution is a good term to apply to everyday life these days and, in the meantime, Everygame Casino Red is always ready to help bring a smile to gamers’ faces!