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How Does Flexepin Add Flexibility to Depositing at Everygame Casino?

Every casino online, including Everygame Casino, is forever looking for new ways to make banking at the casino easy and convenient for gamers.  We think of online casino promotions as such matters as bonuses, free spins, loyalty points, free gifts, tournaments, and so on. 

However, a promotion is meant to promote the fun side of gaming on the one hand and the casino itself on the other hand.  These are complementary motives in that gamers want to have a good time at the casino and online casinos want to do everything they can to facilitate fun at the casino; and all online casinos need any way they can to differentiate themselves from all the other casinos online!

In this context, adding Flexepin to our list of banking options is a very important step for us and for our gamers!

Flexepin is a Single Use Voucher

The three big English-speaking countries—Canada, Australia, and the United States—are today the leading countries for queries by gamers who want to make their deposits with Flexepin.  As a voucher, Flexepin has to be purchased.  In the top three countries, gamers can buy Flexepin at many outlets.  The voucher will become even more popular as its use spreads to the other English-speaking countries and beyond to the rest of the world.

One of the biggest draws of Flexepin is that it is intended strictly as a single use voucher.  So, let’s explore what that means for gamers.

Use it Once and Once Only

Privacy is a big concern for online casino gamers.  It is true that many gamers still use credit cards for deposits but credit cards are by far not the exclusive banking method that gamers use.  Credit cards have one big disadvantage: the bank and the credit card company know exactly where the money the gamer spends goes.

Some gamers simply don’t want such a public record of their deposits at an online casino.  This reasonable desire for privacy led to the advent of ewallets.  These banking methods maintain a wall of privacy between gamers and their banks so, at that level, they are a sound alternative to credit cards.

How Can Gamers Best Maintain a Healthy Individual Financial Budget?

There is always a tendency to overspend for anything we enjoy doing.  The classic case of overspending is that when people are on vacation, they ae far more willing to spend money on things they may not need or are overpriced since they are being sold at the gift shop at a tourist attraction.

We all like a nice coffee mug but $20 for a mug seems a bit high to us!  Yet, such extravagant sums are not unusual at gift shops around the world.

In the world of gaming, the equivalent of the vacationer spending too much on an item is the tendency of gamblers at land-based casinos to buy more chips rather than to settle on a sound gaming budget and sticking to it.  After all, why would anyone go to a land-based casino for a long weekend with a short budget?

Flexepin, as a single use voucher serves a purpose similar to the purpose of a debit card.  Since a gamer can deposit no more than the amount on the voucher, the voucher is a very valuable aid in keeping gamers’ financial budgets in sound condition.


Flexepin and Responsible Gaming

Our desire has always been to turn gambling into gaming.  To that end, we have long supported every possible way to keep our gamers gaming responsibly.  The use of the Flexepin voucher is another way we work hand in hand with gamers to keep gaming steady as a fun activity within pre-set boundaries.  These pre-set boundaries include money management, which is aided extremely well by the Flexepin voucher system, and time management, which is still entirely in the hands of individual gamers.

How Flexepin Protects Your Money and Other Personal Information

Flexepin does not ask you for any personal information.  As long as you have the means to buy the voucher, as far as Flexepin is concerned, that is all the information they want or feel entitled to have.

Flexepin is a voucher with a pin number.  When you use your Flexepin voucher to deposit at Everygame Casino Red or to make any purchase online from a seller who accepts Flexepin, you enter the pin number. 

It takes a short time for the transaction to be verified and approved and then the pin number is voided forever!  For this reason, it is practically impossible for a hacker to hack this form of online payment.  Therefore, Flexepin is perhaps the safest banking method online.

Keep in mind that when you use a credit card, you give the number through cyberspace.  We, and all online vendors such as banks, investment houses, and sellers like Amazon, use encryption to confuse the attempts of hackers to unravel the private information millions of people are sending through cyberspace.

Encryption works wonderfully but since you do give your credit card number again and again, you run some risk of it being hacked.  There is no such risk with the one time use pin number in your Flexepin voucher.

There is also a danger in using an ewallet as you need to log in your user name and password again and again.  The same hacker risk applies to this practice.  Once again, the Flexepin voucher has a single use pin number, not a multiple use user name and password system.

Who are the Top Users of Flexepin Today?

It is very simple to list a description of the types of gamers who at the present time are the most frequent users of the Flexepin voucher system.

  • People who want the utmost in online gaming privacy.  We detailed this gamer type above.
  • People who feel they need some outside help in maintaining a reasonable gaming budget.  This, too, we discussed above.
  • People who use the internet to buy things and are getting just a little leery of giving information unnecessarily through cyberspace.
  • The last is the most mundane item in this list: people with easy access to a location where they can buy a Flexepin voucher.  As a newish voucher company, Flexepin is fast working to become available at many locations in many countries.

Everygame Casino Red is happy to have become affiliated with Flexepin and we hope that every gamer who uses this voucher system will be happy with its ease and convenience.

In the Age of the Coronavirus, we feel that there is only one way to end a blog article even one about a subject totally removed from the pandemic.

Please, stay healthy one and all!